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Scary Monster Costume Ideas

Monster Costume Ideas

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and… incredibly popular. Yes, we love our monsters, and whether we ask them to scare us, delight us or take us on an action-packed ride, everyone has a favorite. So why not take the opportunity to become your favorite monster? Come calling for your friends as the Grim Reaper, stomp about the room as Godzilla or recreate classic animated characters like Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

We also have plenty of other horrific options that allow you to create your own terrifying look and revive it for six or seven sequels. Complete the monster costume at your event with props like severed hands, portraits and creepy animated monster eyes. Whatever type of creature feature you’re planning, we have all the tools and grisly garb you need to make your next event a monsteriffic good time.

Monster Character Bios

  • "Monster! Who's the monster here?"
    - Frankenstein's Monster
    Frankenstein's Monster Bio

    Frankenstein’s Monster

    A lumbering mass of un-dead flesh, Frankenstein’s monster is the creation of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, one of history’s most famous mad scientists. A giant standing eight-feet tall, Frankenstein’s monster is known for his iconic yellowish-green flesh, ragged clothing and metal bolts in his neck.

    - Abominable Snowman
    Abominable Snowman Bio

    Abominable Snowman

    Is he real? Is he myth? Put the question to rest when you wear this Abominable Snowman costume to your next party. Inflatable shoulders, shaggy fur, feet, hands and mask make your costume the perfect way to re-create this Himalayan monster at any event. Just don’t let anyone call you Big Foot.

    - Godzilla
    Godzilla Bio


    He is known as the King of Monsters, and Godzilla has reigned over his kingdom since he first stepped foot on screen in 1954. Model tanks and phony buildings are no match for his thunderous might. Now it’s your turn to dawn the suit and become the king, just watch where you stomp.

  • "Who said death is dead?"
    - Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Bio

    Lady Grim Reaper

    Don’t fear the Reaper, unless you see this frighteningly scary costume from BuyCostumes. The Reaper is death personified and the image of its skeletal form wielding a scythe dates all the way back to 1847. Whether you’re out to collect human souls or just a handful of candy, this costume is to die for.

    - Swamp Monster
    Swamp Monster Bio

    Swamp Monster

    From the depths of the muddiest waters it appears. Great, glowing eyes, webbed hands and razor-sharp claws and fangs, the swamp monster is part man, part fish and all horrific. It makes for a great monster and a better costume for any wannabe swamp monster, no matter where they submerge.

  • "Oh no, it's the mummy!"
    - Mummy
    Mummy Bio


    Real mummies have been found on every continent, but to find a moving mummy, you need only to look in the mirror with this Mummy Dearest costume from BuyCostumes. The bandages, the rags, everything you need is here so you can look great fast. That leaves plenty of time to work on your shamble.

  • "To a new world of gods and monsters."
    - Frankenstein’s Bride
    Frankenstein’s Bride Bio

    Frankenstein’s Bride

    Behind every good monster stands a better female monster. The Bride of Frankenstein was initially created to be a partner for Frankenstein’s original creation, but she has become an original monster all her own. Recreate the look with this amazing ensemble and, of course, that one-of-a kind hair.

  • "I'm a master of fright, and a demon of light, and I'll scare you right out of your pants."
    - Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington Bio

    Jack Skellington

    Also known as the Pumpkin King of Halloween, Jack Skellington is an iconic character from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The patron saint of Halloween, Jack Skellington is known for his dapper duds and this costume completely re-creates the look, allowing you to reign as the Pumpkin King any time of the year.

Frankenstein's Monster Group Costumes

Frankenstein’s Monster Group

The best family a mad scientist can build makes for a great costume ensemble for your collection of cadavers. We have costumes for the whole family, everything you need to create Frankenstein’s monsters in your group. Our adult male Frankenstein’s monster costume is perfect for the un-dead man in your party. And what monster doesn’t need a mate? Our Bride of Frankenstein costume is the perfect complement for any monster grouping. And for those little monsters who have been reanimated more recently, our Frankie’s Princess child costume and Monster-Boo Frankenstein infant toddler costume are the perfect ensembles for monsters in any stage of creation. Combine them together for one great group look that's sure to have others screaming "They're alive. They're alive!"

