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Thanksgiving Costumes

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Thanksgiving Costume Ideas

Thanksgiving Costume Ideas

Next to turkey, Thanksgiving is all about the costumes. Pilgrims, Native Americans, historical figures and turkeys galore can celebrate this wonderful holiday. Costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore. You'll be the talk of the table when you show up at Grandma's house in your best Turkey Day getup. You can be any character you'd like! Have some fun recreating the first Thanksgiving story or simply make your family laugh and roll their eyes when you come through the door in a giant turkey suit. So don't leave any details out. Find everything you'll need to make this Thanksgiving the best you've ever had, all in one convenient place!

Thanksgiving Character Bios

  • "There is always something to be thankful for."
    - Johnny-O
    Johnny-O Turkey bios

    Johnny-O Turkey

    There will be an endless stream of turkey puns at the family table this Thanksgiving. Johnny-O Turkey can join you in the flesh, complete with his red gobble and yellow turkey feet. Encourage your family members to fill up on mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, because you wouldn't want them eating you or the rest of your turkey friends.

  • "Keep calm and gobble on."
    - Cooked Turkey
    Cooked Turkey Bio

    Cooked Turkey

    Have you ever seen a turkey this big? How about a cooked turkey this big? You've probably never longed to become a turkey, but after one look at this deliciously golden cooked turkey costume, you'll be dreaming about it day and night. March to the beat of your own drumstick when you put on this turkey suit and strut about at the Halloween or family Turkey Day gathering. Even if you wouldn't be caught eating poultry, why not try out being a turkey for a day?

  • "Seek wisdom, not knowledge."
    - Native American Warrior
    Native American Warrior Bio

    Native American Warrior

    The Native American Warrior is out to conquer new frontiers with his untamed strength and masculinity. Get in touch with your wild and powerful side with this traditional native ensemble. But leave behind the battle cries, spears, weapons and tomahawks, you're only out to have some fun. Whether you're putting on a play of the first Thanksgiving or simply celebrating Native American culture, stylish fringe will look great on you.

  • "Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"
    - Pocahontas
    White Baymax Bio

    Native American Maiden

    Channel your inner Pocahontas and gather the rest of your tribe for the greatest costume event you've ever experienced. Bring on the teepee celebrations, rain dances and any other jigs you care to dance while you're out and about. Everyone looks great in fringe and beadwork, so why not try out this look for Halloween or Thanksgiving?

  • "It's time to give some thanks!"
    - Pilgrim Woman
    Pilgrim Woman Bio

    Pilgrim Woman

    Grab the cornucopia and gear up to reenact the first and most important Thanksgiving feast. Create a new tradition when you dress up as a Pilgrim Woman to celebrate the origins of this great holiday. Your family members will truly appreciate the fun lesson in history. Get everyone in the holiday spirit in your classy colonial frock. You'll be ready to participate in preparing the delicious meal in your jacket, skirt and apron!

  • "Let's party like its 1621!"
    - Pilgrim Man
    Pilgrim Man Bio

    Pilgrim Man

    Get ready for a great harvest feast after a long journey to your new home. As a pilgrim, you know the importance of giving thanks to the earth and those who help you. Take this holiday season back to its roots when you remind everyone what happened at the very first Thanksgiving. Put on your finest black and white attire and teach your friends and family the true meaning of Turkey Day.

First Thanksgiving Group Costumes

1st Thanksgiving Group

Thanksgiving wasn't always about Turkey Trots and stuffing your face in front of a football game. Back in 1621, the Pilgrims and Native Americans made a treaty and celebrated the harvest together. The two groups learned they could rely on each other and sat down to enjoy a meal together. The pilgrims gave thanks many times in formal celebrations throughout the year. Gather each family member and have them pick a favorite character from the first Thanksgiving. From the pilgrims to the Native Americans, everyone can dress up as a stylish figure of the past. And don't forget the turkey. Dressing up in costume will only enhance the experience of sharing the traditional Thanksgiving meal together.

Friends and Couples Costume Ideas

  • Indian Man & Woman

    Native American Couple

    Be the perfect pair as Pocahontas and her Native American Warrior sidekick. Grab your bow and arrow, get ready to frolic through the hidden pine trails and listen to the wolf cry to the blue corn moon. Get everyone's attention as you speak to the importance of giving back to the land and exploring the wilderness for all it has to offer.

  • Pilgrim Man & Woman

    Pilgrim Couple

    The Pilgrims taught us the importance of a heartfelt Thanksgiving. Teach your family the true meaning of the holiday as you go around the table, sharing what you are thankful for. These Pilgrim Man and Woman costumes will only solidify your knowledge of that special day back in 1621.

  • Turkey & Pilgrim Man

    Turkey & Pilgrim Man

    The Pilgrim Man is trying to catch Johnny-O Turkey for his Thanksgiving feast! Provide your family with hours of endless entertainment as the Pilgrim Man chases his turkey prey to feed his family. Make your costumes a surprise and watch as everyone's faces light up when you walk in the room.

  • Pilgrim Children

    Pilgrim Children

    If Mom and Dad are dressing up as pilgrims, it's a sure thing your son and daughter will, too. Every kid dreams of one day becoming a historical figure, and these costumes will get them in the right frame of mind. Whether they're putting on a performance at school or simply looking to be the life of the Thanksgiving party, these are the right costumes.

Enhance Your Style – Pilgrim Man

  • Pilgrim Man Costume
  • This pilgrim just stepped off the Mayflower and is looking for some adventure. Explore the continent and give thanks for all that has been given to you in this Pilgrim Man Adult Costume. You'll look sophisticated and authentic in your tall black hat, large white collar and wide white cuffs. And don't forget these other essentials to complete the look. Make sure you protect yourself from danger with this handy pistol. No bad guys will mess with you when they see you carrying this intimidating weapon. No pilgrim outfit is complete without hiked-up colonial socks. Cover your legs and keep them warm, pilgrim style. Show off your Old World charm with these black Colonial-era shoes. With these on your feet, you'll truly look the part of a pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving!