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Sexy Costumes

Sexy Costumes

Sexy Halloween costumes from BuyCostumes.com are all about letting loose and getting the party started! You're polished and put together for 364 days of the year – haven't you earned the right to be a little racy on the 365th? Life is better in costume, and these particular costumes tend to make it a lot better, if you catch our drift.

There's something to be said for the classics. Sexy cop costumes are known for their arresting good looks, and nurse costumes are definitely the cure for what ails you. As a naughty schoolgirl, go for a rather risque A+, or show off your charm in a cheerleader costume. If you still want to add a dash of Halloween fright to your flirt, sexy vampires can make it happen. Can you say, "drop dead gorgeous"? Scary yet spicy designs will have you looking hot while bothering others.

Want to kick butt, take names, and look amazing? Sassy and sparkly versions of Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl will have you right up there with the very best femme fatales of all time. Sexy superhero costumes will have the partygoers doing double takes and villains thinking twice.

But, maybe you're the one feeling the little more villainous. Show off your inner bad girl and take on the role of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, or your favorite villainous vixens. Pirate wenches were known for their fair share of plunder and pillage, too, so don't be afraid to show off that pirate's booty.

It never hurts to turn back the clock a little, either. From groovy go go dancers of the 1960s, to flirtatious flapper gals of the roaring 20s, these captivating costumes will get your fringes to fly! It doesn't stop there; old timey Parisian showgirl costumes (you certainly can can), ravishing Renaissance girls, and Egyptian queens are just a few of our other scintillating styles.

We've established that girls want to have fun, but sexy costumes for guys are every bit as in. After all, there's nothing sexier than a man in uniform – isn't that right, ladies? Firefighter costumes and cop costumes absolutely do the trick. Complete with gloves and robe, a boxer costume can turn even the meekest of men into a prize worth fighting for, and though it may be difficult to achieve the physique of chiseled warriors (like the famed 300 Spartans), it's easy to get the look with Greek gladiator costumes.