Monster Group Costume Ideas

  • Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein Costume

    Frankenstein's Monster & Bride of Frankenstein

    The monster originally created by Dr. Frankenstein finds a mate when Dr. Frankenstein is forced to create the creature to save his own wife. And this amazing costume combination is born. In the film, the Bride of Frankenstein ultimately rejects Frankenstien's monster, but how far you carry the story line is up to you.

  • Mummy & Pharaoh Costume

    Female Mummy & Egyptian Man

    Be careful what you look for in Egypt’s lost tombs. These couples' costumes of a female mummy and an Egyptian man provide a thematic partnership element to any event, whether you plan on enjoying drinks by the Nile or dinner with the pharaohs. Just make sure everyone is back to their sarcophagus by bedtime.

  • Mardi Gras Queen & Jester costumes

    Jack Skellington & Sally

    The romance of the rag doll and the Pumpkin King may seem strange to you, but it’s as common as boy-meets-girl in Halloween Town. Couples costumes for Jack Skellington and Sally commemorate this relationship and make great partner outfits whether you need to save Santa or just take your trusty un-dead dog Zero for a walk.

  • Mom & Daughter Monster Costume

    Adult Polka Dotty & Kids Polka Dot

    Celebrate your child’s inner monster and bring out a touch of your own with Polka Dotty adult and Polka Dot child monster costumes. Sparkling colors and plush fur make these costumes comfortable and enjoyable to wear to any event.

Ultimate Costume – Frankenstein

1) Headpiece with bolts and wild hair

2) Huge shoulder additions in the jacket

3) Shirt with wide slit and molded scar

4) Arm shackles with chains

5) Shoe covers showing grimy feet and jagged nails

  • Frankenstein's Monster Ultimate Costume
  • Bring Frankenstein’s monster to life with the Frankenstein Elite Adult Costume. This deluxe costume has everything you need to bring the vision of Frankenstein’s monster to horrifying reality. The look starts from the top with the monstrous headpiece, including the iconic bolts and the tangled hair of a recently reanimated corpse. The jacket includes huge shoulder pad additions to create the hulking look you’d expect from Frankenstein’s monster. The tattered shirt features a jagged slit and molded scar to create the image of reupholstered flesh. Finally, let everyone know the monster is loose with arm shackles, chains and the infamous clunking shoes that give way to grimy feet and jagged nails. This is the complete Frankenstein’s monster costume, ideal for anyone who wants to bring their own horrific monster to life – with or without the lightning storm.

Enhance Your Style - Gothic Rag Doll

  • Goth Rag Doll Enhance Your Style
  • Get your goth on with this Gothic rag doll costume. Think toy doll, one that just crawled out of the grave. Get the Gothic make-up kit to give you the creativity to imagine your own dark and dreary look. Add to your clothing ensemble with black and white-striped tights and black shoes. This the perfect attire to match the black dress. A black yarn wig gives hint to softer child’s toys, but a hint is all it is. Rest assured, this doll is not Child's Play. Then again, maybe it is.

Red vs Green Orc

  • Red Orc

    Red Orc

    Orcs are the iconic villains of most fantasy tales, but if you think they get a bad rap show your orcish pride with this red orc costume. This one-piece body costume and hood will give the look of a red, menacing orc, ready to crash villages and costume parties, in a humane way of course.

  • Green Orc

    Green Orc

    The iconic orc color for the iconic orc costume. This one-piece green spandex orc costume with hood allows you to step outside your normal life and into the aggressive world of the orc. The look is so real that elves, dwarfs and puny humans will cower before you as you burn and pillage your way to the kingdom. Or the snack table.

Skull makeup tutorial


    Creating a one-of-a-kind terrifying look takes less time than you may think when you have this skull make-up tutorial. This video walks you through the step-by-step process of replacing your regular skin with the appearance of hollow bone. Follow the process outlined in this video and you’ll be horrified by what you reveal.