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Is your spidey-sense tingling?

Peter Parker is just an average high school student … until he's not! Infected by the venom of a radioactive spider, Peter transforms into superhero Spider-Man. With this themed collection, prepare to cling to the sides of tall buildings and fight off the bad guys with your web shooter, just like Spider-Man!

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One of Marvel's youngest superheroes, high school student Peter Parker, never imagined that a bite from a tiny spider would transform his life forever. After being injected with the spider's venom, Peter suddenly finds himself to have amazing spider-like abilities! Equipped with his newfound skills, Peter becomes Spider-Man and sets off to fight some of the world's most menacing super villains. Now you can join in on fun and adventures of this classic comic, whose popularity has spawned books, movies, and even a Broadway musical! Just like Peter Parker, men, women and children can tap into their own Spidey sides with this Character Superhero collection that boasts both costume and accessories options. Take the traditional route with Spider-Man's red-and-blue outfit, or try out his darker side with The Amazing Spider-Man's all-black ensemble! Browse an array of accessories, like themed glasses and tattoos. And don't forget Fido. This Halloween, all eyes will be on your dog as he wags his tail and displays his very own Spider-Man costume. Spider-Man isn't just for Halloween though. For your kiddo's next birthday party, why not make it Spidey themed? Decorate with the Spider-Man balloons, break out the Spider-Man masks and Web Shooter Cuffs, and invite your budding superheroes to battle their biggest nemesis — a themed piñata holding the candy hostage!