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Tickle your funny bone with these funny costumes!

Funny is as funny does, or in this case, as funny dresses! There are more costume choices here than a box of chocolates. So get your silly on and be a Disco Sleazeball or Banana Deluxe. Bring the kids too! Dress your toddler twins to be Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and older brother could be the Lil' Man Eating Shark. (Just make sure he doesn't eat the neighbor kid in the bacon costume.) Adult or child, these costumes will make you laugh!

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Funny Costumes

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Funny Costume Ideas

Funny Costume Ideas

Get the party started! Designed to showcase the lighter side of life, these costumes definitely say, “Humor me!”

For any season, or party for that matter, there’s no better way to celebrate the occasion than by making your guests laugh. In an instant you can easily turn on the charm in one of our made-for-the-stage character costume options, and before you can say, “International Man of Mystery” everyone will be laughing not only AT you, but WITH you.

Having a good laugh is all about being comfortable in your own skin, or in this case a great costume! Remember to laugh freely at yourself, laughter IS infectious. Have some good one-liners in your head to get the improvisation started and remember, “Work the room baby!”

Funny Character Bios

  • "Cocktail Anyone?"
    - Chicken
    Chicken Bio

    Adult Comical Chicken

    “Fowl play” is the name of this game! And the "Chicken Dance" is only the beginning. The spotlight is yours as you turn into the funkiest chicken in town, because in this ensemble, no one will ever call you “chicken” again!

  • "Congratulations, Bart Simpson, you're our new Fallout Boy!"
    - Radioactive Man
    Radioactive Man Bio

    Radioactive Man

    "Up and atom!" You certainly won’t fall short when becoming this comic book superhero. In our Radioactive Man ensemble, your powers of persuasion are only the beginning. An evening of hilarious antics is definitely in the cards when you play this superhero who acquired his powers after surviving an atomic bomb explosion, WOW!

  • "Tourists, where?"
    - Tacky Travelers
    Tacky Travelers Bio

    Tacky Traveler Couple

    We've all seen them, or, wait for it…..YIKES, BEEN them! You know the pair of travelers, fresh off the cruise ship and looking to see a bit of local culture before being herded onto their next sun-soaked destination. Well, here’s your chance to play it up AND make your friends laugh at your next party.

  • "Did someone say monkey business?"
    - Banana
    Banana Bio


    You're sure to be the top banana when you arrive at your bash wearing this “a-peeling” costume! Everyone is sure to go bananas, and they can’t help but laugh heartily when you walk in dressed in our one-piece banana-shaped tunic. Can you say, “Carmen Miranda,” cause if she’s in the bunch she’ll be shimmying your way in no time!

  • "Who said, attention?"
    - Captain
    Inflatable Camo Bio

    Inflatable Camosuit

    Gives new meaning to the term “bounce into the room!”

    Inflation is alive and well, at least it is in YOUR world when you don this head-to-toe camouflage jumpsuit. This camosuit inflates for a completely humorous look and includes a fan and battery pack to keep you bouncing around the room all night long!

  • "Yeah, baby, yeah!"
    - Austin Powers
    Austin Powers Bio

    Austin Powers

    Become the International man of Mystery from the Austin Powers movies!

    Pick out some groovy psychedelic music, preferably on vinyl, set the stage and get into this hip ensemble. You’ll be channeling that fab 60s vibe as fast as you can say, Casino Royale!

  • "Santa Clause is coming to town!"
    - Inflatable Rider Turkey
    Inflatable Rider Turkey Bio

    Turkey Rider

    Get your Broadbeak on in this uniquely styled Inflatable Rider Turkey Costume. This colorful costume gives the appearance that you're riding a turkey while wearing a Santa hat. Fake legs complete the hilarious look. When you need to truly stand out and be noticed, this ensemble talks turkey! This goofy look would be great for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • "Hooray!"
    - Yoshimoto
    Yoshimoto Bio

    Yoshimoto Green Dino

    We’re all fascinated with dinosaurs, and kids especially love learning and creating stories about these ancient beasts. With the Yoshimoto Green Dino Child Costume, your child can bring one of the most famous Super Mario characters to life and have a blast at the party!

