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40's WWII & Pin-up Costumes

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WWII & Pin-up Costume Ideas

WWII & Pin-up Costume Ideas

America emerged as the world's hero in the 1940s. Its victory over Japan and Germany freed millions from oppression and ushered in a new era of freedom. Now you can return to this bygone era and be part of the greatest generation with our alluring 1940s costume collection. We have the traditional look for those would-be war heroes returning from Europe and feeling eager to reunite with their lady loves. And for that special lady, we've added a 21st century twist to their get-up; the jaw-dropping Sailor's Delight and Cigarette Girl costume will have guys saying "gee whiz," and the sexy women's military uniforms will turn you and your girlfriends into a platoon of great-looking soldiers. Whether you want to dress up as a war hero or a movie star, we have the costumes you need to step back into this iconic decade.

40's Character Bios

  • "I never kept up with the fashions. I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me."
    - Betty Page
    Sailor Pin-Up Bio

    Sailor Pin-Up

    She's what the boys think of before they go into battle and the girl they dream of meeting once they are discharged. For decades, sailor pin-up girls have captivated the hearts of men on the high seas and at home. This timeless costume comes with a form-fitting, wiggle-style mini-dress that sports the red white and blue in the most patriotic way possible. And as the Navy requires, a sailor's hat is included.

  • "I'd rather be a female soldier than a beauty queen."
    - Female Soldier
    Female Soldier Bio

    Female Soldier

    Who says only the boys get to serve their country? In this military get-up, you'll dominate the battlefield and lead your troops into an adventure the war department never planned for! You'll bring everyone to attention and make the enemy drop their weapons when you wear this commanding outfit. The olive-green dress boasts gold-star accents and red highlights, and it's complemented by a charming mini coat and army hat.

  • "In war, the heroes always outnumber the soldiers ten to one."
    - H.L. Mencken
    Male Soldier Bio

    Male Soldier

    Be at the vanguard of the some of the most decisive moments in world history with our World War II Men's Private Costume. You'll be ready to plunge into any number of harrowing situations, from scooping up a few extra cups of punch to scraping the last bit of guacamole on your chip. This traditional-style costume comes with a dual pocket shirt, pants, tie and hat, all in the historic beige our soldiers wore.

  • "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
    - Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe Bio

    Marilyn Monroe

    Even today, few movie stars are as recognizable as the iconic Marilyn. If you feel like turning your blond-bombshell meter up a notch or two, this costume will help you embody Hollywood glamor. This white dress is an intricate replica of what might be the most famous dress of the 20th century, the one Marilyn wore in "The Seven Year Itch" When you go out in this number, be careful of sudden breezes.

Soldier Group Costumes

Soldiers Group

Gather up the troops! That means everyone - mom, dad, the kids, cousins, friends and more. It's time to gear up and hit the battlefield - or maybe just the neighborhood. There are many missions to complete and you just may have to split up. The kids have been assigned to gather as much candy from neighboring houses as they can, and in their stealthy Ranger and Delta force costumes, they're sure to find success. For the teenager who dreams of glory and heroic deeds, we have what he needs to be the best-looking soldier at any party he attends. Leading this whole pack in their World War II replica costumes are mom and dad. If you've been looking for a fun group of costumes that the whole family will love, our collection of soldier outfits has a style designed to fit every rank and file among your family and friends.

Friends & Family Costume Ideas

  • Male & Female Soldiers

    Male Private & Female Officer

    Brave, strong and oh-so good looking. Those are just a few of the words to describe the commanding presence you two will inspire when dressed in these World War II-era costumes. The men's Private Costume will make you look like you're taking a break from the Pacific Theater. It comes with beige pants, shirt, tie and hat. Dressed in the Female Officer Costume, you'll command the attention of the most haggard warriors. It comes with a sleek, form-fitting dress, jacket and hat.

  • Marilyn Monroe & Tuxedo Man Couple Costume

    Marilyn Monroe & Tuxedo Man Couple

    For anyone who thinks the days of class and style are behind us, you and your special someone can prove them wrong with this swinging pairing. Dressed as a stylish Hollywood duo from a bygone era, you'll be the toast of the town - and there's a pretty good chance she'll wear that iconic Marilyn dress even better than Norma Jean did! That's a bold statement, but you're a bold pair. The men's tux includes a shirt front, bow tie, jacket and pants.

  • Sailor Couple

    Sailor Couple

    Well, ahoy there, Matey! This lucky sailor is in port and he brought his sweetie with him. These two seafarers are old salts in the high seas, but now they're among the landlubbers and they'll show everyone how they do things among the waves. Our innocent-looking sailor boys' costume comes with a navy-blue top and pants and a white sailor hat. The not-so-innocent-looking sailor gal has her own hat and a belt appliqued with sequined anchors and wrist cuffs.

  • Solider Dad & Kid Costume

    Solider Kid & Dad

    When the world needs heroes, you and your son will be there to answer the call. With these two costumes, you'll form the ultimate military unit, ready to have fun and make memories. Dad can choose the old-fashioned World War II-era outfit, and you'll look just like those who were part of the greatest generation when you get outfitted in the beige shirt, tie, pants and included hat. The Kids Army Ranger Costume includes a jacket, pants and hat.

Enhance Your Style - Marilyn Monroe

  • Marilyn Monroe Enhance Your Style
  • Not everyone can pull off the look of the most famous blonde in history, but we think you're up to the challenge. For that iconic platinum-blond hair, try on our Marilyn Monroe Wig, perfectly styled and colored the way women have been trying to imitate for decades. Then, to make those eyes really pop, put on some killer Black Eyelashes. These will add to your already flirtatious and mysterious look. Finally, as Marilyn herself said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Well, with our White Shoes, you'll ensure a quick surrender wherever you go.