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Batman Costumes


Tonight, Gotham needs a hero, or perhaps a villain.

The streets of Gotham will come to life with this collection of heroes and villains costumes. As the city becomes divided, which side will you choose? Will you be the loyal Batman, protector of the good and righteous? Or the destructive Bane, rumored to be Batman's only true match?

Batman Dark Knight Costumes

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Batman Costume Ideas

Batman Costume Ideas

The popularity of Batman has spanned generations. Older fans have followed his comic book exploits since he first appeared in 1938, while younger fans know him as the action star of their favorite movies and video games. Whether his tales unfold on the printed page or the television screen, Batman is Gotham’s Dark Knight. He is a protector who stands between the good people of Gotham City and those who threaten it daily. The Joker, Penguin, Bane, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Two-face and the Riddler – all have hatched schemes that would conquer Gotham 100 times over if not for the heroics of its caped crusader. If not for the Batman.

Batman Character Bios

  • “I’m whatever Gotham needs me to be.”
    - Batman
    Dark Knight Rises bios

    Dark Knight Rises

    Black is the new blue when it comes to Batman. While in the comics he is portrayed as wearing a blue cape and gray body armor, he dons a darker look when stepping onto the silver screen. Thieves and villains better beware, because there’s no telling in which shadow Batman may be lurking.

  • “Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.”
    - Batman
    Classic Batman Bio

    Classic Batman

    Bam! Pow! Crack! Zap! Those sound effects from the old television show are as classic as the flowing blue cape and yellow utility belt of Batman’s bygone era. If you prefer your Batman apparel a little old school, this look is for you.

  • “No one cared who I was… until I put on the mask.”
    - Bane
    Bane Bio


    No one wants to be a vengeful sociopath with a flair for the theatrical, but it sure is fun to play one on TV. So if you’re looking for a villainous look, you can’t beat Bane. This costume includes the jumpsuit you need to create fearsome muscles and, of course, Bane’s distinctive mask. The accent is up to you.

  • “Men always do things the hard way.”
    - Batgirl
    Batgirl Bio


    When it comes to fighting crime, who says boys get to have all the fun? Track down some thieves of your own in this 1966 Grand Heritage Batgirl costume. Some may not recognize you immediately, but they will never forget you afterward.

  • “You're catnip to a girl like me. Handsome, dazed, and to die for.”
    - Catwoman
    Catwoman Bio


    She’s a heroine, she’s a villain. She’s an adversary, she’s a love interest. She’s Catwoman, and nobody embodies a love-hate relationship with Batman better than she does. Nine lives and a thousand different motivations all come together to create this signature look. So gear up today and pick your side later.

  • “I have questions. You will answer them. Or else.”
    - Batman
    Batman Dog Bio

    Batman Dog

    Add some bark to the Batman with this pet costume that'll turn any canine into the Caped Crusader. Comfortable-fitting chest piece, cape and headpiece are available in three different sizes, ensuring pooches of any shape can become the Batman.

  • “Why so serious?”
    - Joker
    Joker Bio


    The joke’s on everyone else when the Clown Prince of Crime appears on stage. Batman’s greatest adversary is always ready for a few laughs at the expense of Gotham’s innocent—and even his own henchmen. So put a smile on that face, grab your purple coat and head on out, because the laughs are just about to begin.

  • “You’ve tripped on one of your own tricks this time Joker.”
    - Robin
    Robin Bio


    Turn your child into the Boy Wonder, Robin himself, with this look from BuyCostumes. From the black mask and the yellow cape to the red suit and the unforgettable R, everything you need to join Batman on his next adventure is here with this amazing costume.

Batman Villain Group Costumes

Batman Villains Group

It’s the stuff of nightmares for the people of Gotham City when all of Batman’s worst enemies come together in one group. What persona will you take on? Will you plant the seeds of despair as Poison Ivy? Deal the appropriately named Deathstroke? Create anarchy as Bane or run your racket as the Penguin? Will you stand faithfully by the side of Mr. J as Harley Quinn would do, or will you have the last laugh as the Joker himself? However you plan to plot your latest caper is up to you, but it all starts with the one-of-a-kind looks you’ll find only here at BuyCostumes.

Batman Friends & Couples Costumes

  • Batman & Robin Costumes

    Batman & Robin

    When you have as many enemies as Batman does, it’s good to know where you can go for help in dire situations. Together, Batman and Robin form the dynamic duo, a team dedicated to protecting innocent civilians from mobsters, thugs, apocalyptic destruction and, of course, lame parties.

  • Joker & Harley Quinn Costumes

    Harley Quinn & Joker

    Be the laugh of the party when you arrive in these couple’s costumes commemorating two of Gotham’s most despised super villains Harley Quinn & Joker. Plot your next caper with a dysfunctional bond that can’t be broken and you won’t have to worry about the police or any winged rodents getting in your way.

  • Boy Batman & Girl Batgirl costumes

    Girl Batgirl & Boy Batman

    Every legend has a beginning and every hero has that first good deed. Stand for justice at any age with these children’s costumes that turn your children into the Batman or Batgirl they’ve been dreaming of. Evil is waiting to be thwarted and your heroes are ready; they just need you to drive the Batmobile.

  • Girl Batgirl & Dog Batman Costume

    Pink Batgirl & Dog Batman

    During the day they play together in the yard, and at night they jump from rooftop to rooftop responding to the Bat Signal and any innocent person in need. The pink Batgirl and Batdog costumes are the perfect way to display the hero in anyone, showing that big deeds can come from the smallest of sources.

Ultimate Costume - Dark Knight

1) Over The Head Mask

2) Black Body Suit With Molded Armor Pieces

3) Batman Utility Belt

4) Black Cape With Scalloped Bat-Like Hem

5) Officially Licensed Batman The Dark Knight Costume

  • Ultimate Batman Dark Knight Costume
  • Glide through the silver screen and into your next party with the Batman Dark Knight rand heritage collection adult costume. This costume is the perfect likeness of the Batman from Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. The over-the-head mask and black body suit with molded armor pieces recreate this iconic look while preserving your secret identity at the same time. Your utility belt is a great place to store the gadgets you need to take on any event or disaster, and the black cape with scalloped bat-like hem maintains the costume’s distinctive look, whether you’re shielding your face from a smoke pellet or gliding into a landing. This is an officially licensed Batman The Dark Knight product, so don’t delay. Start your crime-fighting journey today.

Enhance Your Style - Batman

  • Batman Enhance Your Style
  • One of the keys to Batman’s success is that he always has the right gadgets for the situation at hand. That’s because he understands the importance of accessories. At BuyCostumes we do as well, and we’ve got everything you need to complete your Dark Knight look. Distinctive gauntlets are great defensive weapons and a well-placed Batarang seems to have a role in every mission. This flashlight can help you cast light into those darkest places, and the grappling hook is the ideal tool when you’d like a little more elevation. Fill your utility belt today and head to your next event with the knowledge that you’ll be ready no matter what occurs.