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Captain Phasma Costumes

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Captain Phasma Costume Ideas

Captain Phasma Costume Ideas

Fans have been intrigued by the silver armor of this caped storm trooper ever since they saw her in the Star Wars Episode VII trailer. Once the Empire collapsed at the end of Return of the Jedi, the remains of the old Empire emerged in different factions: the Grand Moffs, the Knights of Ren and the First Order. Led by General Hux, the First Order is primarily made up of disbanded Stormtroopers. These troops are all the more deadly because of their commander: Captain Phasma.

Behind the shining armor, this femme fatale fights with fierce loyalty to the cause. Or does she? In a galaxy that is rapidly tumbling towards civil war, plagued by corrupt politicians, Captain Phasma is one among many who is vying for control and for power. Sure to become a fan favorite in the years to come, BuyCostumes has exclusive costumes that will transform you and your child into this deadly commander of men. With realistic details and comfortably fitting helmets, you can be the first to dress up as this soon-to-be iconic villain and spread your own dark will throughout the galaxy.

Captain Phasma - Choose Your Style

  • "Move your ships, now"
    - Captain Phasma
    Adult Captain Phasma bios

    Adult Captain Phasma

    Clad in sinister chrome plates, the captain in charge of the dark legions known as the First Order stands at the front of the renewed war against the rebel heroes. Captain Phasma is here to put any belief that the dark side was defeated to rest. Her costume is made out of detailed foam pieces and a two-piece ventilated helmet that fully encloses the head. A belt and cape are also included.

  • "Submit your blaster for inspection"
    - Captain Phasma
    Child Captain Phasma Bio

    Kids Captain Phasma

    If you're looking for a strong female role model for your little girl to follow, Captain Phasma is a good, villainous choice. It's never too late for the younger generation to get a start on commanding legions of Stormtroopers. This costume will make it look like she's ready to bark orders at the soldiers of the First Order and claim her seat at the head of a new galactic empire. The costume includes a two-piece helmet, cape, belt and deluxe jumpsuit with foam armor detail.

The Force Awakens Group Costumes

Star Wars The Force Awakens Group

With our large collection of Star Wars: The Force Awakens costumes, you'll be able to transform your house into a scene of galactic conflict. The major players from the film fans have waited over 30 years to see are all here. Since the destruction and subsequent scattering of the Empire after the battle of Endor, thousands of Stormtroopers have been left to roam the galaxy as marauding bandits. Under the banner of the First Order, they became organized and are now led by the mysterious Captain Phasma. We have lifelike Storm Troopers reproductions that you'll swear stepped right off the movie set.

But even more powerful than guns and metal is the sinister Kylo Ren. This hooded villain wields a deadly multipronged light saber and commands the forces of darkness at his fingertips. If you're worried about being overwhelmed by villains and the fate of the galaxy (and your family)-- don't fear--a hero is in our midst. The hero comes in the form of a young girl named Rey from the desert planet Jakku. Llke another hero from a desert planet you might remember (hint, his name rhymes with "Duke"), Rey is our best hope against the awakening forces of evil.

Captain Phasma Group Costumes

  • Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren Costume

    Kylo Ren & Captain Phasma

    Enter the two most diabolical villains this side of the galaxy. While their faces may be hidden behind detailed masks, their intentions are clear. If you and your partner in crime have a tendency to unleash havoc on an unsuspecting world, these costumes are for you. The men's Kylo Ren costume comes with a hooded cape and robe, belt and mask. The Captain Phasma outfit has realistic foam armor, a two-piece helmet, cape and belt.

  • Captain Phasma and Stormtrooper

    Captain Phasma & Stormtrooper

    They're never too young to suit up, get into formation and send fear through the Galaxy. After all, your kids have been wreaking terror through your house for years now. With the new Star Wars movie, they'll have an opportunity to do it in different star systems. The kid's Stormtrooper outfit comes with a jumpsuit padded with foam armor, a two-piece helmet and belt. The Captain Phasma outfit is complete with foam armor, a two-piece helmet, cape and belt.

  • Captain Phasma and Flametrooper costumes

    Flametrooper & Phasma

    Adding a twist to the traditional units of Stormtrooper, this lethal combination of Captain Phasma and Flametrooper represent the army of the new era. With a specialized helmet and armor, the Flametroopers utilize lethal fire weapons that can really set the party on fire. The costume comes with a padded jumpsuit, belt and two-piece helmet to keep the flames out of the eyes. The kid's Captain Phasma outfit comes with foam armor, a two-piece helmet, cape and belt.

  • Captain Phasma and Rey Costume

    Captain Phasma & Rey

    Two women, two very different fashion senses fighting for the opposite side of the force. If this sounds like a description of you and a friend you know, then the combination of Captain Phasma and Rey will suit you just fine. This power rivalry from the new Star Wars Episode is sure to be a favorite for years to come. The Rey outfit comes with a top, pants, detached sleeves, cuff and belt, all ready for maximum desert comfort. The Captain Phasma outfit comes with foam armor, a two-piece helmet, cape and belt.

Captain Phasma Essential Features

1) Metalic Helmet

2) Metallic Body Armor

3) Red and Black Cape

4) Blaster

  • Captain Phasma Costume Essentials
  • In creating the Captain Phasma costume, no detail was spared. The centerpiece of the costume is the interlocking two-piece helmet. This piece of equipment is ventilated for comfort and formed to fit like it was taken off the movie set. Captain Phasma's signature silver armor has been replicated using rigid foam padding and airbrushed detail that lets the troops know who's in command. Draped over the armor is her signature black and red cape. Of course, to let the members of the Republic and the old rebels know who's in charge, you'll want to pick up a blaster so everyone across the galaxy knows you mean business.

Enhance Your Style - Captain Phasma

  • Captain Phasma Enhance Your Style
  • A Captain Phasma costume isn't complete without accessories to finish off the look. You can be just like Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a few extra items. Add a pair of silver Captain Phasma gloves to complete the full suit of signature silver armor. Don't forget a blaster as you go to battle to fight for the First Order. And a sturdy pair of combat boots will be perfect as you march and lead the Stormtroopers. You'll be sure to capture everyone's attention in this stunning outfit.