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School Girls  

Channel your inner school girl with these naughty and nice options.

Somewhere along the way, the very conservative schoolgirl outfit changed. Maybe we have the pop stars to thank. Now there are more options than ever! Our school girl costumes, including plaid skirts, have never been so sweet — and for adults they're just a little be sexy but not over the top. It's okay — you're all grown up and ready to party!

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School Girl Costumes

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Sexy School Girl Costume Ideas

School Girl Costume Ideas

Are you looking to channel your inner school girl? Or maybe you're recreating a Britney Spears music video. Whatever you need, you'll find all the naughty and nice options you could ever imagine right in one place. You'll have the upper hand in all the school-yard games as you strut your stuff at costume parties again and again. Get the rest of your lunchtime clique to join in on the fun. Whether you choose to be the teacher's pet or the class clown, you'll need an outfit to show off your style.

You've been crushing on that hunky football player for months and now it's time to gather up the courage to talk to him at his locker. Make sure he's invited to your costume soirée and you'll look like the coolest girl in school. So, what in the world are you waiting for? Throw on that cute plaid skirt and white top, and then get to school before the bell rings! Make sure you don't waste any of your time in detention because you have a party to plan. Relive the days of braces, crushes and bad dance moves with this fun collection of school-girl costumes.

School Girls - Choose Your Style

  • "I had a different friend group last year, but I had to get rid of them."
    - Naughty School Girl
    School Girls bios


    This Naughty School Girl is sure to break the hearts of every boy in the room. Watch as she boldly works the room in plaid style to win over her crush of the week—or the day. This school girl doesn't take her studies seriously and spends her afternoons flirting in detention. She'll never get to be head of the class, but she's too busy causing trouble to care about that!

  • "Dress appropriately, act confident and always come prepared!"
    - Teacher's Pet
    Schoolgirls Bios

    Teacher's Pet

    Put the books to rest and get yourself ready for the party! This school girl has always been the teacher's pet, but she's ready to join in with the popular kids in town. After her homework is done she'll surprise everyone by showing up to the house party, looking great and ready for a good time. And every good student loves to wear her uniform, but she's spiced hers up with pink and bows for the special occasion.

  • "Good school girl on the outside, total drama queen on the inside."
    - Sexy School Girl
    School Girls Bio


    Britney isn't the only one who can pull off the sexy school-girl ensemble. She's looking for attention and there is no better way to get it than by dressing proactively. See her prance down the hallways, catching the eye of everyone who passes by. Her personality is a mixture of naughty and nice, and she'll use both characteristics to get what she wants every time. Nothing will stand in this fierce school girl's way.

  • "I'm just the school girl next door."
    - Uptown School Girl
    School Girls Bio


    This sexy uptown school girl gets called to the principal's office at least once a day, and that is why she's looking forward to the freedom of summer. She doesn't let dress codes stop her from showing off a little skin, which is probably the reason why she's the most popular girl in school. She'll be voted homecoming queen for sure, winning over the hearts of everyone in her class, including the teacher.

Sexy Group Costumes

Sexy Group

When you're a school girl, you can't survive without your main crew. Whether you're staking out a spot at lunch or power walking through the hallways, your group of girls needs to stick together. And you can't be a true clique without matching outfits! Every one of your friends can live out her school girl dreams and chase nostalgia with these costumes. After all, parties are more fun when you have a group to go with! From naughty to teacher's pet, everyone can find a costume that is right for her personality!

With all the plaid skirts, white tops and black sweaters you could need, why go anywhere else for your sexy school-girl costume needs? These school-girl costumes will take you back to another time and place, whether you wore uniforms in school or not. If you don't have a party to go to, start planning one now! Get out there with your girls and strut your stuff for all to see.

Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

  • School Girls

    School Girls

    A school girl is never without her trusty sidekick, so don't walk into the party alone. You two will capture the attention of everyone as soon as you make your grand entrance. In a sweep of plaid and knee-high stockings, get ready to get the party started with your BFF. There's no telling where the night will take you!

  • School Girl & Tight End

    School Girl & Tight End

    A sexy school girl wouldn't dare go to a party without her handsome, football-star boyfriend. Work the room as the power couple you truly are with this classic couple's costume. Your friends will love the idea and wish they had thought of it first! Whether you're high-school sweethearts or you just met last week, you'll be the dynamic duo of the night.

Enhance Your Style - School Girl

  • School Girl Enhance Your Style
  • As a teacher's pet, you just received your straight-A report card and now it's time to get down and have some fun. With a short plaid skirt, black vest bodice and white sleeves, you'll be feeling extra comfortable in your school uniform. Throw your hair in pigtails and bows and skip on down to the next party. But your school girl costume won't be complete without thigh-highs, shoes and dramatic eyelashes. It's your special night, so get ready to go all out. Add these finishing touches to your ensemble.The sheer pantyhose of the thigh-highs will be glimmering throughout the night as you dash around. They'll dress up any outfit you put on, and they also make the perfect addition to your school-girl appearance. Then, dress up your outfit with black baby doll shoes to make sure you are dressed to impress. Everyone will notice you in these heels.Flirt your way through school with these thick and long lashes that will add a dramatic look to your eyes. Just another item to check off your diva checklist, because a diva never leaves home without her lashes.