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Pirates of the Caribbean  

Ahoy, me hearties! Heave ho and set sail!

Prepare to be blown out of the water. Batten down the hatches and get your cutlass ready; the Jolly Roger has been hoisted. These pirates are on a mission for adventure and they won't be running a warning shot across your bow. They won't stop, even if they find the Fountain of Youth.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

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Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the last attractions to be overseen by Walt Disney himself, The Pirates of the Caribbean began as beloved story of a rowdy band of scoundrel pirates. With a yo-ho-ho and the launch of the first feature film in 2003, it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and a modern entertainment classic. The characters from the movies, TV and games have become timeless icons — the unmatched Captain Jack Sparrow and his cursed nemesis Captain Hector Barbossa, brave Will Turner and his spirited love Elizabeth Swann, the doomed Davy Jones, the infamous Blackbeard and his conniving daughter Angelica. Ahoy there! Now you too can don a costume and join in the quest for fun. Strap on a sword, grab a pistol, bedeck your hair, beard or goatee with beads, and top it all off with a three-pointed hat or saucy scarf. Savvy? You'll be set to seek out buried treasure, overcome a tragic curse, and maybe even find the fabled Fountain of Youth. Or you could chart a course of your own. Gather together a crew of boisterous buccaneers, old seadogs, scallywags and scurvy knaves to follow wherever Jack's mystical compass may lead. Who knows where it will guide you — across the seven seas to the very ends of the world.