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Snow White Costumes

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Snow White Costume Ideas

Day of the Dead Costume Ideas

Though it may be a twisted tale of jealousy, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most recognizable fairy tales of all time. This classic and timeless story will always be a perfect choice for your next costume party. With so many variations and new stories like Snow White and the Huntsman, this tale never gets old. No matter which character is your favorite, you can play the part in style with elaborate costumes for everyone in the fairy tale, from Sleepy to Snow White herself. And every girl wants to play the part of a princess at some point in her life, so BuyCostumes has Snow White gowns for princesses of all ages. You will certainly look amazing in this get-up, because you never know when your Prince Charming will come along to wake you up to the rest of your life.

Snow White Character Bios

  • "Take her far into the forest. Find some secluded glade where she can pick wildflowers."
    - Evil Queen
    Evil Queen bios

    Classic Evil Queen

    Jealousy is an evil beast, but you won’t be the one filled with envy tonight. Everyone else at the costume bash, however, will have to battle with the green-eyed monster because you will simply steal the show when you dress in this perfect Evil Queen costume. You will instill fear and drop jaws just by walking through the room. You don’t need an apple to cast your spell on this party, because everyone will already be under your spell.

  • "It was very easy, anyone could see that the Prince was charming the only one for me."
    - Snow White
    Snow White Bio

    Classic Snow White

    Every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess. This year your little girl’s dream can come true as Snow White. She will be singing a sweet melody in this elegant gown that makes her feel like the fairest in the land. Whether she is befriending everyone she comes across or sending coins down the wishing well, your little girl will be the spitting image of this beloved Disney princess.

  • "Now, quick, child, run! Run away, hide! In the woods, anywhere! Never come back!"
    - Huntsman
    Huntsman Bio


    If you have fallen for the fair skin, dark hair and vibrant lips of Snow White, this is the perfect costume for you. While the Huntsman was originally meant to take Snow White’s life, he quickly shook himself free of the Evil Queen’s instruction and saw Snow White’s true innocence. The Huntsman is possibly Snow White’s most important ally, because if it weren’t for him she probably wouldn’t have lived to see another day.

  • "Please don't send me away. If you do, she'll kill me."
    - Snow White
    Snow White Warrior Bio

    Snow White Warrior

    Just because she is a princess doesn’t mean she can’t get down and dirty. In the tale of Snow White and the Huntsman, Snow White doesn’t wait around for Prince Charming to save her. She is a woman of action but still holds the beauty and fairness that is ever coveted by the Evil Queen. Whether you are exploring the Dark Forest or walking side by side with the Huntsman, you will surely be the fairest of them all.

  • "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who, now, is the fairest one of all?"
    - Queen Ravenna
    Queen Ravenna Bio

    Queen Ravenna

    The mirror won’t need to fib about who is the fairest of them all any longer. You will be a sure-fire knockout in this dark and ominous Queen Ravenna costume. With a stunning gown and regal crown, your power will be undeniable once you walk into a room. No magic potions or poison apples necessary. Everyone will agree that your look steals the show because we all love a little element of danger, especially on Halloween.

  • "Make a wish into the well, that's all you have to do. And if you hear it echoing, your wish will soon come true."
    - Snow White
    Baby Snow White Bio

    Baby Snow White

    Snow White is known for her pure innocence and loving heart. What better girl to fit the bill than your little bundle of joy? You knew she was a princess from the moment she was born, so why wait to show that off? Have her celebrate her first Halloween in style as the beautiful Snow White. She will be all smiles as you sing to her and let the forest animals and seven dwarfs dance around her.

Disney Villains Group Costumes

Disney Villains Group

No fairy tale is complete without a classic battle between good and evil. Whether the protagonist is trying to hide from the villain or they directly confront each other, this essential element gives the story intrigue and mystery. Villains are the ones we love to hate. With their slippery ways and menacing threats, they show us their twisted minds and tunnel-vision desire to complete their goal. Whether you are drawn to Maleficent’s magic or Cruella De Vil’s greed, any of the infamous Disney villains will make for the perfect costume. Make the display even more menacing by bringing all the villains together for a group costume!

Friends and Couple Costume Ideas

  • Classic Evil Queen & Snow White

    Classic Evil Queen & Snow White

    After Snow White lost her mother, her new stepmother was less than nurturing. Overcome by jealousy and hatred, the Evil Queen was determined to take Snow White out of the picture so she could be the fairest in the land. When you and your friend rock this costume duo, the mirror on the wall will be stumped. There won’t be just one who is the fairest of them all because you both will look great.

  • Huntsman & Snow White Warrior

    Snow White Warrior & Huntsman

    Meeting deep in the dark forest, this unlikely duo came together in an effort to defeat the Evil Queen. Although the Huntsman’s original mission was to kill Snow White, he quickly became aware of the Evil Queen’s tricks and deceitful ways. Show up at the party as this tough-as-nails duo ready to take on whatever the evils of the night have to offer.

  • Queen Ravenna & Maleficent

    Ravenna & Maleficent

    Ready to give everyone a fright? This ultimate pair of villains will keep everyone on their toes. From two Disney classics, the villains Queen Ravenna and Maleficent are the perfect pair for a fabulously frightening night. Just don’t expect anyone to want to go bobbing for apples or pinning the tail on the donkey with you two around.

  • Snow White & Rapunzel

    Snow White & Rapunzel

    These two princesses, Snow White and Rapunzel, know a thing or two about being locked up in a castle. But their strong willpower means that they never give up and they will eventually break free, defeating the evil that held them there. Your little princess has a strong will, too, plus a fighting spirit, so let her be her own hero and show just how tough she can be as she breaks free of the castle to head off into the night and go trick-or-treating.

Enhance Your Style - Queen Ravenna

  • Queen Ravenna Enhance Your Style
  • Complete your Queen Ravenna costume with these accessories. Let them know that you are coming. With each ominous footfall, their blood will chill as you come near. And even when you are taking a rest from your evil duties, you will undoubtedly look amazing in these sharp boots. If guests at the party couldn’t tell that you were wicked by looking at your otherworldly beauty and threatening stare, these finger cuffs will certainly tip them off. Every queen needs a little shimmer with her style. Although you may be dark and ominous, you can still show off your royal taste. These bangle bracelets strike the perfect balance.