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V for Vendetta  

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

A masked victim of a tortuous experiment is seeking revenge on his captors and inspiring hope in the citizens of a fear-wielding government. Based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel and made famous by the Wachowski brothers’ V For Vendetta film, V’s costume is a must-have for any graphic novel enthusiast.

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V for Vendetta Masks & Costumes

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V for Vendetta Costume Ideas

V Costume Ideas

Who is it behind the mask? Who is this mysterious individual who has been chased over rooftops, who wreaks havoc among the fascist thugs and inspires revolution and justice among the oppressed masses? Well, it’s not you. You’re just a guy who picked out the sweet costume. Dressed as “V” from the wildly successful movie, V for Vendetta, you’ll be set to join the revolution of fun at your next costume party. Our deluxe costume includes daggers and a belt to hold them, black shirt, pants, boot tops, hat, cape, and of course, the famous mask. If you want to step things up, check out our V for Vendetta Grand Heritage Costume, which in addition to everything that comes with the deluxe costume, includes gloves, a thicker cape, and more detailed tunic and pants. Either way, be sure to bring a straw so you can drink through this mysterious bad boy’s mask.

V for Vendetta - Choose Your Style

  • “People should not be afraid of their governments, governments
    should be
    afraid of their people.”
    - Guy Fawkes
    V (Hero) bios

    V (Hero)

    A one-time prisoner of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp, V. was subjected to a horrific series of experiments. Many of his fellow prisoners succumbed and died at the hands of the twisted government doctors, but one man survived. He developed superhuman abilities with daggers and became an expert in martial arts. The experiments also made him a genius, and his ability to make explosives and hack computers is unsurpassed. With these powers, he escaped to become the freedom fighter known only as V.

  • “What was done to me was monstrous. And they created a monster.”
    - Guy Fawkes
    V (Villain) Bio

    V (Villain)

    What’s good, what’s evil? Who’s the hero? Who’s the villain? Fans of the graphic novel V for Vendetta know that it’s all in the eye of the beholder. To the State, he is a terrorist who is responsible for torturing members of the clergy and attacking government-run broadcast stations. Even if you believe that V is on the side of good, it’s hard to swallow his methods. After all, he is not just fighting injustice, he is out for revenge.

Movie Villians Group Costumes

Movie Villians Group

A group from the dark underworld has assembled. They are from across the galaxy and from other worlds, and their goal is to wreak havoc. From every villainous walk of life, we have all your favorites. Jump aboard your pirate ship and terrorize the good people of Neverland as Captain Hook. If you have a little one who is nothing but an adorable villain, let their wicked side show in the our Wicked Witch of the West Child Costume. Does your little guy seem bent on going to the edge of the galaxy to cause trouble? Our deluxe Darth Vader costume will turn him into the only villain equal to his devious ways! We have costumes so the whole family can dress up as one villainous brood. Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, comes alive for your tween or teen, while dad can be cloaked and masked as V from the hit movie V for Vendetta. Is he a hero or a villain? Both! He’s dad! For mom, we have a costume perfect for her stealth and skill. If that doesn’t suit her, we’ve saved her the scariest costume of them all: Cruella De Vil.

Movie Villians Friends & Couples Costumes

  • V and Britannia Union Jack

    V & Britannia Union Jack

    What do you think V has been fighting for? Freedom? Justice? What does that even mean? He inspires us with his patriotism and belief in the glory of the English past, but what does that look like? We think it looks like our sparkling Britannia Union Jack costume. This cute and slender celebration of national pride really reveals what V stands for! So find your partner and decide once and for all who will hide behind the mask and who will party in the flashing flag dress.

  • V and Red Coats Costume

    V & Red Coats

    What’s more American than fighting for freedom against an English Red Coat? This costume combination brings together a blend of history and science fiction to create a unique pairing. The V for Vendetta Grand Heritage costume comes with gloves, a cape, tunic and pants. If you think you can dress a little more uppity, then by all means do so. This proper English soldier will be dressed in a vest, knickers and red coat, of course.

Ultimate Costume – Grand Heritage V

1) Over the head mask with hat

2) Matching black shirt and pants

3) Black belt with daggers

4) Shiny black boot tops

5) Officially Licensed V for Vendetta costume

  • V for Vendetta Ultimate Costume
  • Have you decided to stake your life against an all-powerful, all-controlling neo-fascist government? They’ve got spies, a brutal police force and weapons up the wazoo. And what do you do? You bring a belt of knives to this massive gun fight. Well, at least you can look good fighting the good fight. If you really want to dress to kill and fully immerse yourself in character, our V for Vendetta Grand Heritage Adult Costume is a hallmark of meticulous detail and quality. It begins with an iconic Guy Fawkes mask that fits over your entire head for a secure fit. Beneath the deluxe cape, the black shirt and pants match and are styled after the revolutionary outfit worn in the movie. We’ve supplied you with six daggers and a belt that doubles as a sheath to hold them. The hat is made of comfortable durafelt, and finally the outfit comes with shiny black boot tops. This costume may not be as bulletproof as the ideas V parades, but in this costume, which is an officially licensed V for Vendetta product, it will make you look like you just walked off a movie set.

Enhance Your Style - V for Vendetta

  • Elvis Enhance Your Style
  • Just because you represent a faction of anarchy that’s opposed the neo-fascists in government, it doesn’t mean that you should skimp on what you wear. You’ve got the cape and mask, but there are a few more details to attend to. Let’s start with the V for Vendetta gloves. Both flexible and comfortable, these faux leather gauntlets will allow you to grab a beverage with one hand and scoop up some dip with a chip in the other. And how will you complement those suave gloves? Why, with an equally suave pair of boots! Our Black Adult Boots are both comfortable and good for jumping in on evil. Finally, because you’re going for authenticity with this costume, and because you know this fighting injustice thing’s not always a clean job, you might want to get a little blood on your outfit. Not real blood, not even chicken blood (gross), but good theater-quality Blood Gel