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Banana Costumes

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Banana Costume Ideas

Banana Costume Ideas

A deliciously sweet fruit, a popular punchline for childhood jokes and now a comical costume – who knew bananas could be so versatile? If you’re looking for a simple yet playful costume for your event, look no further than BuyCostumes’s selection of banana outfits. Whether you want to be the cause of laugh-out-loud entertainment at your next party or you are in search of a fun outfit for your child, the banana is the perfect choice. The one-size-fits-most Banana Deluxe Adult Costume and Banana Deluxe Child Costume are ideal for almost any age.

The outfits can also be paired with some of BuyCostumes’s other ensembles to create an incredible couple’s or group costume theme. Match the banana costume with a monkey getup for a wild look from the jungle, or put the banana outfit together with an apple, pineapple or other fruit costume for a truly sweet pairing. Show up to your next party in an awesome group costume or rock the banana suit solo. Whichever option you choose, the banana costume is the way to go. You’ll inspire laughs, brighten everyone’s mood and have the best time of your life in one of these costumes.

Bananas - Choose Your Style

  • “This is bananas!”
    - Gwen Stefani
    Banana bios

    Banana Man

    Be the life of the party in the Banana Deluxe Adult Costume. With this fruity outfit, you’re bound to spark laughs at the next event, and you’ll know everyone is having a good time because of you. The one-piece pullover is one size fits most that goes on like a sleeveless hoodie, and its polyester construction makes it lightweight so you can easily maneuver through your event.

  • “Always take a banana to a party.”
    - Steven Moffat
    Banana Dog Bio

    Banana Dog

    The only thing that makes dressing up more fun is getting your dog in on the action. With your adorable pooch sporting the Chiquita Banana Pet Costume, you and your friends will be splitting in laughter and reaching for the camera. This banana pet costume fastens around the middle with easy-on, easy-off Velcro clasps to give your dog plenty of wiggle room and to make getting the costume on and off hassle-free.

Monkey & Bananas Group Costumes

Monkeys & Bananas Group

On their own, a banana costume and a monkey costume are two of the most entertaining dress up choices out there. When combined, the pairing takes amazing group costumes to a whole new level. Since bananas and monkeys are a timeless pairing that needs no explanation, they are the perfect choice for your next group costume event. Whether you need a hilarious couple’s costume or entertaining looks for the whole family, BuyCostumes has a variety of banana and monkey outfits for you to choose from. Adults can attend the party as an incredible duo right out of the jungle with the Women’s Soft Monkey Costume and Banana Deluxe Adult Costume.

To expand the theme and bring in young children, a number of kid costumes are also available for any age. Children can choose from the Lil’ Monkey Elite Collection Infant/Toddler Costume, Sock Monkey Infant Costume, Curious George Toddler/Child Costume or Banana Deluxe Child Costume. BuyCostumes hasn’t forgotten the most important member of the family, either. The Chiquita Banana Pet Costume lets the family pup join the fun, too. With a look for every member of the family, your bananas and monkey group costume is sure to be a hit at the next costume party.

Banana Friends & Couples Costumes

  • Adult banana and kid banana

    Adult & Kid Banana

    Anyone who dresses as a banana is bound to be a party favorite, but as a team of bananas, you and your child can enter a new level of cool. There’s no question about it: you and your kid will be the center of attention at the next costume event when you arrive in the matching Lightweight Adult Banana and Child Hoodie Banana costumes.

  • Pineapple woman and banana man Costume

    Pineapple & Banana

    The Pineapple Costume for Adults and Inflatable Adult Banana Costume make for a sweet pair of costumes for a sweet couple. If you and your significant other are in search of a spectacular couple’s costume for your next party, look no further than these delicious outfits. Playful and hilarious, the pineapple and banana costumes will be an instant hit with your friends.

  • Kids' apple and kids' banana

    Kid Apple & Kid Banana

    Forget princesses, vampires and cowboys as go-to options for your kids’ next costumes. Take their costumes back to the basics with something everyone will love – fruit! One can dress as a scrumptious red apple in the Kids' Apple Costume while the other causes laughs in the Banana Deluxe Child Costume. Both costumes are simple but will be a smash at any event.

  • Kid monkey and banana dog

    Monkey & Banana Dog

    The bond between a child and his pet is unshakeable, and there’s no better way to show off this bond than with matching costumes at the next occasion that calls for dressing up. With your child dressed as a young monkey and his faithful companion as a delicious banana, the pair is sure to be an irresistible duo that captures the hearts of everyone at the party.

Enhance Your Style - Banana

  • Banana Enhance Your Style
  • Your child will look brilliantly quirky and amazing in the Hoodie Banana costume from BuyCostumes. The hoodie’s casual style means your child can wear it anywhere and anytime, even for a regular day at school or hanging out with friends. For occasions when the hoodie will be used mainly as a costume, BuyCostumes has a few accessories to accompany your child’s banana outfit and garner more laughs out of the entertaining ensemble. First is the Small Inflatable Monkey. As the jungle’s biggest fan of the delicious yellow fruit, the little inflatable chimp is the perfect addition to your child’s costume. Along with the Small Inflatable Monkey, the Inflatable Banana is a prime accessory for the Hoodie Banana outfit. Add an inflatable banana or two, and your child can arrive to the party with a whole cluster of the fruit. Finally, top off the look with a pair of the Child Black Gloves. The gloves will keep your child warm while trick-or-treating on a cold Halloween night or during an outdoor costume party. With these three accessories, your child will be a success in the Hoodie Banana costume.