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Doll Costumes

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Doll Costume Ideas

Dolls Costume Ideas

Bring new meaning to the phrase, "all dolled up," when you dress up as an intriguing doll for your next costume party! Whether you want to be the cute and lovable Raggedy Ann, an elegant Victorian doll, or a terrifying Chucky doll, find something to fit your exact style preference. Put on one of these doll costumes and if you're ever so still, you might even be mistaken for a real doll! Each costume comes complete with everything you need to create the perfect doll-like appearance. And don't forget about all the extras that will complete your look. Go flirty and feminine or scary and vicious, the choice is yours!w

Doll Character Bios

  • "The best way to make a friend is to be a friend."
    – Barbie
    Barbie Fairy bios

    Barbie Fairy Princess

    This Barbie Fairy Princess is ready to spread her magical wings and fly through the neighborhood. She's from a far off land called Flutterfield and is on a mission to save her kingdom and make friends along the way! Watch as she flutters about in her beautiful pink and sparkly ensemble.

  • "Wanna play?"
    - Chucky
    Chucky Bio


    One of the most recognizable horror icons, Chucky is a notorious serial killer's spirit trapped in a doll's body. But he's no friendly toy. He'll bring fright and trouble to any costume party or gathering so don't fall for any of his tricks!

  • "Sometimes I just want to proudly howl to the world, 'I'm proud of who I am!' Hopefully someday I can."
    - Cerise Hood
    Cerise Hood Bio

    Ever After High

    Cerise Hood from Ever After High is the edgy daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, so you know she has some compelling stories. Because of her parents, she has no choice but to be on the rebel side. She lives by the rules of destiny.

  • "Sew magical, sew cute!"
    - Lalaloopsy
    Lalaloopsy Costume


    The Lalaloopsy Doll comes from one of the most popular doll collections of all time. Pillow Featherbed, Spot Splatter Splash, Jewel Sparkles, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Dot Starlight, Mittens Fluff 'N Stuff, Bea Spells-A-Lot and Peanut Big Top are all ready to have some fun!

  • "I've just got to tell Jackson I can't see him anymore. Quick and easy."
    - Frankie Stein
    Frankie Stein Bio

    Frankie Stein

    Monster High's Frankie Stein is cute and totally adorable. She's the type of character all the young ladies want to be! Sweet and friendly, she's your typical popular teenage girl. But she has a secret. She's the daughter of the monstrous Frankenstein! You can find her reading monster teen magazines and hanging out with her friends.

  • "A very merry Hallow and a happy new Ween!"
    - Raggedy Ann
    Raggedy Ann Bio

    Raggedy Ann

    Raggedy Ann is a classic American doll with the eye-catching red, white and blue dress. You could recognize her anywhere. When this character comes to life, she's sure to draw in a crowd. She'll captivate every party goer just like her storybooks!

  • "I want to lead the exquisite Victorian life."
    - Victorian Doll
    Victorian Bio

    Victorian Doll

    A Vintage Victorian doll is a sight to see. She'll make the room stop and stare as she enters the party. Whether it's a high tea or a midnight ball, she takes everything on with style and grace. Lush lace and frills combine with satin and elegance to complete her look.

  • "About to stick a pin in your voodoo doll, brace yourself."
    - Voodoo Doll
    Voodoo Bio

    Voodoo Doll

    Voodoo Dolly makes everyone's hair stand on end as she enters the room. Voodoo is a magical ritual that either causes harm or healing, and this Voodoo dolly gets to make the choice! Don't get on her bad side as she works the room on Halloween night.

Monster High Group Costumes

Monster High Group

Frankie Stein, Clawdeen, Cleo de Nile, Draculaura and Lagoona Blue, the gang's all here and ready to go! Gather a group for a frighteningly fantastic night with the Monster High characters. Bring your teenage monsters to life with all the accessories and makeup you could ever want or need. No matter your favorite Monster High character, there's a character here for everyone. Glam up in monster style and be the belles of the monster mash.

Friends & Couple Costume Ideas

  • Raggedy Ann & Andy

    Raggedy Ann & Andy

    Raggedy Ann and Andy always stick together as partners in crime. After all Raggedy Ann would be left hanging without her leading man! Live a carefree day together when you bring these two iconic doll characters to life. And don't forget to bust out those dance moves you've been preparing.

  • Chucky Male & Female Costume

    Chucky & Sexy Chucky

    Freak your friends out together as this spooky Mr. and Ms. Chucky dynamic duo for a night they're sure to remember! There's strength in numbers, so you'll be sure to knock 'em dead as soon as you enter the party. Find everything you need to recreate the creepy and horrifying look of the Chucky doll.

  • Monster High Frankie & Lagoona

    Monster High Lagoona & Frankie

    One's a sea monster from the Great Scarrier Reef and one is the daughter of Frankenstein, there's no telling what trouble these two will get into. Dress as your favorite Monster High characters and navigate the world of being a teen monster. You two are sure to entertain your friends as this charismatic couple of friends!

  • Lalaloopy Mittems & Jewel Sparkles Costume

    Lalaloopsy Mittens & Jewel Sparkles

    Your kids love Lalaloopsy's Mittens Fluff 'N Stuff and Jewel Sparkles, so why not let them be these adorable dolls this Halloween? Easily a favorite, these costumes are perfect for photo opportunities that will create cherished memories for years. Let their imaginations run wild as they help pass out candy or trick or treat on their own!

Enhance Your Style - Sexy Chucky

  • Sexy Chucky Enhance Your Style
  • Bring a naughty and sexy twist to the infamous story of Charles Lee Ray. Just because you're into the scary stuff doesn't mean your costume can't be a little flirtatious at the same time! Get into the spirit of a costume party and freak out your friends when you bring your costume to life with the perfect accessories.It wouldn't be Chucky without that unmistakable flaming auburn hair. Don these luscious locks and you'll look the part of the eerily chilling Chucky doll. Chucky wouldn't leave home without his trusted axe, so of course you'll need one to complete your costume! Be extra creepy when you hold onto this on Halloween night. And don't forget to stand tall in some attractive red high heels. These are the finishing touch for a stunning look.