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1980s costumes are as colorful as the pop culture icons that inspired them! From dance pop to hip-hop to glam rock, every genre of 80s music is represented in our collection. Your favorite TV and movie characters from the decade are here, too – usually covered in glitter and neon.

80's & 90's Costumes

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80's & 90's Costume Ideas

80s & 90's Ideas

The 1980s started off with big hair and even bigger attitudes. New-wave synth pop was blaring from stereos and Walkmans across the U.S., and the side ponytail was the girl next door’s go-to look. With track suits and neon colors, this decade is easily replicated and recognizable, making it the perfect costume for a blast from the past.

As track suits started to make way for denim and flannel, the 1990s were well under way. From totally clueless valley girls to grungy rockers, the '90s were full of some pretty dope times. Basketball players rocked high-top shoes with high-top hair-dos to match, and everyone was stoked to see what the 2000s would bring. Dig into your old CD collection and rock the whole ensemble for your next costume party.

80's & 90's Character Bios

  • If you rest, you rust!
    - Denise Austin
    Workout Bio

    80s Workout

    Whether you are breaking a sweat in jazzercise, getting pumped up in the gym or watching a Richard Simmons VHS in your home, the 1980s were full of peppy people who were looking to stay fit. Jump around the party keeping the energy up for your next gathering.

  • “Get into the groove, boy you've got to prove your love to me.”
    - Madonna
    Popstar Bio


    Whether you were a fan of Madonna, Whitney Houston or Tiffany, you will be ready to belt out the chorus to your favorite tune in this shimmering rock star getup. There won’t be a doubt in the room that your little girl was meant for the limelight!

  • “Talk to the hand!”
    - Cher From Clueless
    Valley Girl Bio

    Valley Girl

    Not the best costume in the room? As if! Paired with your perfect valley girl impression, this costume is totally out of this world. You will leave everyone speechless and super jealous of how radical you look.

  • “That’s my name, don’t wear it out!”
    - Wrestler
    Wrestler Bio

    Retro Wrestler

    Getting ready for a smack down? You will be showing off your best moves in this stand-out wrestling getup. From the big blond hair to the vibrant spandex, you certainly won’t be overlooked. Just be sure that you can back up all the big talk.

  • “Stop! Hammer time.”
    - MC Hammer
    Rapper Bio


    Brush up on your beatboxing skills and jot down a few fresh rhymes so you can really play the part of a rapper straight out of the '80s. Whether you have some sick dance moves or you’re all about the mic, you’ll stand out in these golden hammer pants..

  • “Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution!”
    - AC/DC
    Rockstar Bio


    The bigger the hair, the better the show! Put on a good one with this all-out rock star ensemble. Belt out that high note or grab your electric guitar and let it rip. You’ll take center stage in no time.

80's Musician Group Costumes

Frankenstein’s Monster Group

It isn’t a party without the whole band – and nobody knows how to party quite as hard as a group of 80s rock stars! Let your wild side out and go all night long. You can turn the music up and dance like nobody is watching or take the stage and make the music all on your own. Whatever you choose, be sure to do it with energy and enthusiasm, just like the rock stars do. This is a costume the whole family can get in on. There is no limit to how big your band can be. Two drummers just means an even more psychedelic sound! You will be the life of the party when you and your crew show up in this getup.

80's & 90's Group Costume Ideas

  • Valley Girl & Party Girl Costume

    Party Girl & Valley Girl

    There is, like, no way that anyone at the party will look as good as you do. With your hair teased to the max and all of your favorite accessories, you are ready for a night on the town with your party girl and valley girl cotume.

  • Rapper & Groupie Costume

    Groupie & Rapper

    Nobody knows how to get down quite like the retro rappers do. This party won’t stop till 6 in the morning. You will be balling hard with your golden ensemble and your groupies by your side. Don’t worry, though, you know everyone is jealous of you.

  • Woman & Girl Rock Star costumes

    Woman Rock Star & Rocker Girl

    Make it a family affair this year and let your mother-daughter bond take the limelight. You two are the perfect duo whether you are singing sweet harmonies in the rock star dress or rocking out on your guitars.

  • Mom & Daughter Monster Costume

    Adult Retro & Kid Modern Wrestler

    Boys will be boys, so let father and son make the most of the costume party and play the part of retro wrestlers. These tough guys will put on a show for sure!

Enhance Your Style - Valley Girl

  • Valley Girl Enhance Your Style
  • It’s all in the accessories when it comes to the perfect outfit – and any true valley girl knows that! You’ll look like you just hit the jackpot at the mall with this stellar look. Show off all the coolest '80s trends that put you on the hot list. After getting your tan on you can get all dolled up in your new dress and neon glasses, 80's glow bracelets, and fluorescent beads so you make a statement when you walk in the room.

80's vs 90's

  • Red Orc

    80's Valley Girl

    DayGlo and scrunchies never looked so good! With a blast back to the '80s, this stellar style is so your jam. Rock out with your Walkman on to some head-banging hair bands or some bouncy synth pop and get this party started. Your far-out look can imitate any of the numerous icons from the decade or just embody the era itself.

  • Green Orc

    90's Grunge

    From Seinfeld and the Titanic to Beverly Hills 90210 and Forrest Gump, this decade is full of pop-culture references that we still rely on today. Whether you are making the perfect impression of one of the characters on your favorite show or rocking out as your favorite grunge band, this era is packed with the perfect costumes for your next party.