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Katniss Everdeen costumes and Hunger Games accessories will make over any Jennifer Lawrence fan or Suzanne Collins reader into the Mockingjay, a.k.a., the Girl on Fire. Proudly wear your Katniss costume and watch Peeta, Gale and Effie Trinket team up to defeat President Snow in the final film of the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay Part 2.

Hunger Games Costumes

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Hunger Games Costume Ideas

Hunger Games Costume Ideas

Just the thought of living in Panem will make your heart race and your adrenaline kick up a notch, unless of course you are one of the elite in the Capitol. But if you are living in one of the 12 districts, you are no stranger to the games and the fear and misery that they bring each year. But in this dystopian world, you don’t have much of an option. That is unless you have the strong will and determination of Katniss Everdeen. Whether you prefer the trilogy in book or movie format, you will certainly put up a fight to rock the look of your favorite character. These kick-butt costumes will make you feel like you are fighting the battle of good versus evil with a little bit of pep in your step. You can play the part of getting down and dirty in the games, or you can get all dolled up in Capitol style for your big day. Either way, all eyes will fall on you as you enter the room because the odds will ever be in your favor.

Choose Your Style - Katniss

  • "There's twenty-four of us, Gale, and only one comes out."
    - Katniss
    Mockingjay Katniss bios

    Mockingjay Katniss

    Shoot down the best costume in the bunch. This full Katniss Mockingjay costume will have you prepared for anything - even game day. With sleek armor a svelte fit, you will be jumping, climbing and sprinting your way to the best seat at the party. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you will surprise all of the other party goers as you prove you have more energy and strength as the night moves on.

  • "Well, I don't like jewels and I have more money than I need."
    - Katniss
    Catching Fire Katniss Bio

    Catching Fire Katniss

    Life after the Hunger Games isn’t easy. Back in District 12, Katniss’ anger toward the Capitol continues to grow as she sees how they keep their claws in the tributes even if they leave the games a winner. Katniss brings even more fire to the second round of the games. You will look the part with this body-hugging jumpsuit that looks exactly like the one from the movie.

Hunters Group Costumes

Hunters Group

Grab your friends and create your own alliance. With Katniss as the leader and all of your unique strengths and attributes put together, you will all certainly survive the games when you are hand-in-hand. When you work together with your friends, you will get much further than you would alone. Stand up to the Capitol and don’t let anything come between your friendship. These costumes are fitting for the games with unique styles that look like they would come straight from the districts. Just don’t fight over who gets to be Katniss. Remember, you’re on the same team!

Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

  • Katniss Catching Fire and MockingJay

    Katniss Catching Fire & MockingJay

    Guests will be seeing double when Catching Fire Katniss and Mockingjay Katniss walk in to the costume party. You don’t need to draw straws to see who gets to be the beloved Katniss Everdeen. You both can be the golden mockingjay that everyone from Districts 1 to 12 fall in love with time and time again. Just steer clear of President Snow unless you want to see double the trouble as well.

  • Hooded Huntsman & Katniss

    Hooded Huntsman & Katniss

    This duo is known for secretly hunting deep in the woods together in order to feed their families and help their community in District 12. You and your man can dress up like Gale and Katniss no matter how complicated the relationship is. And let’s be honest, the whole “will they, won’t they” thing you have going on will get the whole party talking.

  • Tween Huntress & Katniss

    Huntress & Katniss

    With two bows and arrows at the party, guests will constantly be looking over their shoulders wherever they go. And they certainly won’t be reaching for the last cookie knowing that you have your eyes on it. Whether you two play archenemies during the games or form an alliance that suits you both, the Katniss and Midnight Huntress costumes will allow you to stay on your toes and enjoy the more party-friendly games at your get-together.

  • Katniss and Robin Hood

    Robin Hood & Katniss

    This unpredictable pair stole the hearts of people throughout all of the districts as they watched the games unfold. Katniss immediately felt a connection with Rue because she reminded her of her beloved sister Prim. This is the perfect costume for mother and daughter or two siblings who are as thick as thieves just like Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Enhance Your Style - Katniss

  • Katniss Enhance Your Style
  • As the symbol of an entire movement, this pin has become an essential part of the Katniss Everdeen costume. The pin given to her by Madge Undersee, became her tribute token. Wearing it proudly during the games, all those that watched her wore the symbol in support of Katniss and all she stands for. One thing you will never see Katniss without is her trusty quiver. Whether she is in the woods or in the games, her aim will never waver. Running through the thick jungle, you can see her arrows on all of her targets she has successfully left behind. As a sharp shooter, Katniss has a keen eye and steady hand which proves to be beneficial for more than just shooting with her bow and arrow. While you may not need to shoot your own meal at your costume party, this accessory will pull your whole costume together.