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Rock Stars & Musicians  

Channel your inner rocker with our rock star and musician costumes!

Every period in history has musicians and rock stars that leave us in awe. Now is your chance to be the one that you want to be. Are you an Elvis fan? How about a grunge rocker? Maybe Rihanna is who you're trying to be? If you dream the dream, we'll dress you for it!

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Rock Stars & Musician Costumes

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Rock Stars & Musicians

At one time or another, we have all sung a song into a hairbrush and rocked out in front of the bathroom mirror. Maybe our moves aren't the best, nor our voice, but we can still dream the dream. Now you can dream the dream and have the look to match! You'll find the best head banging, fist pumping, hip wiggling Rock Stars and Musicians costumes here. If you were rocking in the 80s, check out our 80s white zebra adult pants. Or our 80s Groupie Adult Costume in neon colors. These will take you back! Think you can move like the King? Try our Elvis adult costume or our Elvis Grand Heritage adult costume. You'll be shaking in your blue suede shoes in either of these gems. If you hope to raise the next King, try our Elvis infant/toddler costume. We don't have a dress made of real meat, but you can still channel your little monster in our Lady Gaga Straight Adult Wig with Bangs. If Kiss was one of your favorites, check out our KISS Deluxe Demon adult boots. Not only will they make you inches taller, these will definitely set the stage for future stardom. And of course you'll need the KISS Demon Deluxe Latex Full Mask with Hair (adult). People will start referring to you as Gene when they see you KISS tricked out! Your little princess can rock out in her Glam Rocker Child too. So grab that hairbrush and sing away! Stardom is just around the horizon — or maybe the company Halloween party?