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Devils, Demons, & Ghosts

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Devils, Demons & Ghost Costume Ideas

Devils, Demons & Ghost Costume Ideas

Good behavior and staunch morals are for the living. For this ghoulish crew, the world of sunlight and fully intact bodies got a little dull. They're out to prove that the dead and devilish have the most fun. With an army of headless horsemen, aristocratic ghosts, sultry devils and swashbuckling skeletons, we have a wide array of terrifying (and very fashionable) looks for you and your friends to crawl into. Whatever devious form fits your personality, you'll be sure to find it in our Devils, Demons & Ghosts collection.

Devils, Demons & Ghost Character Bios

  • "But if I hadn't fallen, I wouldn't have met you."
    - Dark Angel
    Dark Angel Bio

    Dark Angel

    Heaven is glad to have lost this angel. There just isn't a place in the choir of serene voices for someone dressed with such wicked flare. Trust us, dressed as this dark angel, a lot of people will be grateful to see you've fallen to earth. You'll turn heads and lead others to whatever dark region you come from. This costume comes with a satin shimmer dress with embroidered bodice, organza and chiffon wings and a halo.

  • "Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven."
    - Devil
    Devil Bio


    Whoever thought the devil was some ugly goat-faced beast hasn't seen you dolled up in this get-up. Being evil has never been more glamorous, or more fun. The vibrant red color matches not only your lipstick, but your flaming hot personality as well. Dressed like this, you'll tempt an entire room of people into the fiery regions of the night. Includes a flame-edged skirt with a zippered closure, a sequin tail and horn headpiece.

  • "One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door..."
    - A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Freddy Krueger Bio

    Freddy Krueger

    There won't be many people sleeping after they see Freddy has returned. When your little pooch, dressed in the iconic sweater and hat and sinister claw, runs up to someone, they'll be drinking pots of coffee through the night. He's out there, and once they fall asleep, this four legged terror will cover them in slobber. With the Pet Freddy Krueger costume, your best canine friend can fit in perfectly with the rest of the party goers.

  • "I love to sail forbidden seas and land on barbarous coasts."
    - Ghost Pirate
    Pirate Ghost Bio

    Ghost Pirate

    Looks like the ghost ship has landed on the shores of the living! This ghostly pirate is in serious need for some plunder, not to mention clothes he wasn't killed in and maybe some organs as well. Just keep him away from the punch, it's a mess when skeletons try to drink! Comes with the 3D bone shirt and vest top, a distressed jacket and pair of pants, bone gloves and sleeves, mask and a three-cornered hat.

  • "All who live know my name and all who oppose me will know Death."
    - Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Bio

    Grim Reaper

    With the tell-tale scythe in hand, he's definitely a reaper, but not exactly a "grim" reaper. In fact, when you personify death in this costume, you'll look rather friendly. Okay, maybe a bit creepy, but come on, you're death! You might not be able to harvest a full quota of souls, but you'll be sure to have your share of fun. This costume comes with a flowing black robe and skeletal mask.

  • "..."
    - Headless Horseman
    Pirate Ghost Bio

    Headless Horseman

    Don't lose your head over finding a costume your gore-loving kid will love, because we have just the thing! Straight out of the pages of American folklore, the details of this Headless Horseman costume will equally disgust and delight everyone who comes across it! This kids' costume comes with a jacket with attached vest and cross belt, headpiece and inflatable shoulder attachment to give the look of a decapitated head.

Devil Group Costumes

Devil Group

It's true, and you've known it for a long time, that your friends and family are pretty much a group of odd-sized devils in disguise. To show everyone's true colors, we have a range of devil outfits to suit every personality. For the man who spends more time in front of the mirror than he should, we have the Handsome Devil costume so he'll be able to go out dressed to the nines. We have devilishly detailed costumes for women and little children as well. And for the 'tween in your life, since you can never be sure whether she's a devil or angel, look no further than the Heavenly Devil costume.

Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

  • Ghost Couple

    Ghost Couple

    Whoever said "till death do you part" didn't know the kind of commitment these two high-class ghosts feel for one another. These meticulously crafted costumes are the ghostly replicas of 18th century formal wear. Definitely a step up from the bed sheet with two cut holes that passed as a ghost costume when you were younger. The men's outfit includes a top, coat, pants and hat. The woman's costume includes a Victorian-style petticoat and dress.

  • Freddy Krueger Couple

    Freddy Krueger Couple

    Nightmare of nightmares, Freddy's disfigured face and knife-filled glove continues to haunt even mature adults. But wait, there's an alternative. A sexy Freddy. You probably didn't see this one coming, but here she is. Unlike her hideous counterpart, people will be welcoming her into their dreams. Needless to say, the two contrasting outfits pair well together. The men's outfit includes mask, shirt and glove. The women's includes a torn shirt, glove and hat.

  • Headless Horsemen

    Headless Horseman Father & Son

    The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and in this case, the head doesn't fall too far from the ... well, you get the idea. There's nothing like a father and son going out on the town without their heads and feeling the cool night's breeze on their severed necks. Each costume comes with a jacket with attached vest and cross belt, headpiece and inflatable shoulder attachment to give the gruesome and realistic look of a headless man.

  • Beetlejuice & Dog Costume

    Beetlejuice Best Friends

    Well, you did it, you said his name one too many times and now this classic ghost figure has all but taken over your Halloween plans. Which is great, because who wouldn't want to go as this wickedly funny ghoul? Now your pooch can dress up as this legendary creature. The pet costume includes a wig and pup-sized suit. The adult Beetlejuice costume comes with a striped jacket, pants and dickie.

Handsome Devil Ultimate Costume

1) Antique Finish Chain Cloak Closure

2) Medallion Brooch

3) Red Full Satin Cape

4) Ruffle Jabor

5) Patterned Vest

  • Handsome Devil Ultimate Costume
  • To make sure you're the best-looking harbinger of evil and wickedness around, the devil is most certainly in the details. That's why we've spared no expense in designing the best costume for the prince of darkness! A statement of a refined, albeit sinister, mind, this suit has a jeweled medallion brooch and chain that secures the full satin cape around the shoulders. If the cape weren't traditional enough (the devil is conservative in his dress, after all), a ruffled jabot conveys power and dark authority. It's a timeless style, indeed! Finally, the vest is contrasting pattern of black and red creates a distinct and eye-catching design.

Enhance Your Style - Devil Darling

  • Devil Darling Enhance Your Style
  • She's your darling little girl, but you've always known there's more to her than rosy cheeks and an innocent smile. The Devil Darling costume brings out her true nature, and with a few key accessories you can complete her devilish look. First and foremost, every devil needs a pitchfork, and we have one with all the glitter and glamor needed to rule the underworld. The super-funky fishnet stockings are a must for creating that sinister look. Pair these stockings with our black child boots and she'll be the envy of kids and demons alike!