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Fairies & Elves  

Fly into your own fairy tale with our fairies and elves costumes.

Enchantment lingers in the air at the thought of fairies and elves. Some, like Tinkerbell, are whimsical mischief makers. Others, like Queen Arwen, are more serious and possess magical powers. All things elf or fairy for kids and adults can be found here including Lord of the Rings costumes and accessories. It's your fairy tale to create!

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Fairies & Elves

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Fairies & Elves

In films like Lord of the Rings, elves were slender and human-sized with angelic features. Though elves had been around in fables for hundreds of years, they gained a new following with Lord of the Rings. And fairies, well there are just too many to name like the Fairy Godmother, Tinkerbell and the Sugar Plum Fairy. If you can think of your favorite fairy or elf, chances are we can help you dress your child, or dress yourself. We have a Tinkerbell costume infant sized, and a Tinkerbell toddler or child costume for big sister. Our Fairies and Elves costumes will transport you to the magical place of your dreams. If you're an Elf movie fan, make sure to stuff the pockets of your Buddy Elf adult costume with his favorite foods like candy, candy canes, and candy corn! You can also find Elf accessories like an Elf Hat with Ears, adult size Elf Tights, and Deluxe Elf Shoes. Don't forget about your pooch! He, too, can dress the part with the red and green Elf pet costume. But, if you're steering away from the holiday themed elves and are more a Lord of the Rings enthusiast, take a peek at our Lord of the Rings Queen Arwen Deluxe adult costume and the Lord of the Rings Legolas adult costume. Any of these costumes will transport you to the magic woods. Just don't forget your fairy dust — and have a good flight!