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Cleopatra Costumes

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Cleopatra Costume Ideas

Cleopatra Costume Ideas

As queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the most famous female rulers in history. She was also a seductress, and her image will forever symbolize beauty and power. The stories and myths surrounding Cleopatra's tragic life have inspired a number of books, movies (one starring Elizabeth Taylor) and plays (including one by Shakespeare).

Copy her style with one of our authentic Cleopatra costumes. Her iconic hairstyle can be yours with a great wig from our accessory collection. Or, wear an ornate headpiece if that’s more your style. Temptress or queen, regal or seductive…you choose.

Cleopatra - Choose Your Style

  • "I will not be triumphed over."
    - Egyptian Queen
    Egyptian Queen Bio

    Egyptian Queen

    She ruled Egypt for 21 years, and you can rule your world for one night with The Egyptian Queen Costume. It includes a black gown with a sheer bottom, plus hieroglyphics and two arm cuffs that connect a draped fabric. Complete the look with a Cleopatra wig, gold jewelry and sandals.

  • "My honor was not yielded, but conquered merely."
    - Cleopatra
    Jewel of the Nile Bio

    Jewel of the Nile

    Bring out your inner goddess. Beautiful and ornate, this Jewel of the Nile costume will show off your curves with a fitted white gown and elegant gold trim. The attached sheer drape adds a bit of intrigue to your outfit, and the gold belt and headpiece prove your worth.

  • "Walk like an Egyptian."
    - Cleopatra Child
    Cleopatra Child Bio

    Cleopatra Child

    Let her be queen for a day. The Egyptian-style dress is accented by a blue-and-gold belt and collar, making it perfect for any aspiring ruler. The attached cape and matching wrist cuffs create that perfectly regal feel. No Egyptian queen's outfit would be complete without a stunning gold headpiece. How else will anyone know she's the ruler?

  • "If it be love indeed, tell me how much."
    - Sassy Queen
    Sassy Queen Bio

    Sassy Queen

    Behold the Sassy Queen of the Nile. The full-length sleeveless black dress with aqua trim is topped off with a metallic collar featuring turquoise and gold embroidery. Gold cuffs and wristbands hold the iridescent aqua organza detailing in place. A gold headband with beads adds the crowning touch to this regal attire.

Egyptian Group Costume Ideas

Egyptian Group Costumes

Pharaohs and queens ruled, and plots were plotted. Every once in a while a mummy woke up and wreaked havoc. Relive the days of ancient Egypt with our vast array of costumes and accessories. Why not be Goddess Isis, who was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife, as well as the patroness of nature and magic? The Egyptian Goddess costume includes a shimmery dress, gold gloves with long fringes, gold belt, a faux-jeweled collar and a gold crown with a cobra pictured. Men can rock the bling with the Egyptian Man costume, or stand out from the crowd as Anubis, the jackal-headed god. Girls can be a mini Cleopatra or get mummified. The whole family can dress like an Egyptian!

Cleopatra Friend & Couples Costumes

  • Cleo & Anubis

    Cleopatra & Anubis

    Anubis, one of the most iconic gods of Ancient Egypt, is associated with the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion. The mask resembles the head of a jackal with tall ears and snout. The mouth is open to expose your teeth and the eyes feature the famous Egyptian Eye of Horus. Cleopatra is one of the most famous Egyptian queens and is the perfect escort for Anubis.

  • Cleo & Marcus Antonius

    Cleopatra & Marcus

    Marcus Antonius, otherwise known as Marc Antony, was a Roman general and Cleopatra’s love interest. They were famously portrayed on the silver screen by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Liz and Dick. Cleo and Marc. These great costumes will put you in the mood to party, and plot.

  • Girls Cleo & Mummy costumes

    Cleopatra & Mummy Girl

    Wrap her up in fun with the girls’ mummy costume. Additionally, the Cleopatra costume creates a classic goddess look with awesome accessories. Cleopatra and the Mummy girl probably hung out from time to time. Mummy girl could give her the latest scoop on the un-dead. They’ll resurrect some fun.

  • Boy Pharaoh & Girl Cleopatra

    Pharaoh & Cleopatra

    They’ll be walking like an Egyptian in no time with these mini versions of the Cleopatra and Pharaoh costumes. A pharaoh was king of an ancient Egyptian dynasty, and he'll look the part in this ensemble complete with gold cuffs, a belt with attached drape, and a blue-and-gold, classic-style headpiece.

Cleopatra Costume Essential Features

1) Gold Headpiece

2) Long White Dress

3) Egyptian Collar

4) Belt and Sash

5) Blue Cape

6) Strappy Sandals

  • Cleopatra Costume Breakdown
  • Follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor and play the part of the woman whose beauty and power have mesmerized the world for thousands of years. Every queen needs a crown. This Cleopatra outfit includes a gold headpiece studded with two blue jewels. The long, white, flowing gown is the epitome of an Egyptian goddess. Now add the elaborate and iconic accessories. The embroidered gold-and-blue Egyptian-style collar is a must-have. The belt and sash match the collar and colors on the crown to pull the look together. The wrist cuffs are made in the same style as well, because Cleopatra doesn't wear outfits that don't coordinate. A sky blue cape attaches to the wrist cuffs so it won’t drag on the floor. Plus, it shows that you soar among the gods.

Ultimate Costume – Cleopatra

1) Gold Headpiece

2) Jeweled Neckline

3) Fitted White Gown

4) Gold Belt and Medallion

5) Sheer Drape

  • Cleopatra Ultimate Costume
  • Dress like an Egyptian beauty in your Jewel of the Nile Elite Costume, and your gracefulness and mystery will capture the eyes of all who dare approach you. This high-quality, realistic costume is sure to cause some double-takes. It includes the gown, belt and headpiece. Your gold accessories will prove to the pharaohs that your family is the richest in the land... and perhaps one of them might ask for your hand! The Jewel of the Nile costume will show off your curves with a fitted white gown and elegant gold trim. The attached sheer drape adds a bit of intrigue to your outfit, and the gold belt and headpiece prove your worth. The gown is form-fitting and the belt accentuates your curves. The glittering gold headpiece works with a wig or just as well with your own straightened hair. Simply add knee-high sandals to complete the look. Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on eyeliner!

Enhance Your Style - Cleopatra Costume

  • Cleopatra Enhance Your Style
  • This costume shows the dark side of Cleopatra. When you wear this costume, you can channel your inner queen, bring Caesar to his knees, and rule your world with your own particular brand of fierceness. This stunning, slinky Cleo outfit features a gorgeous black sheath-style gown with a sexy slit in the front. It's enhanced with a black and gold lame Egyptian collar and belt, both lavishly embellished with ocean-blue faux gems. This fabulous ensemble is topped off with matching cuffs and an elegant royal Egyptian headband, so they won't forget for a moment that you're the queen. Complete the look with a wig, arm band and shoes. The Queen of the Nile wig with braids is perfect and easy. Then add the Gold Asp Armband with elegant twists, turns and sparkling eye stones. Finally, add drama by putting on some fabulous gold shoes with straps that go all the way up to your knee, with a wicked 5" heel.