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Boys' Costumes 

Save the party, save the day!

Heroes unite! To have the best party, you need the strongest of heroes. Who will your budding hero choose to be? From traditional superheroes like Spider-Man, to everyday heroes like policemen or firefighters, no party should be left unprotected. Justice and order must prevail, especially at your son’s party.

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Costumes For Boys

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Boy's Costumes

From Captain America, to Woody, to a saintly knight, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The party of your son's dreams to enact justice and order will become a reality when these costumes become part of the party. Boys know that evil does not rest and there are always villains on the prowl. What better way to ensure safety for all, than to collect their closest friends, join forces and combat this age-old enemy, together! Bad guys better avoid the hundreds of options from our Kids Category Traditional superheroes or stealthy ninjas. Slipping on these costumes will allow your youngster to not only save the day, but save the party too! If your child prefers to walk the fine line of good and evil, we have costumes to fill that need too. Darth Vader or Magneto can serve as the major foil for the big day. In these boy's costumes your child will not be bound to keeping his favorite worlds apart. Donatello for the Ninja Turtles, can mingle with the wizards from Gryffindor, and join forces to eliminate the Joker and his band of sea-faring pirates. When these men of honor unite, they can get their cake and eat it too! (After the battle, of course.)