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Peacock Costumes

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Peacock Costume Ideas

Peacock Costume Ideas

Known for their stunning, gleaming feathers and velvety blue and green bodies, peacocks are perhaps the most majestic and elegant birds in the world. The birds have fascinated people throughout time, and they symbolize beauty, integrity and immortality in many cultures. As an esteemed creature heralded for its beauty, it’s easy to see why the peacock has inspired a variety of outfits from BuyCostumes. With costumes for adults, children and even pets, BuyCostumes has made it possible for anyone to become a magnificent peacock for his or her upcoming special occasion and to be remembered as the most beautiful person in attendance.

Peacock - Choose Your Style

  • “Shake your tailfeathers!”
    - Peacock
    Adult Peacock bios

    Adult Peacock

    You’ll be as stunning and regal as a real peacock when you slip into this eye-catching outfit. The highlight of the look is the gorgeous green tail. You can wear the tail up and fanned out like a proud peacock who’s trying to show off, or you can let the tail hang down for a more tamed look. No matter how you wear it, this costume is sure to impress.

  • “There is no more to a bird than fine feathers.”
    - Peacock
    Girl Peacock  Bio

    Girl Peacock

    Give your daughter the chance to show off her confidence and vivacious personality in this Peacock Girl Child Costume. While the peacock is known for its exquisite tail, the main feature of this outfit is the shiny blue and green dress. The vibrant colors with sparkly accents on the bodice and green feathers on the neck will catch everyone’s eyes when your daughter arrives to her next party.

  • “It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.”
    - Peacock
    Baby Peacock Bio

    Baby Peacock

    Babies are already adorable, but babies in costumes are downright irresistible. With your child in the Baby Peacock Infant/Toddler Costume, he is guaranteed to steal the show and be the envy of all his feathered friends. The one-piece costume also has an attached hood with crested plumes on top to truly transform your child into the majestic bird. Nobody at the party will be able to resist ruffling your little one’s tail feathers when the two of you walk through the door.

  • “No peacock should go all alone throughout life.”
    Pet Peacock Bio

    Pet Peacock

    You loveable pooch may be able to impress his human onlookers with a handful of tricks, like rolling over and shaking hands, but if you really want your trusty companion to be the center of attention, put him the adorable Peacock Pet Costume. The costume is lightweight and fashioned so that your dog can move around easily. With this costume, watch as your dog struts his stuff and shows off like never before.

Birds Group Costumes

Birds Group

Are you and your family looking to blow everyone away at your next get-together with spectacular group costumes? Look no further than the selection of bird costumes from BuyCostumes. With costumes available in a variety of sizes and bird species, there’s something for everyone in the family to choose from. The beautiful Adult Peacock and amusing Ride On Ostrich costumes are the perfect fit for the grownups in the family, while the toddlers can show off their feathers in the Baby Peacock Infant/Toddler and Flamingo Toddler outfits. Girls in the family can be a hoot in the Holly the Owl Child Costume or waddle their way into the party in the Girls' Pretty Lil’ Penguin Costume, and the boys are sure to garner laughs in the Rubber Ducky Costume.

Birds Friends and Couple Costume Ideas

  • Peacock Woman and Turkey Man

    Peacock & Turkey Man

    Peacocks and turkeys may not flock together in the animal kingdom, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t make the Adult Peacock Costume and Johnny-O Turkey Costume into a rocking couples costume. The two of you are sure to be the couple to remember when you arrive to your special event as the stunning, regal peacock and comical, gobbling turkey.

  • Peacock Girl and Owl Boy Costume

    Peacock Girl & Owl Boy

    Your kids will be the most adorable duo at the party when they show up in these feathered costumes. The Pretty Peacock Child Costume will impress with its shiny blue and gold plumage, and the fluffy White Barn Owl Child Costume will be a hit from head to toe with a hood and shoe covers completing the look.

  • Peacock Mom and Baby Peacock

    Peacock Mom & Baby Peacock

    Nothing will turn heads faster than coordinated mother and child costumes. With the Peacock Adult and Baby Peacock Infant/Toddler Costume, you and your child are bound to steal the show at any event. Just as people become transfixed with the peacock’s beauty, partygoers won’t be able to look away from you and your precious little one.

  • Girl Peacock and Pet Peacock

    Girl Peacock & Pet Peacock

    There is nothing like the bond between a child and her dog, which is why getting your daughter and her pup matching costumes is sure to put a smile on your little girl’s face. With the Peacock Pet Costume, your daughter can bring along her four-legged best friend to the party with an outfit to match her Peacock Tween Costume. The costumes will also make for some adorable photo opportunities, so get the camera ready!

Ultimate Costume – Sexy Peacock

1) Feathered headpiece

2) Glitzy Choker

3) Embellished corset

4) Dark tulle tutu

5) Feathered tail with bow

  • Sexy Peacock Ultimate Costume
  • You’ll have all the men in sight flocking to your every move when you show up to your next party in the Sexy Peacock Adult Costume. Forget about the overdone nurse and maid costumes, and stand out as a beautiful, proud peacock who’s ready to strut her stuff and find a mate. This alluring ensemble is more than a simple peacock costume, though. It includes various embellishments that complete the look and let everyone know you’re the finest peacock of them all. At the center of the outfit is a stunning corset and dark tulle tutu. Not only do the two add pizazz, but they show off your amazing curves and long legs. Also included is a beautiful choker and decadent feathered headpiece for added glitz and glam. Finishing off the costume is the peacock's finest feature: a feathered tail with a blue and purple bow. With a complete ensemble, you can shake your tailfeathers all night and know you look fabulous doing it.

Enhance Your Style - Peacock

  • Peacock Enhance Your Style
  • Your little girl will already look amazing in the Peacock Girl Child Costume, but with a few additional pieces, she can take the outfit to a whole new level and secure her win for best costume at her next party. With items like the Green Curly Hair Combs and Green Sparkle Flat Shoes, your daughter can make sure her outfit is complete from head to toe. The Green Curly Hair Combs will add a little color and flair to your daughter’s locks, and the shoes will accent the shiny green and blue dress of the costume. Finally, use the Glitter Make-up Kit to seal the deal on your daughter’s show-stopping peacock look. With the hair, shoes and make-up completing her look, your daughter will both look and feel as magnificent as a peacock.