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Wonder Woman  

In a world of ordinary mortals, you’re a Wonder Woman!

Princess Diana of Themyscira has a lot to live up to as the daughter of Hippolyta and the Greek god Zeus! This Halloween, step into the shoes of DC Comic’s classic super heroine, Wonder Woman. Pose as army nurse Diane Prince or break out the cape as empowering Wonder Woman!

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Wonder Woman Costumes

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Wonder Woman

It's Wonder Woman! The DC Comic's famous Amazonian princess is back. As a champion for justice, peace, and sexual equality, Wonder Woman is often seen as a feminist icon. Join her in the fight toward justice with a costume from this Character Superhero collection! You'll lead your troops to victory in one of the collection's patriotic red, white, and blue getups. Wonder Woman can't do it without a little help, of course, so make sure the Lasso of Truth is close at hand, which helps "encourage" anyone to tell the truth. Looking for an everyday way to show your support of the world's favorite super heroine? Make sure to grab a Wonder Woman-inspired graphic T-shirt with an included cape! Wonder Woman isn't just for adults, though. Having a costume collection is a must when you're a kid. What better superhero to introduce your pint-sized planet-protecting princess to than Wonder Woman? Pick up an adorable Wonder Woman onesie and bib for your little, or, for older girls, gift them with the beautiful Wonder Woman tutu.With her kind heart and incredible super powers, Wonder Woman is an inspiration to women everywhere and, for bad guys, a force to be reckoned with!