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You dance the dance. We've got you covered.

A little bit racy and a whole lot of fun! That's the best way to describe the many different options and accessories you can use to put together a hotter than hot burlesque costume for your party or event. You bring the sassy attitude and we'll dress you to the nines!

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Burlesque Showgirl Costumes

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You may be shocked to hear this, but there are some experts who describe some works by Shakespeare to be examples of Burlesque! Surely they must be wrong. When someone thinks of burlesque, they think less of Romeo and Juliet and a whole lot more of bawdy comedy and, yes, scantily clad women. It's a part of American history that dates back to the late 1800s. The origin of Burlesque may differ, according to the experts, but we think everyone can agree on the look it conjures: sexy. If you're looking for a certain burlesque costume, we will have it. We have some super-sexy Thigh High Sheer Stockings with Opaque Black Stripes. Add a pair of Princess (Red) Adult shoes, which will remind you of Dorothy, albeit a very much all grown up version! Elbow length gloves are also a staple of many burlesque costumes and we have multiple options to not only cover your arms, but to strip off when the time is right. You can go for Black Mesh Fingerless Gloves, Temptress Long Black Gloves, or the Temptress Long Gloves in a red-hot red! You'd think a mini-top hat with veil would make a costume whimsical, but with a burlesque costume, we think it does just the opposite. No matter the accessories, a feather boa is a must! Our 6' black and red feather boa will cover everything you need, until you decide otherwise. Head out for your evening feeling sassy!