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Greek & Roman Costumes

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Greek & Roman Costume Ideas

Greek & Roman Costume Ideas

An era when art, culture and philosophy were embraced by all, ancient Greece and Rome still fascinate people today. Greek and Roman mythology provides rich stories with an essence of magic and imagination. These stories have inspired countless movies, plays and festivals, and the gods and goddesses are some of the most popular costumes for special events. Just imagine dressing as Athena, goddess of intelligence and battle, or Medusa, the sea deity whose hair is full of venomous snakes. Men enjoy transforming into the divine Roman hero Hercules or a brave gladiator armed for combat. Whatever character you choose, you’ll play a memorable role in any special event.

Greek & Roman Character Bios

  • "A heart that loves is always young."
    - Greek Proverb
    Athena Bio


    Wise and bold Athena is a powerful goddess who looks over the city of Athens. She is the daughter of Zeus and shares many of his strong characteristics. She is the goddess of wisdom, courage, war, inspiration, civilization, as well as law and justice, among other things.

  • "I came, I saw, I conquered"
    - Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar Bio

    Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar is a legend for his unmatched military power, inspiration for reform of the Roman republic and his role in the rise of the Roman Empire. His military and political influence changed the face of Roman history and the entire world.

  • "What we do in life echoes in eternity."
    - Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Gladiator Bio


    The Roman games were a favorite pastime made popular by strong and brave gladiators who were celebrities of their time. Your children can don the attire of these legendary swordsmen at your special event and impress everyone they see.

  • "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom."
    - Greek Proverb
    Grecian Queen Bio

    Grecian Queen

    Grecian women have fascinated people throughout history with their beauty and intelligence, and you can do the same when you wear a gorgeous Grecian costume to your next special event. Flowing fabrics with touches of gold are sure to make a big impression.

  • "You have it within yourself to write
    your own
    legend. Let it
    be to death, or Victory!"
    - Hercules
    Hercules Bio


    As the son of Zeus, Hercules is well known for his strength and strong character. His adventures are seemingly endless and his power is virtually unstoppable. Transforming into Hercules for your next event is sure to turn heads.

  • "A person’s life is dyed with the color of his imagination."
    - Mark Antony
    Mark Antony Bio

    Mark Antony

    The powerful political mind of Mark Antony shaped the Roman Empire. His reputation was stellar worldwide as was his love affair with beautiful Cleopatra. His life has been studied by numerous scholars and he has inspired several Hollywood films.

  • "Come hither, I shall turn you into stone!"
    - Medusa
    Medusa Bio Costume


    Medusa is famous in Greek mythology. Her evil nature is complemented by the venomous snakes that she has in place of hair on her head. Beware: gazing directly into her eyes will turn onlookers to stone.

  • "Men freely believe that which they desire."
    - Roman Warrior
    Roman Soldier Bio

    Roman Warrior

    He may be small, but he has a heart of steel and the strength of a titan! Dress up your child as a Roman warrior and he’ll feel like he rules the world at any special event you attend.

  • "Behold them, conquerors of the world, the toga-clad race of the Romans!"
    - Roman
    Roman Bio Costume

    Roman Toga

    The distinctive garment of Ancient Rome was the toga. Today, this cloth costume is ideal for toga parties or Roman-themed special events. Wrap yourself up in the traditional white fabric robe and you'll be set to make an impression wherever you go.

  • "You are a Venus because you encompass love."
    - Anonymous
    Goddess Venus Bio


    Love, beauty and fertility – the goddess Venus embraces them all. The mother of the Roman people, she was celebrated for her love and ability to bring prosperity. A seductress, her legend lives on through the ages.

Roman Toga Group Costumes

Toga Group Costumes

If you’re looking for an amazing group costume, you'll find endless inspiration when you select a Roman theme. Browse our collection of costumes and let each group member decide which he or she likes best. For example, a beautiful Roman empress would be great with her Roman princess daughter at her side. Males of all ages can comfortably wear a toga. Add accessories like gladiator sandals and gold crowns made from Laurel leaves and your group will make a statement without saying a word. Practice your best Roman poses because there’s sure to be lots of pictures taken of your group!

Greek & Roman Group Costume Ideas

  • Gladiator Boy & Girl Costume

    Gladiator Boy & Girl

    Gladiators fascinate children as much as they do adults, which is why girl gladiator and boy gladiator costumes are the perfect choice for your favorite little warrior. No matter what type of event they are going to, they’ll be ready to step in the arena and fight for victory!

  • Athena & Perseus Costume

    Athena & Perseus

    Athena and Perseus are the perfect partners known for skillfully working together to defeat Medusa. The goddess of war even lent him her mirrored shield, which would turn Medusa’s powers against her by turning her to stone when she looked at her reflection.

  • Caesar & Empress Costume

    Ceasar & Roman Empress

    The ruler of the Roman Empire would be nothing without a gorgeous empress at his side. Couples who want to be the stars of the party can dress as Ceasar and a Roman Empress – a stunning combo.

  • Cleopatra & Antony Costume

    Mark Antony & Cleopatra

    One of the most famous love stories of all time is that of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. The two lovers led nations of people, enjoying power and the beauty of the world that surrounded them. Unfortunately, their love came to a tragic end, making their story a classic.

Ultimate Costume – Greek Goddess Dress

1) Embroidered crown with jewels

2) Sequin mesh and chiffon dress

3) Detachable arm drapes

4) Intricately embroidered cuffs and belt

5) Ruffled hem for flowing, heavenly appearance

  • Goddess Ultimate Costume
  • For the ultimate look that embraces the decadence of the ancient Greeks, you must wear a costume that takes his breath away. The Glamorous Goddess Women’s Dress Costume does just that with a bevy of va-va-voom features that complement your curves. The gorgeous sequin mesh and chiffon dress features a ruffled hem for a flowing, angelic appearance. Accessories like an embroidered crown with jewels, detachable arm drapes and intricately embroidered cuffs and belt put this look over the top. You’ll be unstoppable with this winning costume!

Enhance Your Style - Greek Goddess

  • Greek Goddess Enhance Your Style
  • You’ll transform into Aphrodite herself when you wear our Greek Goddess costume. Command the mere mortals with this lovely dress that transitions from blue at the ankles to white at the shoulders. But don’t stop there – complete this look with the right accessories and you’ll have them falling head over heels for you. Start with your toes by dressing your feet in gold shoes that enhance the leg. Move up to decorate arms in golden arm cuffs any god would envy. Finish with our Goddess Wig with blond curls that cascade beautifully down your face.

Roman vs Greek

  • Romans


    Romans were brave and strong warriors who stood up for what they believed in. Whether it was a gladiator mastering the arena or a Roman soldier’s expert swordsmanship, the world recognized Rome as a powerhouse of strength and political furry.

  • Greeks


    Known as natural philosophers, the Greek people kept an open mind to the possibilities of the world around them. From the cosmos to the meaning of life, thought-provoking topics were discussed openly. They also embraced beauty, and art was a top priority.