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Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderland

Fall into your own rabbit hole of fantasy with Alice in Wonderland.

The rabbit hole of Alice's Wonderland is full of silly and peculiar characters. Those beloved characters have been popular for generations, thanks to the phenomenal book and movie, and now you can create your own Alice in Wonderland costume for a party you'll never forget.

Alice In Wonderland Costumes

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Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Begin at the beginning and let your journey guide you to a wonderful place, a place full of wonder and mystery. Now hurry and don't be late! Our vault of Alice in Wonderland costumes lets you play to your heart's content. One moment you're Alice, the next The Mad Hatter, or perhaps The White Rabbit better suits your mood. Now step through the looking glass and see what feels right, our options are available for a range of ages and sizes. Don't forget the accessories. Our selection of hats, wigs, crowns and props are necessary ingredients when it comes to creating your character, or should I say, different personality!

Feel free to act mad as the hatter, keep them guessing as Alice or turn their heads as the Queen. Go ahead, toss the cards, you're sure to wow and be wonderful being much more than muchier in one of our costumes or two, three or four!

Alice in Wonderland Character Bios

  • "Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Alice


    A sensible girl, Alice hails from a wealthy English family. Feeling comfortable with her identity, Alice has a strong sense of her clear, logical environment. She embraces her day-to-day life of consistent rules and features. However, Alice also displays great curiosity, enter the looking glass. Once you enter this magical realm everything changes, but in a good way! Whimsy and adventure can be yours at the drop of a “mad hatter” as you enjoy the transformation of becoming Alice for your next party!

  • "You have a regrettably large head. I would very much like to hat it!" - Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter

    Famously brought to life on screen by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland, this iconic look can instantly transform you into a hatter of your own! The impolite hatter lives in perpetual teatime and delights in frustrating Alice. Known for reciting nonsensical poetry, asking unanswerable riddles and making short, personal remarks, the Mad Hatter is a treat to play. Get ready to have the time of your life in costume as this mad, troublemaking character!

  • "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date." - White Rabbit
    White Rabbit

    White Rabbit

    Oh dear, oh dear, how adorable can one be? As Alice's guide through Wonderland, the White Rabbit appears to always get things moving, even though quite unintentionally. Pull this charming costume out of your hat and let your little one take center stage as a mini version of the incomparable White Rabbit. No time to waste, the date is set so hurry now and don't be late!

  • "I'll ask the questions! Do you play croquet?" - Queen of Hearts
    Queen of Hearts Bio

    Queen of Hearts

    Let out your inner queen for the evening and rule the party like you own the room. As perhaps the maddest inhabitant of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is devilishly fun to play. A rather impatient, childish character, she insists, “all ways are my ways” and always has the last word. Dressing up as the Queen of Hearts gives you license to play the villain without guilt; let the cards fall where they may!

Group Costumes Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Group Costumes

Step through the looking glass into our vault of costumes. Fabulous options await you when it comes to dressing up as your favorite Alice in Wonderland movie character. You'll embody elegance AND evil as the Incomparable Queen of Hearts; tossing cards and playing games is only the beginning! Mimicking the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland becomes you in this realistic replica. You'll find yourself inhabiting the wonderfully mad and charismatic hatter the minute you put on this costume. The deal you made with time will have you endlessly sipping tea and entertaining your friends long into the party. As the ever-curious Alice, your girl will be ready to embrace every adventure. Whether enjoying a drink that makes her shrink or outwitting the Cheshire Cat, this ensemble will have her ready to take the first step, down the rabbit hole that is! Tim Burton's hatter is the epitome of charm, wit and mystery, and imitation is the best form of flattery. Let your little man copy Dad in this smaller version of The Mad Hatter, then grab Alice and get into your gown because you've all got a date. Now don't be late!

Friends and Couples Costume Ideas

  • Alice and Queen

    Alice and Queen

    Double trouble is the name of this game! Show off your fashion sense and your sense of humor when you and a friend show up as these two characters. Opposites never had so much fun working the room. As Alice you'll be much muchier than much while engaging everyone with interesting conversation. Enter the Queen, who will definitely want all the attention. Dressed head to toe in your regal finery, stealing the spotlight from Alice ends up being more fun than unfun!

  • Alice and Mad Hatter Couples Costumes

    Mad Hatter and Alice

    It doesn't get more enchanting than attending a gathering as these two. So individual and yet so alike, their banter is infectious as they rhyme and reason. Take pleasure in your insatiable curiosity as Alice, while as the Mad Hatter you can continually frustrate the logical Alice. The antics you create together are sure to entertain your fellow partygoers to the point of complete madness, in a good way!

  • Alice and Rabbit Baby Costumes

    Alice and White Rabbit

    The pairing of these two ensembles is as adorable as can be. All manners and class, Alice is a wonderful teacher for her adorable charge. Dressing her little one as a charming white rabbit, she can't help but show him or her off. The cuteness abounds when you dress your little one in this bouncing baby bunny costume. Prepare to be the center of attention at any tea party.

  • Alice and Mad Hatter Kids

    Alice and Mad Hatter

    If your children are big fans of the Alice in Wonderland story, they can coordinate together with matching costumes! Your daughter can go as the intelligent and curious Alice, while your son can dress as the Mad Hatter who loves to frustrate and tease her. Your kids will have a great time acting out scenes and playing in character together!

Queen of Hearts Ultimate Costume

1) Jewel and Squin Heart Tiara

2) White Lace Collar and Cuffs

3) Black & White Satin Bodice with Heart Accents

4) Red Velvet Skirt

5) Hoop and Tulle Petticoat

  • Ultimate Queen of Hearts Costume
  • Let out your inner queen for the evening and rule the party like you own the room. As perhaps the maddest inhabitant of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is devilishly fun to play. Dressing up in the ultimate Queen of Hearts costume gives you the freedom to play the villain in royal style. When you stroll in wearing this gorgeous gown beautifully detailed in a black and white bodice with heart accents, the room will surely stop for your entrance. A white lace collar and cuffs accent the design beautifully, and the red velvet skirt is brought to a whole new level when you add the hoop and tulle petticoat. Add the jeweled heart tiara for a finishing touch of complete “Royal highness!”

Enhance Your Style - Alice

  • Alice in Wonderland Costume Accessories
  • Transforming into Alice is instantly attainable with her signature curls. No matter how many riddles the Hatter throws your way, you'll remain as calm, cool and collected when wearing this realistic Alice in Wonderland wig. Oh dear, nothing could be worse than an outfit without a purse! This whimsical, rabbit plush purse is THE ultimate accessory for any girl who calls herself Alice. And the shoes, the shoes, I simply MUST have the perfect shoes. Look no further than these fabulous gems. These classic white shoes are a great addition to Alice's prim, proper dress. The higher heel brings a hint of mischief to any outfit and easily translates to your everyday style.

Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial


    A Mad Hatter costume isn't complete without the colorful, full face make-up to finish up the look. With this tutorial by professional makeup artist Shonagh Scott, you can replicate the Mad Hatter appearance from the Alice in Wonderland movie and look just like Johnny Depp's character. She created this look to go with our Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter costumes available at BuyCostumes.com. Follow these steps to enhance your Mad Hatter costume, with white face paint, orange and pink eye shadow, and more.