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Day of the Dead Costumes

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Day Of The Dead Costume Ideas

Day of the Dead Costume Ideas

Every autumn brings a change of landscape. The leaves turn beautiful fall colors before falling to the ground and leaving the tree barren. The last autumn harvest leaves the fields empty and desolate. It’s the time of the year for one of the most ancient festivals on the planet: The Day of the Dead. This traditional Mexican and Latin American holiday coincides with Halloween and marks the few days that the spirit world is temporarily opened back up to allow the living to mingle once again with the souls of friends and family members who have passed on. With the smell of sweet marigolds in the air, now is the perfect time to adorn yourself with the beautifully bright colors and patterns that are characteristic of this sacred celebration. And now you need to look no further for the perfect costume pieces for your next other-worldly Dia de los Muertos costume party.

Day Of The Dead Character Bios

  • "To live in hearts we leave behind / Is not to die."
    - Thomas Campbell
    Senor bios

    Senor Costume

    Stare death in the face and look good in the process with the Day of the Dead Senor Costume. This bold ensemble features a black jacket and pants, plus a colorful lapel and trim with a rib cage shirt, top hat, sugar-skull mask, neck tie and belt. While your friends are dressed up as childish things like Super Man and Chewbacca, you’ll be proudly (and stylishly) representing one of the oldest religious ceremonies in the western hemisphere.

  • "For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity."
    - William Penn
    Senorita Bio

    Senorita Costume

    Although some might consider the Day of the Dead quite a somber, bleak affair, you know its true purpose: to celebrate the lives of those gone ahead and support them on their journey through the afterlife. Revel with passion in the Day of the Dead Senorita Costume. This loud outfit comes with a multi-colored dress with rib-cage print, flowered headband and veil, black and red choker half-sleeves and bone-print thigh highs.

  • "The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity."
    - Seneca
    Dia de los Muertos Teen Bio

    Teen Costume

    During the Day of the Dead festivities, bright and bold colors are stretched as far as the eye can see. As the celebration is meant to be bright and commemorative, so should your costume. The Teen Dia de los Muertos Costume is perfect for any kind of costume party, coming with a dress with skeleton-print chest and multi-colored skirt, matching half-sleeves, skeleton tights and floral headband. This costume is cute and comfortable, and it will make an outstanding statement at your next costumed outing.

  • "After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
    - J. K. Rowling
    Day Of The Dead Boys Bio

    Boys Costume

    The Day of the Dead is a day to put on your finest dead threads and head into the streets for a very memorable festival. The only way to do that (as far as we’re concerned) is the Day of the Dead Senor Boy’s Costume. This debonair get-up comes with a dashing coat-tail jacket with silver lining and red trim, the floral-print belt, skeleton gloves, red neck tie, eye mask and top hat with scarf.

  • "There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out."
    - Lou Reed
    Girls Senorita Bio

    Girls costume

    This year, the Day of the Dead becomes just a little more haunting. The Day of the Dead Senorita Girl’s Costume offers an unforgettable way to remember and pay tribute to your loved ones. The costume comes with the wonderfully detailed black and red floral-print dress with ruffles and flower detail. It also includes the fingerless skeleton gloves, eye mask and lace veil headband. You’ll be the talk of the village for centuries to come.

  • "As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well-used brings happy death."
    - Leonardo da Vinci
    Womens Sugar Skull Cat Bio

    Sugar Skull Cat

    The Dia de los Muertos celebrations have been around for centuries. So what happens when we introduce a little pinch of spice? The Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cat Costume is a wicked spin on the traditional Dia de los Muertos garb. This sleek and sexy outfit features the colorful skeleton and flower-print jumpsuit with the tail. If you’re looking to make a statement this upcoming fall, this is the perfect costume.

Womens Day Of The Dead Group Costumes

Womens Day Of The Dead Group

For years and years, the Day of the Dead has been a highly anticipated and highly social holiday. It has drawn people from their homes and out into the streets of their Mexican and South American cities, towns and villages to share in the 3-day festival. Not only is it a fete of bright autumn colors and great familial passion, it’s also a holiday for gathering together. Communities large and small join in common areas to build altars for the deceased and celebrate the life and death of their loved ones. So when you’re planning to head to that killer costume party, why not follow their lead? Get some friends together and dress yourselves up for this dark autumnal celebration! We’ve got all sorts of Day of the Dead costumes and accessories to ensure you and your friends embody a modern and ominous epitaph of the ancient Latin American tradition.

Friends and Couple Costume Ideas

  • Day of the Dead Senorita & Senor

    Day of the Dead Senorita & Senor

    Who doesn’t love a good couples costume? Ebenezer Scrooge, that’s who. Pair up with your significant other, best friend or sibling for a costume pair for the ages. The Day of the Dead Senor and Senorita costume pair is colorful, bold and a beautiful homage to the Dia de los Muertos ensembles of Mexico. Sugar skull prints and dashing details make these costumes really pop and will make your party one to remember.

  • Sugar Skull Cat & Day of the Dead Woman

    Sugar Skull Cat & Day of the Dead Woman

    Just because the Day of the Dead is historically a mournful and reflective holiday doesn’t mean you and your girlfriends can’t turn a few heads on your way to the party. Paring up the Day of the Dead Women’s and Sugar Skull Cat Costumes will surely make a bold statement and drop a few jaws in the process. This duo is sexy and sassy and will not soon be forgotten by any other senor or senorita at the party.

  • Day of the Dead Senorita & Teen

    Day of the Dead Senorita & Teen

    If you’re looking for a great set of get ups for you and your daughter, then look no further. This Day of the Dead Senorita and Teen costume pair combine for a match made in heaven…or hell. They both feature skeleton-print leggings and a matching multi-colored skirt and floral headband. Stroll up to the party with daughter or friend in your favorite Day of the Dead costumes.

  • Day of the Dead Senor & Boy

    Day of the Dead Senor & Boy

    Hey! Is that Justin Timberlake and his shorter but equally handsome brother, Dustin? No! That’s just Jimmy and his dad rocking the top hat and tails in their Day of the Dead Senor and Boy Costumes. These matching tuxedos both come with color, flair and all the details to really stand out at the costume party. They both come complete, including the black-as-night coat and pants, plus a red neck tie and top hat. Next stop: the afterlife.

Enhance Your Style - Senorita

  • Day Of The Dead Enhance Your Style
  • We give you a lot of advice here and we understand that you must do with your costume what works for you. But something we can’t say enough is that accessories are critical. Have you ever seen Obi Wan Kenobi without a light saber? He looks just like some dude from the Bible. And without her staff, Malificent just looks like a dark and evil goat woman. Don’t make that mistake this year. We have all the accessories to turn your colorful dress into a true Day of the Dead masterpiece. The paper fan, flower bouquet and especially the makeup kit are the only ticket to a killer costume.