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20's Gangster Costumes & Vintage 1920's Flapper Dresses

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20s Flappers & Gangster Costumes

20s Flappers and Gangsters

What do flouting the social norms, bobs, jazz music, flashy cars and long cigarettes have in common? The Roaring 20s. Dressing up as flappers or gangsters is great fun – not only can you embrace the flappers and gangsters culture, but you can also party while dressed to the hilt in a vintage tuxedo, flapper dress, or gangster costume. And the folks in the Roaring 20s knew how to party. We have a wide range of costumes and accessories from the Roaring 20s to help you dress the part perfectly. You'll just have to provide the attitude.

20s Character Bios

  • "In my world we know what happens when you take candy away from a baby."
    - Cori Dials
    Cigarette Girl Bio

    Cigarette Girl

    When men needed a cigarette in the 1940s, they probably purchased them from cigarette girls. These girls with their wavy hair, shorter skirts, high heels and dark stockings wore bright colors to attract attention so they could sell their cigarettes, which they carried in a narrow box in front of them. Put a unique angle on your Roaring 20s costume, with this Cigarette girl outfit.

  • "Who wants to go to town?"
    - Daisy Buchanan
    Flapper Bio


    Corsets were thrown out the window in the 1920s, and women embraced loose dresses with no sleeves – called flapper dresses. They knew how to flirt with high heels and dances that gave their dress hems enough lift for showing off a bit of leg. As a flapper, you'll be the life of the costume party!

  • "Whooee! A man with a record!"
    - Bonnie Parker
    Female Gangster Bio

    Female Gangster

    Most people think of Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger when they think of gangsters in the 1920s. But there were plenty of women you can portray. Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde, Ma Barker, Madame St. Clair and Virginia Hill are just a few female gangsters who loved to break the rules of society for money.

  • "I rob banks for a living, what do you do?"
    - John Dillinger
    Male Gangster Bio

    Male Gangster

    We still talk about the stories of gangsters from the 1920s and 30s thanks to movies and legends that haunt cities and buildings across the country. The names of John Dillinger, Al Capone and Bugsy Segal live on, which is why people love dressing up as gangsters for costume parties and Halloween.

  • "I just put my feet in the air and move them around."
    - Fred Astaire
    Man's Tuxedo Bio

    Man's Tuxedo

    You can take everyone back to the days of Fred Astaire when men wore dashing tuxedos and carried stylish canes. If you have the talent, feel free to break into song and dance – but it's not necessary. Remember to be on your most gentlemanly behavior with a lift of the top hat for the ladies.

  • "Well whatever I am, I'm still the blonde."
    - Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe Bio

    Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe, born in 1926, became known as a sex symbol with her pouty lips, soft voice, feminine shape and bodacious blonde hair. She made news as an actress and even by simply walking down the street. You'll make the same news when you show up at a costume party dressed as this icon.

Gangster Group Costume Ideas

Gangster Group

Wealth and extravagance were what the gangsters of the 1920s were after, and they knew how to get what they wanted. They had little regard for the rules of society and lived for adventure. You've always had the itch to be the bad boy or girl – even if it's just for a costume party. We have all the character costumes of that era, so you can dress yourself up and finally adopt that bad-boy label.

For more fun, join several friends in a group of gangsters from the 1920s. If you want to drop the whole gangster theme, our costumes also work perfectly for cops and robbers parties. So dress up as a law-breaking gangster of the 1920s, adopt the bad boy – or girl – attitude with your posse and you'll be ready for the night's adventures.

Couples Gangster Costume Ideas

  • Flapper & Man's Tuxedo

    Flapper & Man's Tuxedo

    The movers and shakers of the early 20th Century knew how to dress. Attend your next costume party dressed with the nonchalance that flappers and gentlemen had from the Roaring 20s. You'll have to provide the attitude, but in these costumes it won't be hard to pull off.

  • Gangster Couple

    Gangster Couple

    Bonnie and Clyde have become legends with many movies telling and retelling their gangster story. Make a scene at your next costume party dressed in our female and male gangster costumes and pretend you're a bank robber or booze runner for the night.

  • Old Time Jacket & Cigarette Girl

    Men's Old Time Jacket & Cigarette Girl

    When you mix flirting with business, the cigarette girl costume is a perfect fit. Tie in our Roaring 20s old-time jacket and you can show up at any costume party ready to steal the scene. Just beware – that flirtatious wink is probably going to result in someone buying a cigarette.

  • Silver Flapper & Pink Flapper

    Silver & Pink Flapper Dresses

    If you have daughters who like to do the Charleston and dress up in feathers and boas, we have the perfect costumes for you. Our girls' flapper dresses are reminiscent of the 1920s when women liked to dance, show off a little and have a great time. In these costumes, your daughters can do the same.

Charleston Cutie Ultimate Costume

1) Big black feather

2) Jeweled headband

3) Black satin dress

4) Glittering lacy overlay fringe

5) Fishnet stockings

  • Charleston Cutie Ultimate Costume
  • Needing a costume to get into the local speakeasy? Can't find all the pieces you need to embrace the Roaring 20s? Look no further. With our womens Charleston cutie flapper dress, we have what you need, including the feathered headband, bobbed coiffure headpiece, black satin dress, a glittering lacy overlay fringe and – of course – fishnet stockings. You'll be decked from head to toe in the fashionable Charleston look and able to dance with ease. Plus, the glitter on the lacy fringe will catch everyone's eye as you move about the speakeasy in your fantastic costume.

Enhance Your Style - Silver Flapper Dress

  • Silver Flapper Girl Dress
  • When you wear a flapper dress, you have to sashay everywhere you go. Roll the shoulders, toss the head and walk with purpose, making the fringe of your dress shimmer and sparkle as you move. You'll have great fun when dressed as a flapper, and we have the costume and accessories you need to pull it off. The white beaded necklace is the cat's pajamas, and when paired with our white feather boa and long white elbow gloves, it will accent the silver flapper costume perfectly. You won't have any trouble putting the sashay into your walk, because the costume does it for you!

Cops vs Robbers

  • Gangster


    When you go out for Halloween or perhaps attend a cops and robbers party, consider dressing as a gangster bad guy from the 1920s. The stories of these law-breaking men and women are legendary, and you'll certainly make a statement when you show up to the party dressed like Al Capone.

  • Police Officer


    Parties also need the good guys in blue to be present when there are “robbers” around, and you can dress as a shield-wielding officer of the law sworn to protect the citizens of your community – or at least the party you're attending. Spend the evening standing proud in your uniformed costume.