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Mickey Mouse  

Mickey Mouse is still the leader of the club.

Mickey Mouse has become more American than baseball and apple pie. Those ears are recognized and loved all over the world! No other cartoon character has ever captured our hearts so completely. That’s why we celebrate Mickey Mouse and all his friends with a wonderful selection of costumes and accessories.

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Mickey Mouse Costumes

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Mickey Mouse

We've been in love with Mickey Mouse since he debuted in 1928. Since then, we've seen Mickey Mouse in comics and cartoons, movies and televisions shows, in books and in his very own theme park, Disney World. For almost a hundred years, people from all over the world have fallen in love with the silly mouse in the yellow shoes and white gloves. He and his friends, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and all of the others, have entertained us with their crazy adventures and never-ending friendship. Celebrate the magic with our collection of Mickey Mouse costumes and accessories in the TV and Movies Category. You'll be amazed at the different Minnie Mouse dresses for women and girls, the Mickey Mouse costumes for adults and kids, and all the Mickey Mouse accessories. The iconic Mouse Ears are fun for everyone and make a great party gift for all your guests. Check out the collection of accessory sets for a quick and easy Mickey Mouse Costume. Make this your one-stop-shopping spot if you're planning a Mickey Mouse Theme Party. We've got decorations, balloons, a piñata, party napkins and plates, and much, much more. Mickey Mouse has been creating magical memories for families for as long as you can remember. Nobody lights up a room more than Mickey Mouse. He's still got it, at almost 100 years old.