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Infant / Baby Costumes 

Baby’s firsts bring so much joy!

Who could imagine the joy this little bundle could bring to your life! All the firsts magnify the joy. Your baby’s first costume needs to be cute and comfy. This is memory making time and you can be sure the family paparazzi will be taking pictures all night! Yoda, Elvis, Stinger Bee—so many choices, Mom!

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Newborn Baby Costumes

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Infant / Baby Costumes

Your baby won't remember Halloween but you will and what's more fun than seeing a baby swaddled in a Chili Pepper, Gingerbread, or Firefire Bunting. The Hotdog Bunting with a squirt of mustard down the middle will keep the party goers and the baby laughing! Even Elvis comes in bunting style! (Grandma would love that one!) Cute gets the smiles but you're a mommy and your biggest concern with your infant's costume is not cute — it's comfort! Our Kids category Infant and Baby Costumes are all about both comfort and cute! Baby soft costumes are easy wear and clean-up. We even have a Baby Boo Pacifier to fit the occasion. (Candy is not in the diet this year.) If you're planning a family dress alike this year baby can get into the spirit of that one too as Yoda from Star Wars, Willie or Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty — a Monster University or storybook character. There are more than 50 different animal costumes that tilt the cute factor too! The first year is such an amazing time for you and baby. Every first brings so much joy! Think about the day your child points to a picture of a baby inside a Stinker Bee Infant Costume and giggles about how funny he looks! Costumes truly are memory makers. It's a big responsibility and we take making of your baby seriously!