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Dinosaur & Dragon Costumes

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Dinosaur & Dragon Costume Ideas

Dinosaur Costume Ideas

Dinosaurs roamed and ruled the earth millions of years ago, and now they're back to reclaim their royal status. No one tells these giant creatures what to do. Create a dinosaur clan and dress all your friends and family up in their favorite breed. From tiny toddler to adult, everyone will enjoy tapping into the T-Rex side of their personality. What are you waiting for? Let out those claws and fangs and plan your own dinosaur costume party!

Dinosaur & Dragon Character Bios

  • "If history repeats itself, I'm so getting a dinosaur."
    - Unknown
    Cyclops Bio

    Dino Rider

    Have you eyver wanted to ride a dinosaur? Now is your chance to make that dream come true. Channel your inner caveman or cavewoman as your dinosaur helps you get around town! Just be sure not to step on the little people down below.

  • "It's a dinosaur kind of a thing we have going here."
    - Dinosaur
    Dinosaur Train Bio

    Dinosaur Train Buddy

    From sprawling jungles to the deepest swamps, your little one can have endless adventures as a Dinosaur Train Buddy. Whether it's Halloween or any normal day, dressing up as a dinosaur is never a mistake. Get ready for magical adventures as soon as Buddy steps into the room.

  • "If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons."
    - Unknown
    Dragon Sweatshirt Bio

    Dragon Sweatshirt

    This black beast isn't your average fire-breathing dragon. She's ready to roar in her scaly winged outfit. A bright spark at any costume event, this dragon will stand out the moment she walks in the room. Young reptiles love to have fun, so this dragon is always looking for a party!

  • "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
    - Unknown
    Dragon Girl  Bio

    Dragon Girl

    Dragon Girls are tough, fire-breathing creatures, but that doesn't mean they can't look cute at the same time! Let her put on those dragon spikes and bring out her inner dragon diva in this adorable purple and pink dragon costume. You won't even have to train her!

  • "Never laugh at live dragons."
    - Unknown
    Dragon Boy Bio

    Dragon Boy

    This baby dragon shows off some serious attitude. You'll notice his ferocious spirit the moment you lay eyes on his scaly green ensemble. Dressing up has never been so fun, but watch out! There's a dragon on the loose about town! He's been seen ringing doorbells and asking for candy.

  • "Oh, she wasn't bred. She was designed. She will be fifty feet long when fully grown."
    - Dr. Henry Wu
    Indominous Rex Bio

    Indominous Rex

    The Indominus Rex is the newest attraction at Jurassic World. She's a hybrid combining the genetic traits of many terrifying creatures like the T-Rex, Velociraptor and a special species of tree frog. If you see this dinosaur coming down the street, run!

  • "Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations."
    - Unknown
    Pet Dinosaur Boy Bio

    Pet Stegosaurus

    You know when your dog is sleeping and his eyes are closed, but they won't stop twitching? He's dreaming about running wild as a dinosaur. Make his dreams come true with this pup-sized Stegosaurus costume. Dinosaur-like details and back plates will have everyone guessing the type of dinosaur you are!

  • "The most ferocious and insatiable carnivore ever to step on the face of the planet."
    - Unknown
    T-Rex Bio

    Kids T-Rex

    The most famous of all dinosaur species, there's no one who won't recognize this beast strolling down the street. The largest of the Tyrannosaur family, this guy has teeth the size of a banana. You don't want to get on this carnivore's bad side.

Jurrasic World Group Costumes

Jurrasic World Group

Are you looking to bring spine-tingling chills to everyone at the costume party? There's no better way than to gather a group and dress up as a bunch of formerly extinct creatures. You have the option of munching on humans as a carnivore or plants as an herbivore, the choice is yours. From the Indominus to the Tyrannosaurs, all the Rexes are here and ready to party, hand out candy or roam the acres of Jurassic park.

Dinosaur Friends Costume Ideas

  • T-Rex and Indominus Rex Child

    T-Rex & Indominus Rex

    The Indominus Rex is on the loose and only the T-Rex can save the day! These two terrifying monsters go head-to-head and only one can win. Wear these to your next costume party and entertain your friends as you battle it out to see who the real ruler of Jurassic park is.

  • Dragon and Knight Costume

    Knight & Dragon

    Will the knight slay the three-headed dragon? Only time will tell. The knight will sally forth into the fray and battle the dragon to save the princess before returning to his kingdom. But don't worry, the two eventually become friends and attend a Halloween party together.

  • Dinosaur Train Buddy & Tiny

    Buddy & Tiny

    Buddy and Tiny the dinosaurs are the best of friends. These sweet and lovable creatures are the perfect costumes for two tiny toddlers who share a love of reptiles! Your children will love dressing up in these cute outfits for any occasion.

  • Boy Owen Raptor Costume

    Boy Owen & Pet Raptor

    Owen and his pet raptor are a sight to be seen. Owen takes pride in training his raptors and is excited to take one out on the town for the night. Only Owen has the skills to deal with dinosaurs, so definitely don't try this at home. It takes a trained professional to hang out with raptors all day.

Ultimate Costume – Indominus Rex

1) Detailed Molded Headpiece and Gloves

2) Gray Jumpsuit with Scales Pattern

3) Attached Tail

4) Matching Shoe Covers

5) Officially Licensed Jurassic World product

  • Indominus Rex Costume
  • Turn into the biggest beast in all of Jurassic Park with the Ultimate Indominus Rex costume. You'll look and feel the part with a detailed molded headpiece and dinosaur skin gloves. Step into the gray jumpsuit with the signature scaly pattern, attach your tail, put on your matching shoe covers and you're ready to go. As an officially licensed Jurassic World product, this ultimate costume spares no detail.

Enhance Your Style - Dino Rider

  • Dino Rider Enhance Your Style
  • The perfect costume for a child who has always wanted a pet dinosaur, the Dino Rider is the next best thing. Don't forget all the details you'll need to turn him or her into an authentic dinosaur owner. Of course all dinosaur owners have messy, flyaway hair after chasing after their pet dinos all day. Get the look with this Kids' Curly Wig. Are they tiger teeth or dinosaur fangs? We may never know. Accessorize with teeth in true caveman style. A dinosaur owner keeps his pet in line with a cave club. Dinosaurs can be dangerous, but with this cave club, anyone can be safe.