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Lighting & Special Effects 

Set the scene with special effects.

If you're going to throw a party, why not go all out? Fire up the lights, plug in the fog and set the mood to creeptastic fun! Amazing what lighting can do for your Halloween graveyard and freaky creepy zombies, ghost and goblins. Lighting and special effects can step up your party from average to wow!

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Lighting & Special Effects

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Lighting & Special Effects

A good party is nice, but you're planning for amazing! Or maybe even outrageously cool! For that, we can give you a little help in our Decorations and Party funtastic ideas. Lighting and special effects party decorations can set the stage for an awesome party experience. Overload partier's senses at Halloween with sticky cobweb using the spidery webcaster gun. This is web weaving on steroids! And the professional looking cobwebs of your nightmares! (Ideal for the do-it-yourself haunter.) Add a strategically placed sinister looking pumpkin or color changing skull fogger for an even bigger spook factor. Both push fog out of the eyes and nose. We also have a 400 watt fogger, a ground fogger, and a 1000 watt fogger that displaces 4,000 cubic feet of fog per minute! That's enough to make London look clear and sunny. Go for the ever popular Black Light too. It's the perfect fright night light! We also have a twenty four foot string of indoor/outdoor blacklights, or a 75 watt black spotlight that can be used in any standard light socket. If it's a strobe light you want, choose from our mini strobe, mini LED strobe with thunder, or cannon strobe with thunder. Add clear liquid latex or blood gel and complete your look. Haunting just gets more fun by the year!