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We have a frightening selection of scary costumes!

Be ready to literally shake in your boots when you see some of our scary creations. Ghoulish and creepy, they may just visit you in your dreams. But if you can handle the fear, you need to see our scary selection of costumes. Make your fright night costume something to scream about!

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Terrifying Halloween Costumes

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Scary Costume Ideas

Scary Costume Ideas

Bloodsucking vampires, howling werewolves and all other things that go bump in the night have inspired stories and nightmares for centuries. They send chills down your spine and tap into your deepest, darkest fears. Instead of always running from the monsters, embrace your fears and become one of the monsters for your next special event.

With our terrifying collection of scary themed costumes, you can transform into a wicked witch or sorcerer, a dangerous bloodthirsty vampire or even death itself, the Grim Reaper. You can topple over friends as Frankenstein’s monster, leave a haunting impression as a ghost or play tricks as an Evil Jester. You’ll create thrilling memories no matter which character you choose.

Scary Character Bios

  • "I vant to suck your blood."
    - Vampire
    Gothic Vampire Bio


    Vampires are seductive, charismatic bloodsuckers who roam the darkness for unsuspecting prey. Command your next special event as the ultimate villain of the night and watch as people line up to offer you their blood.

  • "Happy Hauntings; and, pleasant dreams!"
    - Ghost Lady
    Ghost Lady Bio

    Ghost Lady

    This Victorian lady has evaded the afterlife and now spends her nights as a ghost wandering among the living. Not only will you leave your friends spooked with this costume, but you’ll haunt their imaginations long after the party ends.

  • "Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful."
    - Frankenstein's Monster
    Frankenstein's Monster Bio

    Frankenstein's Monster

    Dr. Frankenstein’s monster is a classic horror-story character and the perfect inspiration for your next event. Partygoers will tremble in fear as you stomp and grunt your way through the crowd dressed as Frankenstein’s grotesque creation.

  • "Pleasure’s a sin, and sometimes sin’s a pleasure."
    - Handsome Devil
    Handsome Devil Bio

    Handsome Devil

    As the ruler of the Underworld and mastermind behind all sin, the devil is the epitome of evil. Enjoy a night of temptation and destruction when you attend your next event as the devious devil.

  • "Everyone deserves the chance to fly."
    - Witch
    Witch Elphaba Bio


    Defy gravity as Elphaba, the misunderstood Witch of the West from the beloved musical Wicked. Your friends will be green with envy when you arrive at the next party dressed as the scariest witch this side of the yellow brick road.

  • "A little magic can take you a long way."
    - Mystic Sorcerer
    Mystic Sorcerer Bio

    Mystic Sorcerer

    With a simple incantation, sorcerers can bewitch objects and animals alike, allowing them to control anything and anyone they wish. You, too, can have the greatest magical abilities known to man when you transform into a sorcerer for your next event.

  • "Graaaagh!"
    - Zombie
    Mummy Zombie Bio


    Zombies are undead human corpses with an unsavory hunger for human flesh. Join the ranks of the mindless undead and send your friends into a frenzy when you show up to the next party ready to feast on human brains.

  • "We should never try to deny the beast – the animal within us."
    - Werewolf
    Werewolf Bio


    Once a month, streets empty and doors lock for fear of the wild beasts that wander under the light of the full moon. For the next special event, watch your child shift from human to terrifying monster right before your eyes.

  • "There is no fair. There is no justice. There is just me."
    - Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Bio

    Grim Reaper

    The Grim Reaper is the personification of death. He comes for everyone sooner or later, collecting each soul with a swift cut of his scythe. As the Grim Reaper, you can wield the power of life and death at your next party.

  • "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules."
    - Vile Jester
    Vile Jester Bio

    Vile Jester

    The classic, lovable entertainer has gone awry. No longer in the business of laughter and joy, this jester operates only in deadly tricks. Give your friends nightmares when you show up to the party as a master of manipulation.

Group Vampire Costume Ideas

Vampire Group

If you’re in search of a spine-chilling group costume, a vampire theme is the perfect choice. With costumes for adults, children and toddlers, our collection of vampire attire can transform the whole family into a terrifying, bloodsucking coven. Different styles of costumes give your coven plenty of options to choose from. You can achieve the traditional vampire look with the Gothic Vampire Elite Collection or aim for a more refined, Victorian-style coven with the Vampire and Vampiress of Versailles designs. No matter the style, your group is sure to dominate any special occasion when dressed as these powerful monsters of the night. With the Deluxe Vampire Dog Costume, your pup can join the party, too, and complete the look.

Scary Group Costumes

  • Swamp Moster & Werewolf

    Swamp Monster & Werewolf

    Both the swamp monster and werewolf costumes will leave your children unrecognizable, an advantage for them as they begin their night of tricks and torment. Your children are sure to frighten at the next special event.

  • Couples Ghost Costumes

    Couples Ghostly Costumes

    Inseparable in life and death, these Victorian elites continue their romance as a ghostly couple. The haunting Ghost Lady and Ghostly Gent are a perfect costume choice for you and your eternal love at your next themed party.

  • Vampire Family Costumes

    Vampira & Kid Vampire

    You and your child will be the center of the party when you show up as a dangerously cute mother and son vampire duo. Keep your little Dracula-in-training close, though, or he might cause trouble with his growing fangs.

  • Darling Devil & Pet Devil Costumes

    Darling Devil & Pet Devil

    Even the Prince of Darkness needs a best friend to keep him company in the Underworld. With these devilishy adorable outfits, your child and horned beast will be an unstoppable duo on their quest to corrupt lost souls.

Ultimate Costume - Gothic Vampire

1) Jeweled Medallion on Red Satin Ribon

2) Crushed Velvet Vest

3) Low-Sheen White Satin Sleeves

4) Silver Gothic Buttons

5) Full-flowing Black Satin Cape

6) White Gloves

  • Vampire Ultimate Costume
  • For a seriously spooktacular look, take your vampire costume to the next level with the Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Adult Costume. When creating a winning outfit, you can’t skimp on the details, and this costume doesn’t hold back. A burgundy velvet vest with silver Gothic buttons, white satin sleeves and white gloves give the look an elegant flare fit for a debonair vampire on the prowl. A jeweled medallion with a red satin ribbon that oozes ancient European royalty and a black satin full-length cape complete the Gothic-styled outfit that will chill spines and weaken knees.

Enhance Your Style - Grim Reaper

  • Grim Reaper Enhance Your Style
  • When it comes to finding the most chilling costume for your child, nothing is more terrifying than death itself – the Grim Reaper. With the right accessories to complete the look, your child will have everyone running for the hills as they try to escape death’s call. Start with a pair of black boots to match the black cloak. Then add a Giant Sickle, the handy tool every Grim Reaper needs for collecting souls. For a truly unnerving Grim Reaper, complete the costume with a Voice Changer, giving your child a voice as chilling as the appearance.

Gory zombie makeup tutorial


    For zombie costumes, the most crucial element is the makeup. The right makeup enhances every zombie story, so you don’t want to skimp on this part of the look. With these tutorials, learn how to create a masterfully gory zombie appearance with incredibly realistic facial wounds worthy of any horror movie.