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Morphsuit Costumes

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Morphsuits Costume Ideas

Morphsuits Costume Ideas

If you're looking to slip into something slithery for your costume party, then a morph suit may be the answer. These second-skin suits can be as creepy or hilarious as you want them to be. Just be sure that your moves fit the style. These bodysuits show off every move you make, so whether you are creeping around corners like a shadow or dancing jollily with a beer in hand like a man at Oktoberfest in Lederhosen, be sure to exaggerate your moves. Morphsuits give you an anonymous look with head-to-toe coverage that leaves you faceless. You will have a blast whether you go for a pattern or you simply choose a plain color for your costume party. It may be a simple, one-stop costume, but it is one that stands out from the crowd so you can, too.

Morphsuits Character Bios

  • "Halt deine Lederhosen fest!"
    - Lederhosen Man
    Lederhosen Bio


    Whether you are German or you just love a good beer, this lederhosen morphsuit is perfect for all October holidays! From Oktoberfest to Halloween, you can slip into this one-piece suit and have the best costume in the crowd. This standout suit will make you the golden boy of the room — quite literally. The gold-tone fabric will cover your face, hands and legs, leaving you as an anonymous party-goer with some great dance moves.

  • "Be wary of what lurks below!"
    - Boiler Monster
    Boiler Monster Bio

    Boiler Monster

    Don't be surprised if no one wants to stand by your side once you slip on this Boiler Monster Morphsuit. The lifelike spandex suit moves with your body as you lumber around the room groaning about the sore boils covering every inch of your burnt body. With a jaw-dropping costume, everyone will feel their muscles tighten in fear as you enter the room.

  • "Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas!"
    - Santa
    Santa Bio

    Santa Claus

    This isn't the Santa Claus you think of on Christmas Eve when he is flying high in the sky with his magical reindeer, but he very well might be just as mysterious. You will never know what kind of treats this Santa has to hand out to the little boys and girls on his naughty and nice lists. This spandex suit may give an eerie edge to this beloved holiday icon, but no itchy beard is required!

  • "Black as the shadows, black as night."
    - Black Morphsuit
    Black Morphsuit  Bio

    Black Morphsuit

    Nothing will ever truly be "the new black." You can take this color from head to toe for the perfect base to a creative costume or a creepy look all on its own. You can be the morphsuit creature lurking in the night to instill fear or the animated clown who has everyone rolling on the floor laughing. Throw on a few layers of black clothing, and you can even follow around your friend all night being his shadow. It makes for a good prank!

Monsters Group Costumes

Monsters Group

You may find that no one wants to come within 5 feet of you and your friends when you morph into this group of unsettling monsters. With spine-chilling patterns and eerie faces, these costumes are sure to give a fright to anyone you come across. Just one of these Morphsuits would send the party into a panic, but a whole gang of them will make poor unsuspecting passersby all freeze in fear. On this spooky holiday, you will have a head start to the snack table and punch bowl because no one is going to stand in your way. With the spandex material covering your body, each and every move will be amplified, whether you lumber loudly through the room or quietly slip and slither around the corners.

Friends and Couple Costume Ideas

  • Pope & Cardinal

    Creepy Clowns

    There will be no clowning around in these creepy costumes. Who said that parent and child costumes have to be cutesy? Get into the spirit of ghouls and goblins with this twisted clown suit for both you and your little one. Bonus points for the more twisted you can physically make your body as well, or leave the acrobatics for the young ones. Either way, you will feel all eyes on you all night long because they are simply too scared to let you two out of their sight.

  • Green Morphsuit Duo Costume

    Green Morphsuit Duo

    Whether you are wildly dancing around like Green Man from Always Sunny in Philadelphia or lurking around the room like an alien from another planet, these green Morphsuits are better in a pair. You and your little one can be out of this world together.

  • Zombies


    Jump aboard the zombie bandwagon with these two eerie costumes. The fear you instill to the room won't die, just like you two. Whether you are a Walking Dead fan or your friend has been preparing to fight in the zombie apocalypse for years, these tan and gray Zombie Morphsuits will let you get a glimpse into what the undead life would be like. Watch the fear ignite in people's eyes around you and you walk up to them with your face hidden behind this spandex suit.

  • Race Driver & Crash Dummy Costume

    Driver & Crash Dummy

    Build your trust with this costume combo. See how well your crash test dummy fares with this novice racecar driver taking the wheel. This clever pair is sure to be a one-of-a-kind costume that won't be replicated at the party. You will win points for originality, creativity and certainly for the guts to wear a Morphsuit in front of all of your friends!

Solid Color vs. Character

  • Green

    Solid Color Morphsuit

    A creepy costume doesn't need a bunch of bells and whistles and blood and gore. Sometimes the absence of anything is the scariest thing of all. Slip into nothingness with this solid green Morphsuit this Halloween.

  • Monster Morphsuit

    Monster Morphsuit

    Goblins and Orcs roam free on all Hallow's Eve so you will fit right in. You will feel like you are in your own skin in this spandex suit and fantastical pattern. The lifelike printing will be enhanced by your monstrous moves ghoulish attitude.