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Shrek Costumes | Princess Fiona, Donkey, & Gingerbread Man Costumes


Shrek is the lovable unlovable creature. He is an ogre and is supposed to instill fear in all of us. But... View More

his reticence and solitude are endearing, and his companions see nothing but good in him. This is how he manages to nab the beautiful Princess Fiona, whose true form is actually an ogress, and his two friends, Puss in Boots and Donkey. Getting dressed up as Shrek is a great way to spend time at a party not having to be jolly for the sake of it.

Whether you want to be Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots or any of the other characters from the epic movies, head on over to BuyCostumes.com to see what is available. From full costumes to simple accessories like green face paint, it is all available here. You will be the best ogre at the party and may just find you like your role so much that you stay in costume for a little while longer, bossing people around when you are at home too.

Or perhaps you want to be Prince Charming and quite simply take over the land of Far Far Away. After all, dressing up as the most handsome male character ever to have graced the earth is something special too. Even if he isn't a particularly nice person, of course. All of the old Brothers Grimm stories are repeated in the Shrek movies, so if you have ever had a favorite fairytale, you should be able to find a character to dress up as.

BuyCostumes.com has any costume you could think of to fit with the Shrek theme, at a price that will very pleasantly surprise you. Be Snow White for the day if you want to, or get dressed up as a Gingerbread Man. Anything is possible, but remember to watch the Shrek movies so you know what sort of character you are actually playing. After all, only in the Shrek movies can a Fairy Godmother actually be a super villain rather than a loveable old aunt who showers you with presents, gifts and lots of love.

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