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Is there anyone else who comes close to being as cool as Batman?

Being billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is cool enough, but to be able to change into Batman in an instant? That's awesome cool. Batman and his pal Robin are smart and strong and good. Is this starting to sound a little like you? For one night, this could be you. Batman Forever.

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Batman Costumes

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To have the butler and the ritzy bachelor pad, the totally amazing sports car, and your good pal Robin at your side. And then, when there's trouble in Gotham City, you get to slip into your sleek Batman suit and go save the damsel in distress from the bad guys. Come on, just do it! Buy the full Batman costume and be Batman for an evening. Get your buddy to go as your sidekick, Robin, and your hot wife can dress up as Catwoman. Everyone's happy. Our selection of costumes from the TV and Movies Category feature Batman from the movies, television series, and cartoons. We've got the Classic Muscle Chest Costumes, the Batman Dark Knight Costumes, as well as simple Batman T-shirts, masks and gloves. Women can choose a Classic Batgirl Costume or a Collectors Batgirl Costume, or different varieties of amazing Catwoman Costumes. We haven't forgotten about the bad guys though, because we know those evil ones are a lot of fun to have at a Halloween party. The Dark Knight and Joker Costumes are both popular party-goers. Many of our Batman, Batwoman and Robin costumes are available in adult and kids' sizes, so the whole family can dress up together for an unforgettable Batman theme Halloween.