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Nintendo Costumes | Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, & Pikachu Costume


Nintendo has ruled the childhood of most of us and continues to rule the childhoods of children of this generation. With the various... View More

Nintendo costumes available from BuyCostumes.com, you can bring your favorite game to life. We stock costumes on all sizes, including adult, child, plus and even sexy! Why not, even if just for a day, pretend you are in the Mushroom Kingdom and fight the various characters, collecting mushrooms and saving the princess. Or perhaps you are more interested in being one of the cool Pokemon characters and battle it out. Nintendo is full of other amazing characters that you can bring to life thanks to BuyCostumes.com

Consider, for instance, dressing up in one of the Princess Peach costumes. This is a firm favorite for the children, particularly little girls, but you could also choose the adult sexy Princess Peach costume and finally turn this character into someone who does more than just sit there waiting to be rescued by a very strange Italian plumber with a large mustache.

Toad costumes are also hugely popular. Toad is the happy little mushroom and this is the perfect costume for infants, who already look happy and cute naturally. However, adults can get dressed up as Toad just as much, and simply enjoy being jolly and happy for the evening.

Other costumes naturally include Luigi and Mario, but also Waluigi, Pikachu, Wario, Mario Racer costumes and Zelda costumes. Take a look around on BuyCostumes.com and it is possible that you enjoy the costumes so much that you decide to throw a Nintendo party for yourself. It would also make an amazing surprise for any Nintendo fan's child to wake up on their birthday seeing their parents dressed up, with a suit waiting just for him or her. Themed parties are all the rage anyway, so why not throw a Nintendo themed party for your child's next birthday? The prices at BuyCostumes.com are so low that there should be nothing stopping you from doing exactly that and giving your child the magical, Nintendo birthday they have always dreamed about.

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