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Be the action hero of your fantasies.

It’s your night to shine as the action hero you’ve always dreamed of being. Choose one of the many action heroes from your favorite television shows or hit movies, and let us help you get the very same look. Just think of the adventurous evening you’ll have!

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Action TV & Movie Costumes

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No matter how old we get it's always fun to dress up as the hero who saves the world from evil forces, and looks really sexy at the same time. For just one night, you can forget about the work you've got sitting on your desk, or the juice boxes you have to buy for tomorrow's soccer game. For just one night, you're an action hero, and you're only worry is finding some fun and adventure. Tomorrow it's back to reality, but tonight, reality is suspended. There are so many awesome heroes from your favorite action movies and television shows, it's hard to choose just one. Check out our TV and Movie Action Category for a full assortment of costume ideas. Try a cool Indiana Jones Hat and Whip and you'll feel like you've found the Holy Grail. Everybody loves Hulk Hogan from those days of watching him entertain us with his feats of strength; you can look just like him with a Hulk Hogan costume of muscle! Look for our Black Suit Costume and some black sunglasses and you're the heroes of "Men in Black." The possibilities are endless and we'll help you get the look you're going for with a variety of costumes and accessories, including, wigs, make-up, masks, and much more. Get ready for a night of action and adventure just like the heroes of your dreams.