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Minnie Mouse  

Yoo-hoo! Come on down to the clubhouse!

Who is stylish and sweet? Who is delightful and loves to dance? It could be you sweeping Mickey off his feet! These adorable costume and accessories that brings Disney World to you. Whip up some Disney magic and create your own memorable moments as Minnie Mouse and get that significant other to be your Mickey!

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Minnie Mouse Costumes

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Minnie Mouse Costume Ideas

Minnie Mouse Costume Ideas

Yoo-hoo! You'd recognize those red and white polka dots just about anywhere, it's Minnie Mouse! Anyone can transform into this well-known, lovable character. Everything you need is right here, from costumes to accessories and, of course, those iconic Minnie ears. So come on down to Mickey's clubhouse and get ready for some Disney fun with Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. Moms and daughters alike can dress up as Classic Minnie, Glam Minnie, Cheerleader Minnie and even Glow in the Dark Minnie! Your options are endless as Mickey's main squeeze. Gather your friends and family around and have them pick their favorite Mickey's Clubhouse character; you're guaranteed to have a great time.

Minnie Mouse - Choose Your Style

  • “Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”
    - Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse Classic Bio

    Classic Minnie Mouse

    Classic Minerva Mouse is the epitome of sweetness. She's always in style in her high heels and puffy red sleeves. Listen for Minnie's Yoo-Hoo call when she's looking for her other half, Mickey. Her ears are never without a bow to complement her bright and cheery disposition. She'll never outgrow her timeless signature style, and a mouse certainly cannot leave the house without some sparkle and pizzazz!

  • “Yoo-Hoo!”
    - Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse Bio

    Clubhouse Minnie Mouse

    Minnie and her BFF Daisy Duck are ready for a night of fun activities. Clubhouse Minnie always looks fabulous and she knows it. She feels like a princess in her fluffy pink dress. Minnie is ready to take on anything that life throws her way. As one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time, there will never be a day when Minnie's not in style.

  • “Oh, Mickey!”
    - Minnie Mouse
    Glam Minnie Mouse Bio

    Glam Minnie Mouse

    You'll always learn the latest fashion tips and tricks from Glam Minnie Mouse. As Mickey's better half, she knows she's part of one of the world's most influential power couples. She doesn't need a crown or tiara to know she's in charge. All she needs is a smile and a cute outfit and she's ready to take on the day. She'll hop down Main Street, USA, in her white gloves and kitten heels like nobody's business.

  • “Just being here puts me in such a wonderful, happy mood!”
    - Baby Minnie Mouse
    Baby Minnie Mouse  Bio

    Baby Minnie Mouse

    Baby Minnie is used to being a star, especially when she's dressed in vibrant red and white polka dots. She has a sweet and cheerful disposition, but don't underestimate this heroine's feisty spirit. And Minnie doesn't just dress like this on special occasions. She's always looking her best. Watch as she charms everyone in the room without even trying. With one look, she'll melt the hearts of trick or treaters and party guests, making everyone fall in love.

Mickey & Minnie Group Costumes

Mickey Mouse Group

Find everything you need for anyone in your family to become Minnie Mouse. As a young-at-heart adult, you can relive your favorite moments from your childhood in any of the Mickey or Minnie Mouse adult costumes. Then, let your kids pick out their favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character and have a blast acting out your favorite scenes and playfully singing along to cheerful Disney tunes. Even the baby can join in on the fun with toddler and infant costumes to make everyone say, “Aww.”

Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

  • Mickey and Minnie

    Mickey & Minnie

    While they're no Brad and Angelina, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the Disney version of an epic power couple. Whether you're tackling a costume party or taking the kids out for trick-or-treating, this couple's costume is perfect for any occasion. Be the coolest parents on the block or win the costume contest together and you'll create lasting memories of a time well spent.

  • Minnie Mouse Duo Costume

    Minnie Mouse Duo

    Teach your baby the cheerful ways of Minerva Mouse when you dress up together in these adorable getups. Your baby will love getting to dress up just like her mom. It doesn't have to be Halloween for you to celebrate your love of all things Minnie and Mickey mouse. Get dad and the rest of the family in on the fun and you'll be having a ball in no time.

Enhance Your Style - Minnie Mouse

  • Minnie Mouse Enhance Your Style
  • Minnie Mouse's signature style is always in, especially when she's standing right next to her main squeeze, Mickey. Get ready to rule the Magic Kingdom with your cheery outlook on life. A sassy bow and classy red dress are all you need to start transforming into this iconic beauty.It wouldn't be Minnie Mouse without her stand-out, dramatic lashes. Add a bit of diva to your look and make your eyes pop with these full and luxurious eyelashes. Get ready to batt your eyes all night long. Your red and white polka dotted dress could use a bit of sparkle and shine. Give both your confidence and your height a boost when you step onto the scene in these glamorous shoes. Pull the entire look together with a pair of flattering pantyhose. They'll help you look great from head to toe!