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Criminal & Cop Costumes

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Police & Criminal Costume Ideas

Police & Criminal Costume Ideas

Throughout history, the classic battle between good and evil has fascinated us all. Cops and robbers is a game that all kids play. We’re intrigued by famous criminal couples like Bonnie and Clyde, and Butch and the Sundance Kid. Cool Hand Luke was the coolest. Then there are iconic cops like Joe Friday and Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. The age-old question has always been, who will win—the good guys or the bad guys?

You can be on either side of the thin blue line with our great costumes and accessories for police, SWAT, deputy sheriffs and prisoners, whether modern-day or from the days of the chain gang. From the station house to the big house, we’ve got you covered. Glam up jailhouse jumpsuits for her, or keep it simple by just adding some shackles. Get everyone in the family involved with costumes for troopers-in-training and pint-sized police officers. Even Fido can’t escape the long arm of the law.

Police & Criminal Character Bios

  • "I’m innocent!"
    - Male Convict
    Male Convict Bio

    Male Convict

    Back in the day, prisoners wore stripes to make it difficult for an escaped inmate to avoid recognition and recapture. So put on this distinctive attire and bring along the old ball and chain to the party. Set yourself free and show your stripes.

  • "Reporting for duty, sir."
    - Female Deputy
    Female Deputy Bio

    Female Deputy

    If you dare, you can make law enforcement look smashing. They’ll be lining up to be put in handcuffs. Uphold the law of the party and get noticed when you dress as a daring deputy. So put your hands in the air and party on.

  • "Orange is the new black."
    - Female Prisoner
    Female Prisoner Bio

    Female Prisoner

    Women in prison are now all the rage thanks to a certain show on Netflix. Piper makes being a convicted felon look glamorous, and so can you. Maybe you’re a prisoner of love, or just love the color orange. Work it in this busted prisoner costume.

  • "Come out with your hands up!"
    - Police Officer
    Lady Police Officer Bio

    Police Officer

    Men love a woman in uniform, and they won’t be resisting arrest when you dress as a police officer at the next costume party. You can read them their rights, including the right to remain friendly. Don’t forget the handcuffs.

  • "Support your local sheriff."
    - Little Sheriff
    Little Sheriff Bio

    Little Sheriff Toddler

    There’s a reason they called it the Wild West. They’ll have fun dressing as the sheriff in town. They can wear the star and make sure the shenanigans are kept to a minimum. Don’t forget the 10-gallon hat. Or maybe keep it to 5 gallons for your little half-pint.

  • "You’re either SWAT or you’re not."
    - SWAT Officer
    SWAT Officer Bio

    SWAT Officer

    SWAT stands for special weapons and tactics. The uniform represents the ultimate in bravery and charisma. Every guy dreams of strapping on the vest and being a hero, even just for a day. The next time you break down a door for fun, you’ll want to wear this SWAT officer costume.

SWAT Family Costumes

SWAT Costume Group

Form your very own family SWAT team with our authentic-looking costumes and accessories. The SWAT Team Child’s Costume delivers the adventure, featuring all the equipment and clothing needed to bust the bad guys, like a helmet, slick jumpsuit and vest, phone, flashlight, handcuffs, binoculars, grenade and badge. Law enforcement never looked so good, and the Lady SWAT costume was created to mimic the real thing—with a twist. The guys’ costume with navy vest and kneepads will have partygoers wondering if SWAT has been called to the scene of a crime. The Special Forces Officer Child Costume will have them ready to take on all bad guys. Their crime-fighting fantasies will come alive in this 8-pc. costume, which comes complete with black gas mask with attached goggles, jumpsuit, black vest, silver knee protectors, a leg pouch for storing the included toy gun, a flashlight and walkie-talkie.

Police & Criminal Group Costume Ideas

  • Deputy Couple Costume

    Female Deputy & Male Sheriff

    The ladies' deputy costume features a zippered bodice that helps her slip into the spandex jumpsuit with ease. There’s a new sheriff in town and this Reno 911 costume will help him embody that lawman persona. Great for couples, this costume combo makes the decision of what to be for Halloween easy.

  • Female Officer & Criminal Costume

    Female Police Officer & Male Prisoner

    You’ll be arresting in this female police officer costume with button-down shirt and uniform patches. You’ve captured him and his heart, and now he’s wearing the full-length orange jumpsuit that shows he’s a bad boy. You’ll have lots of fun wearing these costumes, and don’t forget the handcuffs!

  • Couples SWAT Costume

    Couples SWAT Costumes

    Create a smokin' SWAT team of two and head to the party. Just be sure to knock on the door, no need to break it down. The ladies’ costume includes a jumpsuit and embroidered black vest. The guys’ costume includes a vest and SWAT patch.

  •  Police Girl & Prisoner Dog Costume

    Police Girl & Prisoner

    This combination couldn’t be any cuter. Her police officer’s uniform looks like the real thing, with navy blue dress, belt, handcuffs and a shiny badge. Then say hello to her little friend! He’s wearing black-and-white convict stripes and a matching “Bad Dog” hat that’s sure to be a conversation-starter.

Enhance Your Style - Child Police Officer

Cops vs Robbers

  • Female Cop


    Cops and robbers is an age-old game, and even adults want to play. You can have Cops and Robbers coordinated costumes and let your friends choose which side they’re on. If you want to be one of the good guys, get one of our police officer costumes and cop an attitude.

  • Robber


    At the next costume party, you can easily be cool and unique in a convict costume that let you stand out from the crowd. Add handcuffs and maybe a ball and chain, and you’re set.