Simpsons Group Costumes

Simpsons Group Costumes

Here’s your chance to play a character from one of TV’s favorite working-class families. Imagine your home in the misfit middle-American city of Springfield and set the stage. Slip into the costume of Homer and morph into his persona. Be a man who works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; a position totally at odds with his careless, buffoonish personality. Or try Marge on for size! She’s a stereotypical American housewife and mother, with a lot to say! Let your kids have fun as one of their three kids. Bart, a ten-year-old troublemaker; Lisa, a precocious eight-year-old activist and, of course, Maggie is the baby of the family who rarely speaks, but communicates by sucking on a pacifier. Dysfunctional relationships never looked or felt so fun!

Funny Group Costume Ideas

  • Ghostbuster & Slimer

    Ghostbuster & Slimer

    I’m not gonna say, “Who you gonna call?” Whoops, I just did! The Ghostbusters are still running their supernatural pest-control business, but they've made some new additions to the staff, particularly Slimer. Formerly a minor character, this inflatable green ghost steps up to MAJOR sidekick. Grab a friend, get into your costumes and stir up some energy!

  • Wheres Waldo Couples Costume

    Where's Waldo Couple

    Here’s your chance to play the iconic, elusive Waldo and his girlfriend Wenda. You’ll have a blast as these two. Prepare to get into and out of all kinds of adventures while donning your iconic red-and-white striped shirts and pom-pom hats. Don’t forget your magic walking stick!

  • Crayola Crayon Family Costumes

    Mom & Kid Red Crayon

    Being true to your inner self and following your own path despite the obstacles that may come your way is the meaning behind this charming character. Funny, insightful and colorful, playing the lovable Crayola crayon is sure to have you feeling like “What identity crisis?” I know who I am and I’m fabulous just the way I am!

  • Purple Haze Hippie & Flower Dog

    Purple Haze & Flower

    Flower Power is alive and well and that late 60s vibe becomes you! Channel your inner groovy spirit by wearing this colorful Purple Haze ensemble to your next event. And if you’re heading out to a music festival anytime soon, you’ll be ever so stylish there as well. Check your latest fashion mag for ideas! Bring along your pet dressed in a sunflower costume for even more fun.

Ultimate Costume – Beetlejuice Costume

1) Shocked white hair wig

2) White makeup kit

3) Pinstripe Beetlejuice jacket and pants

4) White dress shirt

5) Black tie

6) Officially licensed Beetlejuice costume

  • Beetlejuice Ultimate Costume
  • Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Yes, I said it, you knew I would. Thrice is nice and this fabulous ensemble delivers it all in triple time! The iconic striped Beetlejuice jacket, shirt, and pants are all something right out of the famous movie. Famous for their antics, this group of mischievous ghosts likes to get down to the Banana Boat Song, Tiki Room anyone? You’ll be feelin' the vibe, too, while wearing this ensemble. The wig, complete with shocked white hair, jacket, pants and shirt, along with the tie and makeup kit, are all at your fingertips to help you pull off the look. Your friends will surely be spinning their heads around when you show up as this guy! So get out, haunt all your favorite hangouts and live it up, because you only live once. I take that back, you’re immortal. I forgot!

Enhance Your Style - Austin Powers

  • Austin Powers Enhance Your Style
  • Here’s your chance to get away with naughty comments and fab one-liners in the same way only this legendary spy from the past can. Yes you CAN become an International Man of Mystery as fast as you can change into this Austin Powers ensemble. You can complete the look with the leading man wig, Austin Powers accessory kit, and black loafers. Dr. Evil is no match for you as you zing partygoers with punch lines and one-liners. Brush up on your “swingin' 60s” lingo because as this savvy secret agent you can NEVER be too clever or too cool!