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Joker Halloween Costumes

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Joker Costume Ideas

Joker Costume Ideas

The Joker is considered to be Batman's greatest enemy and one of the greatest villains ever created. He's a psychopath with genius-level intelligence and a warped, sadistic sense of humor that makes for a dangerous combination. Known as the Clown Prince of Crime, the Jester of Genocide, Harlequin of Hate and Ace of Knaves, the Joker wreaks havoc with bank robberies, explosions and ruthless pranks, all of which have provided many obstacles and challenges for Batman throughout the years.

Heath Ledger's powerful portrayal of the villain in The Dark Knight movie set a new precedent for the Joker and anyone looking to imitate his evil style. Fortunately, BuyCostumes has a variety of costumes mimicking the villain's wild and unruly appearance. You'll find outfits for adults, children, tweens and even pets that will help bring Batman's greatest adversary to life. With one of these costumes and a wicked smile, anyone can become the Joker and cause chaos at their next event.

Joker - Choose Your Style

  • "Why so serious?"
    - Joker
    Joker bios

    Adult Joker

    Incite terror and chaos in your friends when you show up in the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Deluxe Adult Costume. The disheveled, maniacal look is part of the reason the Clown Prince of Crime is a favorite among fans, and this costume captures the villain's menacing nature perfectly. Complete with a long purple coat, green vest, tie, purple pin-striped pants and a horrific mask, this ensemble will have friends calling for Batman's aid.

  • "I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve."
    - Joker
    Child Joker Bio

    Child Joker

    If your child loves being the prankster among his friends, the Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume is the perfect fit. The mastermind behind many of Gotham's most gruesome and devious crimes, The Joker is always looking for new pranks to bring disorder to the city. Playing Batman's arch nemesis and one of the greatest villains of all time is a big responsibility for a child, but your little jokester can handle it.

  • "I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you... stranger."
    - Joker
    Tween Joker Bio

    Tween Joker

    The streets of Gotham should never stay safe and quiet for too long. The city deserves a better class of criminal, someone who knows how to wreak havoc properly and evade the city's famous vigilante while doing it. Your tween can be that criminal in the Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Tween Costume. With this ghastly ensemble, your child can rob banks, steal from other criminals and blow up buildings to his heart's content.

  • "You look nervous. Is it the scars? You want to know how I got 'em?"
    - Joker
    Grand Heritage Joker Costume

    Grand Heritage Joker

    Bring your evil plots to life and create mass chaos at your next party with the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Grand Heritage Collection Costume. As the deranged and dangerously sadistic villain, nobody will be able to stop you as you prank party guests and cause mayhem everywhere. This ensemble comes with everything you need to embody Batman's greatest adversary, including his long purple jacket, striped pants, green vest, dress shirt, gloves, tie and crazy green wig.

Batman Villians Group Costumes

Batman Villians Group

Batman never would have reached the level of fame that he has without Gotham's most frightening villains. Although the Caped Crusader gets all the credit, the villains are the ones who truly make the story. They put readers and viewers on edge, causing adrenaline to rush through their veins as their favorite vigilante nears defeat but triumphs to save Gotham at the last minute. It's about time Gotham's finest criminals got the attention they deserve, and dressing as one of Batman's famous enemies is the perfect way to pay tribute to your favorite comic or movie series.

With the selection of Batman villain costumes from BuyCostumes, you and your friends can take Gotham by storm. Bring deadly mischief to the city as the Joker or his partner-in-crime Harley Quinn, or become Catwoman, the master thief who even steals Batman's heart. Plant seeds of evil as Poison Ivy, incite anarchy as Bane or wreak havoc as the Penguin. Whichever villain you choose, BuyCostumes can get you started with these wickedly amazing outfits.

Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

  • Harley Quinn & Joker

    Harley Quinn & Joker

    Show off how madly in love you and your significant other are with this twisted couples costume. Harley Quinn and the Joker work side by side to bring mayhem and disorder to Gotham, and they pose one of the biggest threats to the city that Batman has ever dealt with. The two of you are sure to make a lasting impression when you arrive arm-in-arm in the Batman Dark Night The Joker Deluxe Plus Adult Costume and Batman Arkham City Asylum Harley Quinn Adult Costume.

  • Batman & Joker Grand Heritage Costume

    Batman & Joker

    Forget about Batman and Robin. For incredible Batman-inspired matching costumes, you and your best friend should embody the Caped Crusader and one of his most-feared enemies. With the Batman Dark Knight – Batman Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume and The Joker Grand Heritage Collection Costume, the two of you can pit good against evil in an epic showdown at your next party.

  • Adult & Child Joker

    Adult & Child Joker

    If you're searching for a father and son costume pairing with a dark and evil twist, the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Adult Costume and Batman Dark Knight The Joker Child Costume are the perfect fit. Instead of the admiring oohs and aahs that usually accompany adorable parent and child pairings found at parties, this dynamic duo is bound to receive some frightful screams as people run in fear.

  • Child Joker & Bat Dog Costume

    Child Joker & Bat Dog

    If your child and his pup have an inseparable bond, bring the dog into the costume theme, too. Your son can bring mischief and mayhem to the city of Gotham in the Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume, while your pet does his best to protect the city from the Joker's twisted pranks in the Batman Brave & Bold Batman Dog Costume. This costume combo is sure to be one to remember for years to come.

Ultimate Costume – Joker

1) Messy Hair

2) White face, dark eyes, and red lip scar make up

3) Long Purple Jacket

4) Green Button Up Vest

5) Polka Dot Tie

6) Purple Joker Gloves

7) Stripped Pants

  • Joker Elite Costume
  • The Joker's signature wild and unkempt look adds to his insane and sadistic style, which is why it's important to make sure your Joker costume has all the necessary pieces. Fortunately, the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Deluxe Adult Costume comes with everything you need to cause chaos in Gotham. The ensemble includes a messy green wig, long purple coat, green vest, tie, purple gloves, striped pants and a make-up kit so you can pull off the villain's look from head to toe.

Enhance Your Style - Kid Joker

  • Child Joker Enhance Your Style
  • Your child's Batman Dark Knight Joker Child Costume will certainly frighten guests at his next costumed event, but with a few accessories, he can take the costume to a whole new level of terrifying. First, add the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Child Wig so your son can have the villain's messy green hair. Then, use the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Makeup Kit to give your son the Joker's famous white face and scarred, blood-red smile. To complete the look, add the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Gloves. With these pieces added to your son's Joker costume, he'll be able to wreak havoc in style.

Joker vs. Batman

  • Joker


    Batman and the Joker are the epitome of good versus evil, which makes them the perfect costume inspiration for you and a friend. One of you can channel the dark and evil side within to bring the Joker to life in the Batman Dark Knight The Joker Grand Heritage Collection Costume.

  • Batman


    The other can play the hero and keep Gotham's citizens safe in the Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume. With both of these amazingly detailed costumes, the two of you can pay tribute to your favorite comic book hero and his arch nemesis.