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Venetian Masquerade Masks & Capes

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Masquerade Mask Ideas

Masquerade Mask Ideas

Masquerades are the perfect opportunity to become someone else, even if only for a night. With a masquerade mask, you can completely transform any look and become a character of mystery or intrigue. Originating from the European Carnival season, masquerades gave people the chance to become whoever they wished during the season's festivities, with kings, queens and jesters of the royal court being the most popular inspirations for imitation. Now, masquerades are mainly associated with Mardi Gras and allow people to partake in the festival’s wild and extravagant events with anonymity. Whether you are dressing up for a Mardi Gras celebration, masquerade ball, costume party or theater production, BuyCostumes has the perfect mask for any occasion. Add one of the elaborate masks to an elegant ball gown to become a sophisticated lady in disguise or to a jester’s costume to help you remain anonymous while you play tricks on your friends. A simple addition to any outfit, a masquerade mask will make your outfit unforgettable.

Masquerade Mask Styles

  • Feather Mask

    Feather Mask

    Arrive to your next event with an elegant air of mystery in the Black Feather Masquerade Mask. With extravagant feathers and dazzling jewels fashioned along the top, beautiful ribbons cascading down the sides and exquisite gold detailing around the edges, the mask will add glitz and glamour to any costume. People will spend the whole night trying to sneak a peek at the mysterious beauty behind the mask.

  • Mardi Gras Mask

    Mardi Gras

    This gorgeous mask wonderfully reflects the traditions and history of Mardi Gras by combining the festival’s signature colors: green for faith, purple for justice and gold for power. Green and purple feathers and ribbons adorn the side of the mask, while a gold, sequined applique and trim add a touch of sparkle.

  • Long Nose Venetian Mask

    Long Nose Venetian

    Carnival celebrations in Venice are world-renowned, especially for the city’s elaborate mask creations. Long nose masks are the most famous of these creations and are now a quintessential element of any masquerade party. With the excellent detailing and unique shape of the Long-Nosed Gold & White Venetian Adult Mask, you can bring the humor and mischief of the Venetian Carnival season to any event.

  • Full Face Venetian Mask

    Full Face Venetian

    Revel in a night of intrigue with the silver Venetian mask, and you’ll have everyone wondering who the mysterious figure is behind the mask. With beautiful silver and black glitter accents, a black velvet headpiece and intricate silver-roped stitching, this mask is a match for Venice’s finest masquerade creations.

Masquerade Costume Ideas

Masquerade Costumes

Looking for the perfect group costumes for your next event? Look no further than BuyCostumes’s selection of Mardi Gras attire. Channel the trickery and exuberance of the festival with costumes like the Vile Jester, Mardi Gras Maven, Mardi Gras Madness or Jokes on You! Child. If you prefer something simpler yet still reminiscent of Carnival season, pieces such as the Victorian Doll or Mardi Gras Cape are also available. No matter what style you want—extravagant or subtle, provocative or traditional—BuyCostumes has what you need for a thrilling Mardi Gras affair. Once your group has the costumes figured out, take advantage of the all the Mardi Gras accessories BuyCostumes has to offer. From beads and boas to shoes and capes, you can take your Mardi Gras outfit to new heights. Finally, don’t forget to top off every look with a masquerade mask! After all, what’s a Mardi Gras celebration without some mystery and mischief?

Friend & Couples Masquerade Masks

  • Couples Mardi Gras Masks

    Mardi Gras

    You and your friends can let your wild sides run loose at the next party with matching masks inspired by the over-the-top festival of Mardi Gras. Shimmering jewels, sequined ribbons, colorful feathers and gorgeous gold trim bring the merriment and flamboyance of Mardi Gras to life, allowing you to partake in the Carnival celebration any time of year.

  • Venetian Masks


    Pay tribute to the history of the masquerade with these elaborate masks inspired by the famous Venetian Carnival. Full of mystery and intrigue, these traditional masks are the perfect choice for you and a friend to wear to your next masquerade party. The unique styling and exquisite detail of the masks are sure to impress fellow party guests.

  • Black Gothic Masks

    Black Gothic

    An eye mask can transform any outfit into an alluring disguise. You can add the elaborate Black Gothic Eye Mask for a sophisticated look while your date keeps it simple with one of the Sequin Eye Masks. No matter what look the two of you are trying to achieve, these masks give you the chance to enjoy a fun night of anonymity.

  • Black & Gold Carnival

    Black & Gold Carnival

    You and your significant other can go undercover in style at your next event with these matching black and gold masquerade masks. The two of you will be the talk of the party as all the guests attempt to make out the identity of the dashing couple in disguise.

Enhance Your Style - Mardi Gras Jester

  • Mardi Gras Enhance Your Style
  • As a celebration of excess and debauchery, nothing is too over-the-top for Mardi Gras. The same holds true for your Mardi Gras-inspired outfit. With a few flashy and colorful accessories, you can take your womens Mardi Gras jester costume to a whole new level. Essential to Carnival season festivities is the masquerade, where identities are concealed and new personas take over. By adding the Mardi Gras Feather Mask to your look, your jester side can truly come alive, as you’ll be able to properly sneak around and begin your night of tricks and thrills. Add even more flare to your look with the feathered Mardi Gras Boa that will entice fellow partiers and make you the center of attention. To complete your Mardi Gras ensemble, add this stunning pair of gold Masquerade Heels. The shoes feature a purple sole and multicolored sequins, which perfectly match your extravagant Mardi Gras costume. With the right accessories to elevate your look, your night as a jester will be one to remember.