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Easter Costumes

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Easter Costume Ideas

Easter Costume Ideas

Easter is a joyous time of year when children hunt for candy-filled colored eggs, Mother Nature sprouts new life everywhere you look, and sugary Peeps dominate grocery-store shelves. The holiday also offers plenty of dress-up opportunities, and BuyCostumes has Easter outfits so you and your family can be prepared. Whether you need an Easter Bunny costume to sport at the city's annual Easter egg hunt, an adorable outfit for your baby's first Easter, a religious ensemble for a role in the church's Easter production, or just a fun costume to celebrate the joyous holiday, you can find the perfect Easter look here.

Choose Your Style - Easter

  • "Do not let your hearts be troubled."
    - Jesus
    Religious Bio


    Easter isn't only about bunnies, ducklings, eggs and sweet treats. A religious holiday at heart, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, and with this costume, you can remind everyone of the day's true meaning. A great outfit for the school or church Easter play, this ensemble wonderfully captures the essence of the holiday.

  • "Hippity hoppity. Happy Easter Day!"
    - Baby Bunny
    Baby Bunny Bio

    Baby Bunny

    Your little one will fit right in with Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail in the Pink Bunny Infant Costume. The jumpsuit is made of soft pink plush and has a headpiece with floppy ears and a white pom to transform your little one into the cutest ball of fluff hopping down the bunny trail. A carrot-shaped rattle is included to complete the adorable look.

  • "Bahh Bah"
    - Lamb
    Lamb Bio


    The cute and cuddly Pink Lamb Infant Costume is the perfect outfit to celebrate your daughter's first Easter. The whole family will be flocking to your precious little lamb when she appears in this unforgettable costume. The soft chenille fur one-piece jumpsuit will also keep your little one comfortable and warm throughout the festivities.

  • "Hoppy Easter"
    - Easter Bunny
    Easter Bunny Bio

    Easter Bunny

    Spread Easter joy wherever you go in the Deluxe Easter Bunny Adult Costume. The full-body costume will hide your true identity and allow you to work some Easter Bunny magic that the kids will love. You can even break out the plush bodysuit again for a fun Halloween costume in a few months.

  • "Carrot Top is a nickname that people call me and I thought that it was more marketable."
    - Carrot Top
    Carrot Bio


    Bunnies get all the attention on Easter, but the lovable animals wouldn't be anywhere without their delicious orange veggies to keep them healthy and strong. Whether your child needs a carrot costume for the school's Easter play or simply wants to stand out from the sea of furry rabbits during an Easter egg hunt, this costume is the perfect fit.

  • "You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, for especially in the month of June."
    - Flowers
    Flowers Bio


    If Easter Bunny costumes aren't your style but you still want a festive look for Easter, the Dancing Flower Adult Accessory Kit can help you transform into a beautiful budding flower. Pair the pink, petaled headpiece with a green morph suit for an amazing full-body costume that's sure to impress this season.

  • "Quack Quack!"
    - Duck
    Ducky Bio


    Shake your tail feather and wow your family and friends with the Yellow Ducky Adult Costume. Instead of feathers, this costume is made of shiny satin that gives the look some glitz and glam. With this outfit, you're guaranteed to steal the spotlight from the Easter Bunny.

  • "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail."
    - Peter Cottontail
    Bunny Dog Bio

    Bunny Pet

    The only thing cuter than a bunny on Easter is a puppy dressed as a bunny on Easter. With the adorable Bunny Pet Costume, your family dog can join the holiday festivities and spend the day running around like a true Peter Cottontail.

Easter Bunny Group Costumes

Easter Bunny Group

Easter is the only time of year that the magical Easter Bunny makes an appearance with his collection of colorful eggs filled with sweet treats and surprises for all the little boys and girls. Thanks to BuyCostumes, your family doesn't have to wait around for the elusive Easter Bunny to hop into your home and hide some eggs. With a variety of Easter Bunny costumes available for all shapes and sizes, anyone in your family can be the Easter Bunny this year. With outfits like the lush Bunny Infant Costume and Rabbit Toddler Child Costume, even the little ones can dress as the holiday's signature animal.

Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

  • Jesus & Lamb

    Jesus & Lamb

    The Jesus Child Costume and Lamb Infant Costume are wonderful outfit choices for your children on Easter. Family and friends will love the older brother and his younger sibling taking on the roles of the Good Shepherd and a lamb from his flock. As a pairing that represents the religious side of the holiday, the duo is sure to warm hearts this Easter.

  • Duck & Easter Bunny

    Duck & Easter Bunny

    An amazing springtime pairing, the Deluxe Easter Bunny Adult Costume and Yellow Ducky Adult Costume will bring smiles to everyone at your event. Whether the two of you are hosting a local Easter egg hunt or attending a Spring-themed costume party, these outfits will be a hit for all ages.

  • Baby Bunny & Easter Bunny

    Bunny Family

    If it's your little one's first Easter, dressing her in the Pink Bunny Infant Costume is a great way to celebrate the holiday. To make the day even more special, you can don the Premium Rabbit Adult Costume and have matching parent-child costumes. Be sure to have the camera ready to document the memorable moment.

  • Carrot & Bunny Pet Costume

    Carrot & Bunny Pet

    If your child and the family pet are best buds, finding matching outfits for them will make for an unforgettable event. Look no further than the Bunny Pet Costume and Carrot Child Costume. With irresistibly adorable Easter-themed costumes, the two turn heads wherever they go.

Rabbit Ultimate Costume

1) Oversized head with faux fur and mesh eyes

2) Plush white body suit with attached tail

3) Pink colored chest fabric

4) White rabbit mitts

5) Oversized parade feet

  • Rabbit Ultimate Costume
  • The Premium Rabbit Adult Costume isn't your average Easter Bunny outfit. This ensemble is made of high-quality materials that are made to last through many wears. Ideal for mascots and professional Easter Bunnies, this ensemble is one of the best rabbit costumes available. For starters, an oversized head with faux fur, mesh eyes, floppy ears and puffy cheeks set the costume's friendly tone that will be an instant hit with kids and adults. The soft, plush white body suit with attached tail and pink chest fabric are the bulk of the outfit, transforming your entire body into the furry hippity-hopper. Completing the look are white mitts and oversized parade shoes to cover your hands and feet. With this premium outfit, you can become the best-dressed rabbit from head to toe.

Enhance Your Style - Jesus Child

  • Jesus Child Enhance Your Style
  • If your kid wants to pull off a convincing Jesus for the church's Easter production or an upcoming costume party, the Jesus Child Costume is a wonderful place to start. With the help of a few minor accessories, however, your child can take the costume above and beyond. The costume already comes with a robe, under robe and belt, but the Biblical Wig and Beard Set will help show off more of Jesus's features. A shepherd guiding his flock to God, Jesus also needs a staff, which is where the Shepherd's Crook comes in handy. Finally, the Kid's Gladiator Sandals will pair nicely with the costume's robes and tie everything together for this outstanding religious outfit.