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Princess Belle Costumes

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Belle Costume Ideas

Belle Costume Ideas

From loving unconditionally to learning to forgive, the story of Beauty and the Beast is full of life lessons that span across countless generations. While she may be the most beautiful girl in the village, Belle is headstrong, wise beyond her years and loving. This heart-warming story is the perfect inspiration for costume ideas. You will feel confident dressing your little girl up as this princess role model, or even taking a little time to play dress up for yourself once again so you can enjoy the opportunity to relive your childhood. This classic tale, it turns out, knows no age limit. You will be the Belle of the ball when you waltz your way into your next gathering dressed as this stunning Disney Princess. Whether you have your heart set on being the beauty or the Beast, you will find everything you need for the perfect costume for the occasion.

Belle - Choose Your Style

  • "Don't talk like that. You'll be alright. We're together now; everything's going to be fine, you'll see."
    - Belle
    Elegant Belle Bio


    You won't be overlooked in this stunning yellow gown. From head to toe, you'll look like the Belle of the ball. While you may feel dainty, you know how to handle yourself when you need to. Show them you have it all – beauty and brains.

  • "If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much!"
    - Belle
    Sassy Belle


    You may be a bookworm by day, but you want to enjoy yourself at night. All eyes will be on you in this enticing Belle costume. If you want to be treated like a Princess, you might as well play the part. Dress up like Belle and put the beauty in beautiful.

  • "I know how it feels to be different."
    - Belle
    Little Belle Bio

    Little Belle

    Every little girl is a princess. Let your little one enchant you with her beauty, wit and unconditional love. Her beauty will be worthy of a storybook. This Little Belle costume lets your girl shine at her next costume party.

  • "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere."
    - Belle
    Toddler Belle Bio

    Toddler Belle

    Your precious little girl will capture the hearts of even the coldest Beasts in this adorable Belle costume. She will restore hope, compassion and love in everyone who crosses her path. While she may be more interested in picture books, she will be well on her way to becoming the top of the class.

Disney Princesses Girls Group Costumes

Disney Princess Group

Belle is always surrounded by her best friends, or she is busy making new ones. Her pleasant demeanor and supportive attitude attracts people of all walks of life. Let your sunny personality and dashing wit attract your own crew for your next costume party. Gather up your friends and family for a Disney Princess party or make an entrance on Halloween with a royal group. You will feel like you have found true love once you slip into your new costume. From head to toe you get nothing but the best, and you'll certainly look the part.

Princess Friends Costumes

  • Belle & Cinderella Costume

    Belle & Cinderella

    These two classic Disney Princesses, Belle and Cinderella will be an instant hit at your next costume party. You are never too old to play dress up with your friends, so grab your heels and get all dolled up so you will feel like the true beauties of the ball.

  • Belle & Snow White Costume

    Belle & Snow White

    Nothing will stop these caring princesses from showing the world that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Let your sweet-natured little ones dress up like Belle or Snow White for their next costume party. They'll be the sweetest things there!

  • Rapunzel & Belle costumes

    Rapunzel & Belle

    No need to climb to the top of the guest list; with these adorable children's Disney Princess costumes, they will already be there. Belle and Rapunzel may not have met in their fairytales, but these two strong-willed ladies will be the best of friends in no time at all.

  • Girl & Mom Belle Costume

    Girl & Mom Belle

    Every little girl dreams of two things: dressing up like her mom and dressing up like a princess. For your next costume party, she can do both! Your little one will be the spitting image of you with the fiercely independent personality of her favorite beauty, Belle.

Ultimate Costume - Belle

1) Matching Floral Headpiece

2) Yellow Satin Ball Gown with Detachable Back Bow

3) Venice Lace Applique

4) Glitter Tulle Panniers with Soft Pink Floral Accents

5) Officially Licensed Disney Product

  • Belle Ultimate Costume
  • Become Belle in the Disney Princesses Enchanting Belle costume. Belle never was much for the gaudy pieces. This small-village girl is down to earth and happily trades a precious tiara for a floral headpiece. This iconic gown is the mark of the beauty. As you descend the stairs, there will be no question about who is the true Belle. This classic look is fitting for the traditional style that Belle so gracefully wore. Add a little shine so your smile lights up as you walk in the room. You will be simply glowing with sparkling tulle. This is the real deal. You won't have to question whether or not your costume will be true to what Belle looked like when it comes straight from Disney.

Enhance Your Style - Belle

  • Angel Child Enhance Your Style
  • No princess is complete without all of her accessories. While you may not want to have a candle, dresser and tea set follow you around all night, it certainly doesn't take much effort to top your costume off with elegant accessories like a sparkling tiara, a magical wand and glittering shoes. With all these bells and whistles, you will feel like you have finally found the world you were meant to live in. No more small-town tedium or hanging out in bookstores. This is the glamorous life full of love and excitement that you were meant to lead.

Beauty And The Beast Makeup Tutorial

  • Beauty And The Beast Make Up Tutorial By Kat Sketch

    Kat Sketch created one of the most unique Halloween makeup looks we have ever seen. She made a Beauty and the Beast makeup tutorial just for us. Her half-Belle, half-Beast creation is the perfect way to make your Belle costume even more unique.