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Food & Drinks  

You can taste the appeal of our food and drink costumes.

Everyone has a favorite food, be it pizza, hot dogs, cupcakes or bananas, and now is your chance to BE what you EAT! Go for the main course or head right for the dessert. Dress the kids and dog too. You could bring the whole meal to the costume party! No calories added. Honest!

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Food & Drinks

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Food & Drinks

"You are what you eat." It's a line we're all familiar with, though some of us would prefer it not be true. Regardless, now is your chance to literally become one of your favorite (or least favorite) foods. Maybe you're gluten free and can't eat pizza, but you can BE a slice of pizza? Our Food and Drinks Category includes well over 100 options for your chow-down favorites! If it's a couple's party you're headed to how about showing how well you go together like, maybe bacon and eggs. Our version includes a bacon tunic for him and a fried egg for her. Or maybe you're feeling more like a turkey. Our Cooked Turkey adult costume will get heads turning, even though this turkey costume doesn't have one! How about our Corn Stalker adult costume? Maybe you want to show your sweet side? If so, we can do that, too, with options including: the Tootsie Roll Teardrop Dress adult costume, various versions of M&M adult and child costumes, the Ice Cream Sandwich child costume, the Nerds Box adult costume, and the Miss Candy Cane adult costume. And never fear, you can bring Fido along with you to Trick or Treat in style dressed as a Hot Diggity Dog, Taco Pet Food, or a Tootsie Roll. People will literally eat up (pun intended) these costumes!