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Find costumes from your favorite TV shows and movies!

Turn on the television or head to the movie theater to see your favorite stars in action — or order one of our TV and movies costumes and become the character you love! Whether it’s action-packed adventure, science-fiction, fairytales, romance or even Duck Dynasty, we have the costume to match.

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TV & Movie Themed Costume Ideas

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TV & Movies

There are those TV shows and movies we could watch over and over again. If you have children, you definitely know this is true. Your daughter probably has seen Cinderella no less than a dozen times, but watches it each time like it's the first time. With our theme category of TV and movies, you can find the perfect costume to match your favorite movie or TV series. Disney's Frozen has produced an unforgettable movie, song and characters. Now is your chance to live the Frozen magic with costumes like Disney Frozen Deluxe Elsa toddler/child and even adult sized Dress, or the Disney Frozen Deluxe Anna toddler/child costume. Maleficent is also a new favorite, and our Disney Maleficent adult costume will bring the movie to life, as will our Maleficent- Aurora Deluxe Coronations Gown adult costume and the Maleficent-Aurora Coronation Deluxe Girls Dress Costume too. Are you drawn to action packed movies like The Avengers? Check out our Avengers Captain America Elite adult costume or the American Dream Bodysuit Adult costume. Your littlest Avenger can also take part in the action with the Captain America The Winter Soldier Deluxe Retro child costume. You won't need any Si-chology to explain who you are when you arrive dressed in your Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Adult costume. Just add a cup of iced tea and a few war stories to complete the Si effect. Every party needs a little star power in the mix — we think it should be you!