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Star Wars  

Use the Force for the future of the galaxy.

Take your place in the timeless struggle for freedom and justice in the galaxy. Will you join the Dark Side and fight for the forces of the Empire or will you join the Rebel Alliance to restore balance and the ideals of the Old Republic? Be both the good and the evil force at the party. Just tell your friends it’s a reflection of your dual personality.

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Star Wars Costumes

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Star Wars

From the remote deserts of Tatooine to the planet city of Coruscant, from the secret facilities on Kamino to the jungles of Dagobah, the sprawling Star Wars saga encompasses fantastic worlds, surprising creatures, supernatural forces, and pernicious intrigue. At the hub of tension between forces for good and evil is the Skywalker family — the corruptible Anakin and his hidden heirs the idealistic Luke and the proud Leia. Across a universe of video games, TV and movies, action figures, pop culture references and conventions, characters from the series have become instantly recognizable icons and have attracted a fanatic following. A classic tale and time-honored journey for heroes of all ages, shapes, sizes and sources. Now they're all here, the costumes of all your favorites — the bounty hunter Jango Fett and his successor Boba Fett, the soldiers of the Clone Army and the Stormtroopers, Jedi Knights, X-Wing fighter pilots, Jawas and Jabba the Hut, the deadly General Grievous, the brave Queen Amidala, the dangerous Darth Maul, wise old Yoda, and, of course, Darth Vader himself. Arm yourself with a blaster or a legendary light saber for the battle. With the Force on your side, even if they strike you down, you will become more powerful than they can possibly imagine.