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The claws are coming out!

What if you could cause storms, burn holes through walls with your eyes, or threaten your enemies with razor-sharp claws? Meet the X-Men! Made famous by Hugh Jackman and the X-Men film series, the traditional Wolverine suit and its accessories are must-have pieces for any complete Marvel superhero costume collection.

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X-Men Costumes

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X-Men Costume Ideas

X-Men Costume Ideas

There are probably times when you swear some sort of genetic alteration happened in your family. Some sort of a mutation, if you will. No wonder you're all fans of the X-Men. At BuyCostumes, we have the get-ups to dress everyone in their favorite superhero garb, young and old. If you haven't been hitting the gym quite as often as you need to in order to fight Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, don't worry. Our muscle-padded Wolverine and Cyclopes costumes will have you looking as buff as the best of them. For the woman of the household, who better than that uber-powerful mutant Storm to bring some thunder and lightning to your Halloween? With additional Wolverine costumes for both kids and adults, you'll find all the outfits you need to suit up and serve some justice on the streets!

X-Men Character Bios

  • "If you are a mutant, you are part of an elite species that deserves every freedom."
    - Cyclops
    Cyclops Bio


    If you've always wished for the ability to shoot lasers out of your eyes, wish no more because we've got the costume for you. Part of the original crew of X-men when they first hit the scene in the '60s, Cyclops has been the leader of this pack of mutant superheroes ever since. This costume jumps off the page with a full bodysuit and eye mask to keep those lasers from firing out your eyes.

  • "Rain, respond to my command! A ward of rain to drench the flames!"
    - Storm
    Storm Bio


    Gather the clouds, make them rumble and burst with the lightning you summon. Yes, the forecast says it's going to be that kind of party. Dressed as Storm, you'll be the mutant everyone envies, both for looks and power. The costume comes with a body-hugging black cat suit with a gold belt that looks like the comic-book drawings brought to life. To get the weather into shape, a draping black cape and head piece are also included.

  • "I'm good at what I do and what I do isn't very nice."
    - Wolverine
    Wolverine Bio


    Hey bub. The Man of Steel has nothing on the mutant whose skeleton is made of adamantium. With uncanny healing abilities and the three signature claws on each hand, Wolverine has been a fan favorite for decades. With this costume, you'll have all you need to really tear into the party. The jumpsuit has a padded muscular chest and all the details from the comic books, plus the mask looks like it was drawn by Jack Kirby himself.

  • "If you cage the beast, the beast will get angry!""
    - Wolverine
    T-shirt kit  Bio

    Wolverine T-shirt Kit

    Sometimes it doesn't make sense to wear a costume just once a year. Show off your animal strength, keen sense and remarkable healing abilities with our Wolverine T-Shirt kit. Not only is it a great get-up for your next party, but the shirt can be worn whenever you have the urge to step out and fight some Sentinels— or just buy milk. In addition to the shirt, this costume comes with a fierce head mask to complete the look.

Marvel Group Costumes

Marvel Group

What happens when the two biggest, most powerful superhero teams unite? Either it's the complete downfall of evil or the best costume party ever. Maybe both. For the divinely motivated, we have Thor's latest look, direct from Asgard. Other members of the team are here as well: the anti-hero Deadpool, the ace target Hawkeye. Together, these two make a formidable pair. For the lady who's looking to break hearts and kick butt, try the deadly but beautiful Black Widow. If your kids want in on the actin, we have a muscle-padded Hulk costume and kids' Wolverine costume. Heck, we even have a Captain America outfit for your pooch. So, if you're looking to combine some of the most ferocious powers on this side of the universe with some good, old-fashioned mutant skills, BuyCostumes has a selection that's even better than what you'd find at Stark Industries!

Friends and Couple Costume Ideas

  • Wolverine and Storm

    Wolverine & Storm

    When these two hit the pages of everyone's favorite comic book in the '70s, they really shook things up with the old guard of X-Men. Dressed as this mutant duo, you'll have the combined strength you need to keep things shaking at any party. Wolverine comes with a padded chest muscle jumpsuit and signature mask. Storm's costume includes a sleek jumpsuit, headpiece, cape and bracelets.

  • Cyclops and Storm Costume

    Storm & Cyclops

    We hope any party you two go to has a good insurance policy. After all, it's not just guacamole and chips that you're bringing with you; you're also packing lasers and lightning. Storm's costume includes a sleek jumpsuit, headpiece, cape and bracelets. And yes, we did include a face mask to keep Cyclops' lasers from firing out of his eyes, as well as a padded jumpsuit. Because who couldn't use a few more muscles?

  • Wolverine and Cyclops

    Cyclops & Wolverines

    What can you say about these two? They're kind of friends, kind of enemies. But when they're going door to door in search of candy, they're the ultimate teammates. This father-and-son pairing provides a great way to dress up as your favorite heroes and enjoy an evening keeping the streets safe from evil mutants! The Cyclops costume comes with a muscle-padded jumpsuit and mask, and the kids' wolverine costume also has a padded jumpsuit and mask.

  • Wolverine and Deadpool Costume

    Wolverine & Deadpool

    These unconventional heroes were both involved in top-secret experiments that left them with amazing healing powers and quirky attitudes to boot. It's easy to question if they are the good guys because sometimes, with heroes like this, who needs enemies? The deluxe men's Deadpool costume includes a muscle chest jumpsuit and see-through mask. The Wolverine costume also comes with a muscle chest jumpsuit and mask.

X-Men vs. Avengers

  • Wolverine


    If your kid spends his days wishing he had been born with some mutant powers, chances are Wolverine is one of his favorite heroes. Whatever their preferences, we have the costumes and accessories to help your kids look and feel like one of their favorite superheroes!

  • Captain America

    Captain America

    Your kids have a lot of tough decisions to make, such as, who's better: X-Men or Avengers? We're not here to answer that question, but we can help you sort out some of the details with our fantastic costumes. For the patriotic at heart, the great hero on the Avenger's side is none other than Captain America. Our Age of Ultron Deluxe Captain America Costume for kids is designed to look like your kid just stepped off the set of a movie.