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Party Favors & Gifts 

Do your guests a favor.

Guests always appreciate a little favor to take home from the party. It is a simple and fun way to thank them for helping you celebrate. They help set the mood too! We have something to please just about every one of all ages in our selection of party favors and gifts. Nerdy to noise makers — it's all here!

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Party Favors & Gifts

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Party Favors & Gifts

Planning a party means you have friends, family, costumes and themes in mind. It's memory making time with good food, sweet treats, games, party favors and gifts! As always, it's the little things that count and sending guests home with a little something can keep them basking in the glow of your party just a little bit longer. So here are some ideas from our Decorations and Party place. Everybody likes disguises. Nerdy black glasses are great props for silly pictures. A fake pirate beard and moustache are always popular. They won't need to walk the plank or swing from the yardarm, but everyone can pillage and plunder the snack bar together. How about a more western style moustache pardner? (Be aware, people start talking with a drawl when wearing it.) You might even want to pair the western ‘stache with our giddy up party favor kit. It's sure to be a rootin', tootin' good time. The basketball themed clapper makes its own applause. (And the crowd goes wild!) We have noise makers, hats, rubber band bracelets; pink moustaches, piñata fillers, and party favor kits. Of course you'll want to pick out some treat bags so your friends have something to carry their goodies in — we have a variety of sizes and shapes for almost any occasion from holidays to birthdays to bachelorette parties. Celebration time, party favors and gifts will keep everyone smiling!