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Clowns & Circus  

Be a clown and make ‘em laugh!

Brush up on your slapstick jokes, put on your clown shoes and rainbow wig — then load your squirting flower and you’re ready to make ‘em laugh! We have clown and circus costumes for the kids from sizes toddler to teen, and a fun assortment of accessories too. No ho-hum here — you’ll be hilarious in minutes!

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Clowns & Circus Costumes

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Clown Costume Ideas

Clown Costume Ideas

In the world of entertainment, the clown’s history is as storied and rich as any other character. Whether good or bad, happy or sad, clowns personify the range of human emotion in one singular disguise. Since the dawn of theater, clowns have been portrayed as the lovable fool to the sinister soul and everything in between. Here at BuyCostumes, we have everything you need to turn that frown upside down and transform yourself into whichever prankster persona fits your style. From classic to creepy, quirky to rainbow, these amazing costumes will let you take center stage and steal the show.

Clowns - Choose Your Style

  • "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself... and evil clowns."
    - Anonymous
    Creep Clown Bio


    For the love of Bozo, do NOT send in this clown. The Monster Collection Adult Creepy Clown Morphsuit is the perfect costume to scare the bejeezus out of pretty much anyone. This costume comes with the full-body jumpsuit and a zippered back closure. Soiled underpants sold separately.

  • "Did you hear about the human cannonball?
    He got fired!"
    - Anonymous
    Circus Clown Bio


    Come one, come all! Clowns offer valuable vignettes of laughs and entertainment while the other circus performers prepare the next act. With the Big Top Clown Adult Costume, you can, too! It comes with colorful patched top, red collar and striped baggy pants. It's sure to make you the life of the party.

  • "Though the
    clown is often deadpan, he is a connoisseur of laughter."
    - Mell Gussow
    Classic Clown Bio


    Dressed to the 9’s and feelin’ fine! The Clown on the Town Adult Costume comes complete with baggy pants, top hat and tails, and it is just the costume for the fancier fool. There’s even a bow tie for those who wish to make a funny first impression.

  • "If you’re quiet, you’re not living. You’ve got to be noisy and colorful and lively."
    - Mel Brooks
    Rainbow Clown Bio


    Those who say clowning is best left to adults have not seen this colorful costume. The amusing kids Crazy Color Clown costume comes with a multi-colored dress, footless tights and mini hat. Better buy some shades, too, because this costume will have you shining bright.

  • "Life is a party. Dress like it."
    - Lilly Pulitzer
    Quirky Clown Bio


    Step right this way, boys and girls! The women's clown costume is bold and super fun. This costume comes with the satin dress, tall striped stockings, tiny hat, bloomers and kooky bow tie to perfectly capture the fun-natured prankster within.

  • "Why did the clown go to the doctor? She was feeling a little funny!"
    - Anonymous
    Toddler Clown Bio


    Those who say clowning is best left to adults have not seen this colorful costume. The amusing clown girl toddler costume comes with a multi-colored dress, footless tights and mini hat. This clown costume is polka-dotted perfection!

Circus Group Costume Ideas

Circus Group Costumes

We’ve been there. You’re going to the party with your friends and no one can decide what to wear. Everyone is arguing and no one is excited for the get-together anymore.

We’ve got you covered.

Hop out of the real world and join the circus! We’ve got all the ingredients to turn that bland costume party into a tangy clown collage. The gang’s all here with silly clowns, sexy clowns, goofy clowns and ghastly clowns. Whether you drive separately or take one tiny car, let us outfit you with the best clown costumes you can find!

Clown Group & Couples Costumes

  • IT Pennywise & Creepy Clown Morphsuit

    IT Pennywise & Creepy Clown

    This combo is terrifying with a capital "T." The Creepy Clown Morphsuit and Stephen King’s IT Pennywise costume duo will scare…well, pretty much everyone. Aside from the balloon and shoes, these terrible two come with everything shown.

  • Cleo & Marcus Antonius

    Big Top Clown & Big Top Tease

    This is the perfect combination of silly and sultry. The goofy Big Top Clown can capture the imagination, and the sexy Big Top Tease will take the center ring and grab the attention of the party. Turn any party into a 2-ring circus with this pair!

  • Girls Cleo & Mummy costumes

    Rodeo Clown & Glamour Cowgirl

    Yeeeeee haw! Let’s round ‘em up and herd ‘em out! The Rodeo Clown and Glamour Cowgirl costumes are quite the dastardly duo for quite the dastardly couple. Wrangle the next costume rodeo with the daring cowgirl and the crazy rodeo clown. This here’s how the West was won!

  • Adult & Kids Crazy Color Clown

    Adult & Kids Crazy Color Clown

    I hope you brought your shades because it’s getting bright in here! The Crazy Color Clown adult and kids costumes create a fun way for you and your little clown to match. Both include the multi-colored skirt and suspenders, offering the perfect way to bond your way to the bash.

Clown Costume Essentials

1) Colorful Hair

2) White Face Paint

3) Red Nose

4) Colorful Shirt

5) Colorful Pants

6) Gloves

7) Oversized Shoes

  • Clown Costume Breakdown
  • What makes a clown costume great? A clown wouldn’t be complete without a wacky wig. Our variety of colors and styles will help you nail this costume staple. A little bit of face paint can alter the attitude of your costume altogether! Whether you want to be funny or frightening, the face paint will get you there. The red nose is what makes you a true professional clowner. From Bozo to Patch Adams, all the greats wore the red nose and you can, too! The brighter, the better! Loud pants equal a person who takes clowning seriously (get it?). Not only are the gloves stylish, they are essential to performing illusions and slights of hand. A funny clown must have a funny walk! The oversized shoes help give you that true clown swagger.

Enhance Your Style - Clown Costume

  • Clown Enhance Your Style
  • How do you become the ultimate Clown on the Town? You add the accessories to your costume so you can get fully into character. The Rainbow Clown Wig is an inexpensive and important piece to any clown costume. One of the most famous clowns in popular culture was Bozo. He delighted thousands in person and on television with his clowning antics. For many clowns before him and after, the big red nose has been an integral part in any clown costume. And now you can rock one, too! Whether you’re a classic clown or a creepy one, you won’t get too far without your Bozo Red Foam nose. If you’re going to be a silly clown, you can’t have a regular walk. With the Wing Tip Clown (Red/Yellow) Adult Shoes, you’ll be flopping around town in no time! Just make sure you tie those laces.